Your Morning Quickie: Divas & Knockout News


There’s a bunch of Divas and Knockout news that has made its way online, but each tidbit is not really big enough news to warrant an entire post. That said, I thought I’d post a potentially new feature called a News Quickie to keep all our devoted Diva Dirt fans well-rounded in their news.

– At the WrestleMania weekend Axxess events, it was noted that Raw Diva Candice Michelle was asked about her return to the ring. She reportedly shot down the rumors of her release again and said that she will be back in the ring and ready to compete within 3 weeks. Can’t wait that long? Catch Candice on The Wizards of Waverly Place this weekend on the Disney Channel. Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting that!

– Spotted: TNA President Dixie Carter schmoozing retired WWE Diva Victoria at a UFC event. That’s right, Victoria was in attendance at a UFC event, presumably to watch and take notes for her possible career in MMA. This is when Dixie approached Victoria about coming to TNA. There is definitely interest in bringing Victoria to TNA, and although I think it would be a bad move, I don’t even see it happening. Victoria has her sights set on MMA and I think she’s going to stick with that direction. No word on what Victoria responded back to Dixie Carter, but ultimately it will depend on what kind of contract she signed with WWE and when her no-compete clause finishes.

– Todd Grisham will take over as commentator on SmackDown while Josh Matthews takes his spot on ECW. So much for bringing in a female voice like Sunny to change things up a bit.

– Ex-WWE Diva “Desperate” Debra (new catchphrase alert! Melanie, we should do this more often!) is embarking on a radio tour across the country in an effort to rally fans to get TNA to sign her. I don’t know why she’d go on a radio tour; you have to have a lot to talk about to sit on the radio. How much can Debra say to a mostly-male audience other than that she used to be married to Stone Cold Steve Austin?

– Good Ol’ JR’s Blog addressed the Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Good news from this is that JR seems to agree with us Diva fans when we kindly put that the match was a complete clusterf*ck (as Erin simply put). Here’s what JR said:

The Diva Battle Royal at ‘Mania was the darnedest thing I can remember seeing in a while as the ladies started scuffling before the bell rang and I swear that there were eliminations during the introductions. I was looking forward to seeing some of the Diva Alums…not only did I not see some of them in the match I did not get to see some of them during the week… I especially missed not getting to visit with Torrie Wilson. Hey, just because I’m on a “diet” doesn’t mean I can’t look at the “desert list.” Plus she always entertainingly busts my chops about her Boise State footballers upsetting Oklahoma a couple of years ago in the instant classic, Fiesta Bowl.

I did get to visit with Sunny, Nidia, and Molly Holly and thoroughly enjoyed those conversations. Nidia did not compete in the Battle Royal as she is busy being a mom but looked to be in tremendous shape. Sunny was having fun in Houston and Molly is still doing great things with under privileged kids. I’ve never met a Diva with a better heart for wanting to do good deeds than does Molly. I wish more people in this world had her wonderful attitude.

– In attendance at Booker T’s “Fight For the Kids” charity event this past weekend were TNA Knockouts Christy Hemme, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Sharmell, as well as Debra, Kim Page, and a jet-black haired Lita. It is still unknown if Booker T will continue seeking legal action against the WWE for “stealing” his other talents that were scheduled to appear, namely Torrie Wilson.

- UPDATE: TNA officials are not going to hold off on Ayako Hamada‘s debut. TNA was deciding between Sarah Stock and Ayako as their new Knockout, and they are definitely going to set her as Gail Kim’s replacement as the top face of the company. Ayako is set to debut at the iMPACT tapings in two weeks. Ayako, age 28, has been wrestling for 11 years and some of her achievments include a two time World Heavyweight Champion for All Japan’s Women’s Pro Wrestling.

UPDATE: WWE officials planted a rumor in the UK to a large number of media outlets that Stacy Keibler was dating Hornswoggle. It was believed WWE did this just to get attention for WrestleMania, but apparently the “real reason” was because Stacy refused to work the Divas Battle Royal. The story never got printed but media outlets were calling Stacy frequently to ask her about the story.

Well, there was your morning News Quickie! What do you think of the feature and the news? Sound off in the comments!

  • sheLooksGud2me

    Wow. A new anticipated ‘segment’ on Diva Dirt. :> JR agreed that Wrestle mania was a mess at 2009. But why do you find Victoria signing to TNA a bad move?

  • Tiffany

    Although I believe that Victoria’s talents would be used a hell of a lot better in TNA, I think she is pretty much done with wrestling right now. I hope she has a successful career in MMA.

  • Lacey

    The notion that Debra only has her marriage with Steve Austin to talk about is kind of funny to me. She certainly had a background in wrestling before she even met Austin, and had a number of storylines in WWE apart from him. She has a story in and of herself which is probably far more interesting than the ones we get from a lot of the Diva Searchers and models that have come and gone in WWE.

    … sorry for the attitude, haha, but seriously, I agree that what Debra is doing now with asking fans to write in to try to get her a job with TNA is a little sketch, but she is a well-known and generally well respected manager in professional wrestling. She’s also a one time (then) WWF Women’s Champion. That’s a lot more time with a belt than a lot of women ever got XD however dubious the circumstances were that she won the title and what happened from then on out. Cliff Notes: she has much more to talk about than “I was married to that douche Steve Austin”.

