In Video: Former WWE Diva’s New Music Video

Amy Weber seems to be really taking her music career seriously. The former WWE Diva, who released the 2012 album Let it Rain, is back with yet another song, titled “Hero”.

The song is intended to be an anthem to America’s brave men and women in uniform.

To fund the making of the song and video, Weber used Kicktraq, a website that allows fans to donate money to aspiring musicians. Thanks to her fans, she was able to raise over $10,000 for the production.

Check out Weber’s patriotic new video below:

What do you think: is the song a hit or a miss?

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  • Hassam

    i really love Amy music recently i just won a copy of her album let it rain i really love her music and this song is quit cool much better then all the diva or knockout musicians

  • TCsinger09

    She actually has a nice voice

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    Ehh, I don’t like it, it’s good, but not my type of music. She has a good voice! She should sing some of the WWE Diva themes. I can also see this in a video package for Tribute to the Troops,

  • alexver11

    I really loved hee feud with Joy Giovanni. How I wish that both would have stayed longer.

  • divaindemise

    Lilian, all is forgiven.

  • DaDivaQueen

    Eww WTF happened to her face?! Why does her mouth move like that??!!
    I mean she has more singing ability than Mickie James and Maria but…gross

    • art

      Shes always had those lips rofl

    • divaindemise

      Same with Kaitlyn, I imagine; collagen has caused an imbalance of lip movement, freezing one where the other lapses. And it makes them look as though they are slurring.

      • DaDivaQueen

        I didn’t really notice as much when she first came out, maybe because she lasted what, two weeks? lol
        Ehh they definitely need to stop zooming in on her face while she sings…

  • alexver11

    I really loved her feud with Joy Giovanni. How I wish that both would have stayed longer.

  • shameronstar

    I know a lot of people didn’t care for Amy Weber but I liked her character and I really wanted to see how her and Joy’s feud would have progressed(damn you Orton)! I heard that they were going to have a blow off match at a ppv which would have been interesting considering neither of them were wrestlers. Although, I wonder would they have trained if they both stayed longer!

    • art

      They both were training why do you think they both wanted to take bumps and do more….

      • shameronstar

        I had no idea they were training. Although, I did know that the divas back than had crash course lessons and how to do a few things!

    • divaindemise

      Oh, that’s right. Orton was rumoured to have shit in one of the Diva’s bags, huh? Shame Amy or whoever it was didn’t use the gumption to get even with the sorry bastard.

  • art

    Lol with all her shitty movies i didnt expect much from her music either but id want to hear her live before i judge it…..

  • shameronstar

    Too be honest I expected Amy Weber to be one of those divas who just disappeared into obscurity, but she’s actually a pretty good singer! But I really want one of the divas turned singers to get into singing rnb and soul!

  • charovnica

    Well,you can judge a singer only if you hear him life.I don’t trust recorded stuff anymore ever since the autotune came out.She doesn’t have a terrible voice,but also it’s nothing really impressive.But good for her for chasing her dreams.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Oh how I loved the Amy Weber vs Joy Giovanni feud!

    It’s a shame Amy was never added to the 2006 ‘Smackdown vs Raw’ game as well as Joy, I would have loved to put those 2 in matches.

    That always was one of my favourite diva feuds of all time alongside Trish & Steph, as they may not have been fully fledged wrestlers, but their catfights always got the crowd going.

    Who can forget Joy smacking Amy round the head with that bowl, or Amy ripping Joys too off over the candy came incident. Oh the days! :)

  • XavierSkyy

    This is that typical generic, go-lucky, never give up type of music. It reminds me of Christy Hemme’s music except less popular. She sounds really fake, like she’s not the one actually singing (unless there’s a lot of auto tuning) and I feel like she picked a song about soldiers because no one can hate on it when it has a good message.

    Her music is just 50 shades of no.

  • princesschocolate

    Her lips look messed up like Kaitlyn’s. Probably botox…but other than that her voice is nice and the song is great.