Jim Ross Clarifies Paige Comments, Says She’s “Exactly Where She Needs to Be Right Now”

Comments made by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross regarding NXT standout Paige have gotten tongues wagging over the last few days.

JR has provided additional comments on the situation in his latest blog post.

Yesterday, Jim took to his Twitter account to further verify his stance on “The Diva of Tomorrow.” A lot of fans were under the impression that Jim was saying that Paige wasn’t talented, yet the announcing legend set the record straight regarding opinions on that topic. He tweeted:

JR then more broadly addressed the age of developmental talents in his blog. He said:

“My comments regarding my personal opinion regarding the idea age for performers to be called up full time to the main, WWE roster has draw a gambit of responses here on our Q&A section of our website and on Twitter @JRsBBQ. This has zero to do specifically with the talented Paige who I am a major supporter of and feel that she will have a successful run on RAW or Smackdown some day soon but some idiots made it such. No 20 year old, no matter the precedent for any man or woman is generally ready for the non in ring requirements and challenges that go with being a WWE Superstar who tours extensively. The amount of social maturity that comes with life experiences and natural maturity is absolutely necessary. Is it always there or has it always been there over the years with some young talents who have had a variety of issues, some minor and some not so minor? Of course not. Every human being is different and they all handle challenges in their own way and one way to eliminate some of those immature mistakes is to make sure that the talents are socially and emotionally ready to make the road their home.”

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/QuaintKawaiix Francisco

    people are over reacting, he never said she doesnt know how to wrestle, nor that she was horrible, he says he’s a big fan of hers, but he knows that she needs more experience and to gain maturity, and you know learn the life of a WWE Superstar. I deeply agree with JR, he’s right she’s perfect where she is, not only is she over with the fans at NXT but she’s improving, so when we see her in WWE she will be a much better worker than when she came in, Paige is the future, but you people are obsessed with the idea that she needs to be called up. She’s exactly where she belongs at the moment, and whenever the WWE thinks she’s ready, she will be called up… so calm down -_-

  • richies88

    i agree with Jim 2 young. Look at Kelly Kelly and Kenny from spirit squads

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    People need to stop taking this so seriously! She’s the NXT Women’s champ for cryin out loud! She’s not gonna be there for much longer!

  • Kaledrina.

    i do agree with JR on this one but he sounds so angry teenager on the internet some times. he is basically just saying ‘it’s my opinion and anyone who disagrees with it is an idiot’ lol. come on.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Actually, JR is really nice here, you can see his frustration over some fans but he was still nice and class. If I was JR, I would have thrown some insults to all the person who would have disrespect me or my career. This guy KNOW what he is talking about and some people are saying SH*T on internet just because they love somebody to death! Paige is an INCREDIBLE WRESTLER and fans know it better than him. He helped developmental talent for so long and he know when he see a talented woman. If he says 20 is too young, some people should take what he have to say seriously because he know what he is talking about!

      • Kaledrina.

        i see rude where you see nice but people see things differently i guess and that’s cool.

  • divaindemise

    Beautifully put, JR.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Personally, I’d rather Britani remained on NXT until there was a decent division on RAW/Smackdown for her to debut in.

    Unfortunately, if that were the case, she’d be on NXT till she’s 80.

  • wl75

    I think it’s a compliment that people were so upset with his thoughts originally…shows how much Paige is over right now. He’s right to an extent- I’d rather have them wait on a debut and do it right than try to rush it and botch it. I still think she’s coming up at some point before the end of the year though…

  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    Jim Ross knows talent, he has also seen what happens to younger people on the roster. Paige is the top of NXT, one of the most ver people their, she will debut, just not right now!

  • litafan2000

    I like Jr. But a lot of the time online he is rude.

  • charovnica

    I agree with Ross and have no idea why people had to bash him so much about it.
    Look at the Wyatt family,they kept Bray on NXT for so long so he can develop his character and be on a certain level when he debuts.
    I think the same goes to any NXT talent from now on and that’s smart.
    Also the creative first need to find a way to introduce her and have something for her to do.
    If she was to debut tomorrow she’ll be absolutely nowhere in a month.

  • xXL3Xx

    Lmao at people getting butt-hurt over his comments. The man knows exactly what he’s talking about. None of us know the trials of being on the road most of the year. He does.
    JR never said she wasn’t talented or charismatic. She just happens to be too young.