In Video: Latest ‘Total Divas’ Peek Exposes Rocky Relationships, Medical Emergencies

Total Divas is premiering this Sunday, so E! is pulling out all the stops to promote their newest reality show.

The latest commercial released by E! details each relationship on the show, as well as Diva-on-Diva drama and a few medical emergencies.

We’ve already seen a lot of Brie and Nikki Bella‘s relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena, but now we’re getting a better look at the show’s other romances.

In the commercial, we see that Natalya‘s relationship with longtime beau Tyson Kidd seems to be cooling, Jo-Jo‘s romance with Justin Gabriel has the young Diva on the road to heartbreak and Naomi‘s bringing her frustrations with Jimmy Uso into the ring.

The video also details Nikki’s recent leg injury, as well as a concussion suffered by Jo-Jo.

Watch it all below:

Which relationship are you most interested in seeing on the show?

Total Divas premieres Sunday, July 28th at 10pm on E!

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  • rbax123

    Can’t wait. A lot of it does look fake but it does look entertaining. Like drunken Bellas, Almost fired Eva. This is gonna be good.

  • rbax123

    The relationship I want to see most would be Nikki & John but I wanna see more Eva & Jojo

  • ForestGladiator

    It’s nice to see them tease more of the drama in this promo. I actually think I’m the most interested in Stephanie having a word with Eva Marie. I hope we get to see more of her. I wonder what she is to the Divas division.

  • MissDaiisyy

    I don’t care how scripted this is, it looks uber entertaining! <3

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    DAMN hell yes I don’t care if its scripted as fuck or this makes me any less of a womens wrestling fan because that is BS. But this show has me on board it’s like wwe diva BGC style. LIVE FAST DIE YOUNG WWE DIVAS DO IT WELL!! :D

    • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan


  • Johnyfaction3

    WHY DIDN’T THEY SHOW THIS CLIP INSTEAD ON RAW!!! This was much better than the Bellas bad acting.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      The Bellas bad acting? Say Eva Marie´s bad acting…

      • shameronstar

        Well, all 3 are bad actors, but at least Eva has enough and charisma to get heat:P

        • Francisco

          after that nip slip the bellas will have more cheers than any other diva on the roster lmao jk

      • Johnyfaction3

        I am talking about the Sneak peek they showed not the segment.

  • daniel05

    natalya is in his underwear? in tv? did im the only one who notices that?

  • shameronstar

    This was a much better preview for the show than what they showed on Raw! Poor Jo-Jo she’s probably too young to handle all of this! and was that Cameron the one in the back of that ambulance? Also, if I was Eva I’d be crying too if the Queen Stephanie scolded me. She’s kind of scary!

  • Nostalgia

    Natalya in her bra and panties!!! I went O_O. .. I think these girls will be fast tracked to TV. It’s been awhile since a diva has. I wonder how that’ll turn out

    • shameronstar

      Eva and Jo Jo are like throw backs to the original diva search girls! Hopefully, they don’t get the Ashley treat mean and become labeled “a danger to herself and others”!

      • Nostalgia

        I hope the same! I like them. I just hope their first feuds aren’t against each other lol

  • TheAnt1

    i think if they showed this last night, the miz tv segment would have been better.

  • BarbieBlank

    I wonder what Eva did for Steph to get on her like that??? Is her “hoeing” gonna embarrass the company????
    I’m suprised that wwe is gonna let them show the Bella’s drunk in a night club and nattie in underwear
    I could careless about it being fake it looks pretty entertaining and that’s all that matters.

  • MrMexican99

    Dafuq? o_O Who knew this was going to get so serious that an ambulance had to get involved and Stephanie McMahon herself would make an appearance?

    • Nostalgia

      Oh she gotta get her mainstream on, Stephanie wishes she was 10 years younger and didn’t pop out HHH babies. She would’ve been right here on the cast

  • kingbooman

    Omg I would mark out if Stephanie comes.What if Some of the divas appear on Total Divas like BGC.

    • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

      I’ve been saying that since DD reported TD! Naomi (or Trinity), Cameron (or Ariane), or Rosa (or Milena) would be PERFECT fits for BGC!

