WWE Superstars Spoilers: July 26th, 2013

Spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Superstars, taped last night before Raw:

* Layla defeated Alicia Fox. (Source)
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  • wweandtnadivafan

    Ms. Fox will be in action again woohoo! :)

  • BorisG

    Glad to see these 2 have some TV time, because they aren’t used properly for a long time.
    And it’s just me, or here on Diva Dirt, Alicia Fox is favorite Diva of most members? :)

    • shameronstar

      When Alicia is on point she’s sleek, graceful, aggressive, and sassy all in one:)

    • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

      Her and Layla are fan favorites. Layla I see, cause of the Diva Search, and her days as a sidekick, which most people call her ‘glory days’. Alicia because well I guess she is ‘good in the ring’?

      • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

        why did the Alicia comment sound so skeptical lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/qcevolution qcevolution

      Alicia is definitely a favorite round these parts and for good reasoning. She’s an uber talented vet and we just want to see her used properly.

      • BorisG

        Layla and Alicia Fox are my favorite too. I just want WWE to push them, and Nattie also.

  • nismos69

    Yess! I love Alicia!!!! Hopefully its not gonna be bad like Raw two weeks ago with them trying to do all their moves to eachother in less than a minute

  • She-Wolf

    I’m kinda over Layla. Unless she turns heel, I really don’t care for her getting wins. Love me some Alicia though, would love to see her get another push before she leaves.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I have two report from other site talking about thia match:

    Superstars SPOILERS 7/25
    (2) Layla beat Alicia Fox in what looked like a fairly sloppy match. (Source : PWtorch. com)

    Wwe Superstars :
    * Layla defeated Alicia Fox in a bad match.
    (Source : WrestlingInc. com)

    Well, it seems like we are gonna have a bad match :(
    But I’m not really surprise because they never had a good chemistry together especially now. I just hope it won’t be Layla trying to be too fast like
    last time on Raw!

    • mpezza

      Those reports always say every divas match is awful. Eh. I’ll judge it when I see it.

    • SweeneyTodd

      I agree. Layla for had better matches with Aksana than with Alicia although Alicia is mutch better than Aksana.

      • ricky_says_hi

        Well the match Layla had with Aksana on NXT was described as “bowling shoe ugly” and it turned out to be one of their better ones (in my opinion). Lay is getting more wins it seems. Hopefully they’ll amount to something

  • Spike7000

    And you believe a dirt sheet on what they say about the match?

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Usually not but when it comes to Layla vs Alicia tbh YES! Alicia issuch an underrated wrestler, she is really good in the ring and Layla is good too but their always been a bit erh… the first they had was the night Kharma attack Alicia and it wasn’t that great. Yes they did had some decent match on Smackdown when Layla was champ but their chemistry is not WOW and can be erh… sometimes. If you remember in that tag match on raw, Alicia and especially Layla were really bad together. Layla. trying to be too fast kill that match and I am afraid that happen again because when she is too fast, well she usually kill the match!
      But I will wait to see, it could surprise me but having not one but TWO different report saying that match was bad say a lot about the match.

  • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

    Idc what they i just wanna see foxy but i do feel layla’s not used to being a babyface

  • vdcvt

    I liked Layla vs Alicia back last year during Smackdown. Their second match when Layla had already lost the title. I remember reading it was horrible but I actually liked it. So taking the criticisms with a grain of salt, cause these two are my favourite Divas! Glad to see they have another match together! And I agree with Ricky, hopefully the wins lead to something lol :P

  • divaindemise

    I tend to ignore spoiler descriptions because the women are never described accurately or fairly. All I will say is that on Superstars these two have the opportunity to flex a little more skill than simply hash out an array of sloppy spots due to time constraints. Alicia has some solid groundwork and Layla is good in the babyface in peril mode. I don’t doubt that this COULD be a good match.

  • charovnica

    The match probably will be good,but I’m ready for some new blood in this damn division.

  • kingbooman

    Alicia and Layla doesnt have Chemistry together Like Natayla and Alicia.But I cant wait to see how Alicia Sells LayKick because she can sell good! Layla is being on a roll lately she’s won like 5 matches and been on Tv for a month same For Foxy shes had matches and won 2 and lost 2 and 1 had a No Contest!

  • http://myworld.ebay.com/ferociouscougar 09DHK

    Layla’s been racking up a decent amount of wins as of late. Maybe (hopefully) she’s next in line to feud with AJ.