Photos: New NXT Divas Make Live Event Debut

New NXT Divas Brittany Fetkin and CJ Perry made their live event debuts last night in Tampa, Florida. Diva Dirt reader was Jordan was there, and has provided the photos and details.

The Divas–who began training in Orlando last week–shared the role of ring announcer, interchanging often and hyping up the crowd alongside NXT Superstar Mojo Rawley.

Jordan also provided results from the night’s Diva match:

“Meanwhile, usually ring announcer – Kendall Skye teamed up with the duo of Sasha Banks and Paige to face Emma, Bayley, and Charlotte in a six Diva bout that faired well amongst the crowd. Skye’s team was victorious when team leader, Paige hit her patented “Paige Turner” on Charlotte for the win.”

Check out photos of Brittany and CJ at the show below:

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  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    Not Eva Marie, who cares?

    • Kim099

      Girl bye cj perry would whoop her ass

    • charovnica

      I’m sorry,but the constant hype for Eva is laughable.We’ve seen nothing from her in ring abilities,she could be god awful.

      • art

        eva is awful LOL that’s why she wont have a match for awhile…

        • Kat

          You haven’t even seen Eva wrestle so I think you should simmer down


      O-M-G! Are you serious? You. make me REALLY laugh! “Matty “EVA Marie’s #1 Fan!” Ryan”, really?
      this pitiful. You make laugh but so much, do you really think Eva is going to be something big like Trish Stratus? Mccool? Eve? You NEVER see her in the ring and because of her look you think she is INCREDIBLE? Typical Diva fans who care about first which make sick! Pathetic!

      • charovnica

        Don’t put people in the same basket,please.You do not know every damn diva fan,so you can talk only about this person’s opinion.

    • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

      Kim099-Gurl bye, we both know that would never happen, unless she has like fighting training skills or whatever.

      charovnica- True, but the same with these two ladies too.

      art- You do not know so get around somewhere with that. Aren’t you a diva fan? Obviously you are and you’re calling yourself typical. I can’t like who I want? You like Alicia and I never called you a pitiful as* bit*h who knows nothing about wrestling for liking her. And no, she will not be the next Trish, Michelle, or Eve, she will be the FIRST Eva Marie!

      charovnica 2- Why does this person have to talk about MY opinion? It’s MY opinion. Just like I said Alicia was overrated, she is but that was MY opinion!

      • charovnica

        I meant that I don’t want to be associated with other people’s opinions,because I have one of my own.He already commented on yours,so my comment wasn’t nothing personal,just an expression.

      • Kim099

        Gurr cj would whoop her with her eyes closed make her ass look like big red

  • redsandman99

    I’m interested in seeing how Skye has progressed. And I’m curious to know was this a face vs face match or did one team play the heels?

  • Jordan

    Face vs face match. Summer Rae is still the only heel Diva in NXT.

    • redsandman99

      Ah. Thank you.

      • Jordan

        Sure thing! :)

  • mckenzie

    Kendall Skye is the most attractive/camera friendly out of that division. They should keep Summer on the main roster and let Charlotte and Ric Flair feud against Paige. Charlotte is Impressive!

  • shameronstar

    The fact that they are starting to use the new girls as ring announcers means that they are getting ready for Kendall Skye to debut as a wrestler:) I really want to see how she’s coming along because she looks like she’d be a great heel because nxt desperately needs more heel divas! I think Sasha should turn heel because with Paige and Emma at the top, and Bayley being the popular jobber Sasha needs to change sides! Also, I really like Charlotte she looks like female wrestler from 20-30 years ago who got sucked into a time warp and get spat out in our current time period:)

    • Jordan

      Kendall definitely isn’t TV ready yet.

  • FameHooker18

    NXT needs more heel Divas. I say keep Sasha as a face (underdog face). Definitely keep Paige & Emma as faces. Keep Bayley as a face (not sure if I like the dopey girl gimmick, but at least it’s something). Obviously keep Summer as a Heel. 100% turn Charlotte heel, she can be the stuck up ‘I deserve everything because of my name’ heel, I would love to see her fued with Paige. I swear she’d play heels on the other house shows, teaming with Summer against Paige & Sasha. I also think they should turn Kendall heel, she has that heelish look about her, and I’d think she’d suit it well. Also I swear she’s done acting, so she would portray a heel better.

    For the ones at development right now. I think Eva should be a heel. Jo Jo a face. Brittany a heel. Lexi & CJ as faces.

    • WWEdivas

      i think summer can keep fueding with paige for a little while and then have charlotte takeover meahwhile have charlotte feud with sasha as a heel as if she is jealous as to why everyone cheers for sasha for no reason and not her as their both very athletic somethig like that. i thought that if bayley dropped the gimmick ( some people say shes the new jillian hall and has come out as autistic) she could maybe fued with emma, have kendall ( who is like gonna be the tag partner for paige in tag matches) have kendall as a face for a little while and then turn her heel when another diva comes as for jojo and eva marie i dont know either face or heel for them will do. brittany i like this girl for some reason but i think wwe is gonna put her as a heel i want CJ as a face as she looks shes gonna be successful in the business. i dont care for the others really that erika girl looks arab or middle eastern but i don’t think she’ll pick up wrestling very well.

  • FameHooker18

    Both CJ & Brittany look nice, but Brittany need to burn those shoes. Please!!!!

  • DJ8946

    I love Kendall because of her background. Can’t wait for her to debut and kick girls heads off.

    • Jordan

      That’s only if NXT decides to take her that route. None of her background is incorporated into her current repertoire.

      • art

        really? you’d think with that they would let her use her mma/kick boxing…i mean her kicks would look amazing…

  • wwestarlee

    I feel like Brittany would make a great ring announcer she has experience just because your a diva doesnt mean you have to just be a wrestler imo

  • NicoRobin

    Bayley on the losing sides… again!!! :(

  • Rhawk

    There’s a dude named Mojo Rawley? Quick, pair him up with JoJo Offerman, MoJo JoJo must be made a thing!