  • Hassan

    @ shelooksgud2me: hey dont make fun of my segment! lol! you know you love all of DD’s segments! as far as victoria is concerned, i dont think it would be good for her to go to TNA for several reasons. firstly, she wont get to be victoria since that is a trademarked name by WWE so she’ll have to use her real name or come up with something else. secondly, i think she had a great career in WWE and going to TNA would not be wise since they would probably misuse her. why should she tarnish the end of her career? finally, those who jump to TNA USUALLY don’t end up being in the WWE’s good graces, so if she jumped ship to TNA after telling wwe she was done with wrestling, theyd be pretty pissed at her and shed be less likely to appear at events and on special occasions.

    @ lacey: right off the bat i can tell you that im a huge debra fan. but her little radio tour is soooo desperate. sure she has plenty to talk about with her career and all. she won her women’s title at an evening gown match, mind you. she’s not really a “wrestler” per se, and the only reason she is doing this is to TRY and get an army of fans to contact TNA to hire her. i just think its lame. i know she has a lot to talk about in general, but i was referring to the things she could talk about on the radio that would be relevant to begging fans to contact TNA. if she sits on the radio and talks about a feud with sable, great, but that doesnt really have anything to do with begging fans. there wont be a sable in TNA. if she wants to be reuinted with jeff jarret, why doesnt she just call him up? he’s got authority in TNA. if shes going to sit on the radio and talk, she has to find a common ground with her audience, and odds are her male audience is only going to remember her few stints with jeff jarret, her title as the ex-mrs stone cold, and her bikini matches with sable. she does have a big story and her life is interesting, but how many male listeners are going to sit and listen to that? i would, but the reality is a LOT of people won’t.

  • Melanie

    That was more like an orgy than a quickie, Hassan.

  • Hassan

    LOL, thanks melanie. i figured id get it all over with in one post than do several quickies throughout the day! we have your draft pick coming up! haha its supposed to be a quickie news bulletin about each story! not the entire thing! and im going to refrain from making any orgy comment!!

  • Melanie

    That Stacy news is absolutely despicable ;/ Fuck you, WWE.

  • MaryseFan2009

    Although, I doubt Victoria would go to TNA, I don’t see that as a bad move what-so-ever. The women’s talent would probably be displayed well with the company, she would probably bring in even more ratings for the Division, and the story-lines would probably be even more entertaining (the more Knockouts the better!) I just don’t understand how something like that would be a bad move when the majority of the TNA Knockouts are overall talented females in the ring and on the microphone – with Victoria that would only add on to the more talent. Moving on – what is going on with the WWE? First the company bad talks Trish Stratus (one of the companies best female wrestlers) now the company is spreading little rumros about Stacy? Eh, the WWE should simply just respect the former WWE Divas decisions not to show up at the pay-per-view, personally I wouldn’t want to be in a match that was scripted for Santino dressed up in ladies attire to win.

  • Andre

    WWE taking the low road doesn’t surprise me especially in regards to it’s female talent….I remember the original “Screwjob” like it was yesterday. WWE or more accurately Vinny Mac is like a spoiled child who lashes out after not getting his way and those around this spoiled child who know better are too intimidated to spank and then sit him in the corner and scold him until he learns to play nicely with others.

  • ted

    actually wwe should just accept the fact that stacey and trish have moved on with their lives and they are no longer at wwe’s beck and call.

    trish likely turned down the battle royal because she was not going to win; she has an ego but so do a lot of wrestlers who achieve a lot of accolades in the scripted world of pro wrestling.

    stacey is an actress now so she is not going to waste her time competing in a rassling match when she has zero intentions of ever returning to the industry.

  • Lacey

    Hassan: Sorry to be such a jumpy pain in the butt this morning, haha, because I am totally with you about the very iffy nature of this whirlwind radio tour or whatever to try to get a job with TNA. She has a personal connection with Jarret, so I don’t see why, if she wants a job, she doesn’t just go straight to him? I mean, unless I missed something…

    anyways! lo siento for the jumpiness again. Haha, I’m just so used to people writing Debra off as just “omg that woman who was married to Austin” when she’s so much more than that. Your initial comment sounded like just that to me, but I appreciate you elaborating. <3

    … also, WTFFF at that Stacy story? could WWE get a little more petty about these divas not wanting to come back to do WM25? Jesus Christ.

  • Hassan

    haha i have no problem elaborating. i know i come off as a bitch and quick to attack, but i am actually a huge fan of Debra’s and i was really rooting for her to make a comeback in the Battle Royal. Well, before i actually SAW the mess it was. i just think its pretty lame to go around begging! hey this is diva dirt, we welcome comments and feedback, however nice or mean or jumpy or whatever they may be! i made my opinion so i gotta fight to defend it… you’ll have to at some point too so be ready! lol!

    and apparently, she wants to show people that she can “get a job through the fans and not through her friendship connections.” sounds to me like her friendship connections didnt work!!

  • mpezza

    Stacy + Hornswoggle? Now that’s a hot couple.