      • kingbooman

        The Cast will be on every show but the divas will appear like once and a while.We may see AJ and Kaitlyn!I would die If I see John,Daniel, Fandango, Justin, Tyson naked and have wardrobe malfunctions…

  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    EPICLY excited for this show! They should’ve showed THAT on Miz TV.

  • The_Tetra

    Aw man I need to see this video but it’s blocked :(

      • The_Tetra

        You just became my new best friend, thank you!

        My thoughts:

        Nikki: I didn’t get good vibes from her in this one, she seemed a bit too much of a ‘Diva’

        Brie: Adore her in every way possible, I love seeing her and Bryan together. Also liked how it showed her and Eva supporting Jo-Jo backstage.

        Naomi: Makes me laugh and (scripted or no) I like how real she looks

        Cameron: Also makes me laugh, wonder what the ambulance is about?

        Eva: Isn’t the outfit that Steph was wearing the same one from the AJ Promo? Was Eva the Diva (lol it rhymes) that brought on the ‘interrupting Stephanie’ promo? Girl has some flaws but every reality show needs one, I look forward to seeing the eventual Nikki vs Eva match when Eva is ready.

        Jo-Jo: I cannot stress how much I love this girl! It also drives home the fact that JR has been making in his blog regarding Paige. Jo-Jo is not long out of high school, torn away from her home and family. I really hope she sticks with this, she makes the perfect underdog and seems to be the only one on the show to not get involved in any cattiness etc.

        I get that this show has its low points but I love all the Divas involved and I think they blend perfectly. In a way, I am glad that Alicia, AJ, Kaitlyn and Layla are not involved as I don’t feel they would be necessary to it. You got the great business heads of the Bellas who know how to seize an opportunity, the underdog Jo-Jo, the veteran Natalya, the relatively newcomers Naomi and Cameron and the uber bitch, Eva Maria.

        Hopefully this show appears online as I cannot wait to watch!

      •!/ShannonMarie_xo ShannonMarie_xo

        You’re awesome. Thank you for posting the link! =)

  • The_Tetra

    Aw man I need to see this video but it’s blocked :(

  • xhybridlee

    This looks amazing. I honestly think that WWE is going to produce more seasons hence why it says “season ONE”. If it were to be a one time deal I don’t think it would’ve said that. Also I think this would bring alot of viewers that aren’t in to wrestling because they want to find out if its real or not. curiosity will get the best of them so they’ll tune in. A part of me thinks that the Eva & Stephanie part of the trailer was real. And I loooove how this show isn’t pg & it allows cussing, drinking, bras and panties, etc etc. I really hope total divas will be a success

  • totallynecessary

    Yeah Cameron should’ve known not to put her hands on Naomi… or should I say Ariane don’t touch TRINITY, O-Krrrrrr!!!… ass ended up in an Ambulance #GirlBye…

    Just kidding yeah this preview was way better… Guess they really tryna get their money’s worth out of eva marie with that whole RAW fiasco

    P.S.- when did DivaDirt ever have a SPAM problem… Yall doing the Most with this Human Verify

    • DaDivaQueen

      Preach it bewbew!

      Cameron ended up getting her ass half dead! LOL

  • i22

    Say what you want about the obvious scripted nature of the show but this sh!t looks so ENTERTAINING! Can’t wait!

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    AHHHHHHHHHHH! (That was me screaming like a little girl!)

    JOJO! SHE HAS SOME ATTITUDE! But she won’t last long!

    But let’s talk about the REAL STAR…EVA F’N’ MARIE! Her and Fandango! AHGHGHAHDHF! I ship them! Her and JoJo? I SHIP THEM TOO! EVA F’N’ MARIE GUYS!

  • Lushh

    After that preview the show looks soooo good.

  •!/ShannonMarie_xo ShannonMarie_xo

    Ughhh the video is blocked in Canada…wtf is that?
    Reading everyones comments, I want to watch ti soo bad!

  • cofcman

    Honestly, this looks decent (compared to other reality shows). The only part that seems forced is the Natalya/Tyson Kid stuff. For some reason, every time Natalya speaks, she sounds incredibly rehearsed…

    • nadirah432

      So does tyson!

  • K2Evefan

    This preview has definitely gotten me the most excited about seeimg this show!