Why There Are High Hopes for ‘Total Divas’ and Possible Plans for the Future


Have you caught Total Divas fever yet? WWE’s big experiment into estrogen-fueled reality TV is set to premiere on E! this Sunday, and both sides are crossing their fingers that the show is a hit.

Sources close to the production tell us exclusively that both WWE and E! are happy with the direction of the show and have “high hopes” it will succeed — particularly since it will have a major lead-in from those Kardashians!

Long-running reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is E!’s top rated program and thus both parties feel it will serve as a nice launching pad for the WWE-themed show. On the flip side, though, the strong lead-in means there is some pressure for Total Divas to perform well in its time slot. However, both WWE and E! are confident the strong WWE fan base will tune in, and we’re told there’s a good feeling about the exposure the show has gotten in the media, too.

Indeed, the Total Divas cast — including the Bella Twins, Natalya, Naomi and Cameron — have been pulling out all the stops to promote the series, with Nikki and Brie Bella appearing on The Today Show, E! News and Fashion Police, to name but a few promotional tour stops.

As a big departure from WWE’s other programming, it’s hoped WWE fans will be hooked in due to the familiar faces (including the male stars like John Cena), while new audiences will be attracted to the show — and the Divas — due to its similarity to other female-led reality shows like Kardashians and Real Housewives.

We’re told that while there haven’t been discussions about future seasons beyond the initial eight episodes — because it’s “too early” — there is some hope that at least one or two other WWE Divas may join the cast for a proposed second season. Of course, that will all depend on how this first season plays out, but insiders say “it’s not uncommon” for casts to change season-to-season.

As for this run of episodes, some of the other Divas will make appearances here and there — but that is to be expected given the behind-the-scenes aspect of the show.

Total Divas premieres Sunday, July 28 at 10pm.

Are you excited for Total Divas? Will it sink or swim?

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  • shameronstar

    If there is a 2nd season PLEASE add Alicia Fox and maybe AJ or Kaitlyn. Although, Layla and Aksana would be interesting since they seem to have playful relationship in real life! Also, if this show is successful what will that mean for the diva’s division going forward? Will they get more storylines? Will they get more time to wrestle on tv? but if this show is a failure I’m scared the divas will be more obscure than ever:(

    • divaindemise

      Total Divas could have been more genuinely interesting if they had followed Alicia’s extensive work doing WWE’s charity commitments, or Layla’s long and gruelling road to recovering from injury. Or even exploiting a broken English angle with Aksana.

      Instead we have the Bellas as the faux-pinnacle of Diva supremacy.

      • Jinzo

        You realize The Bellas have done more charity and media work for WWE since returning than Alicia Fox has done since they left right? Of course you don’t, this stuff needs to be explained to you like a child.

        • divaindemise

          Well firstly, grand sage, I do express gratitude for bestowing me with that information. If the show does indeed tank, I am going to take a private moment to laugh even harder that all of the earnest hard work completed by the Bellas wasn’t enough to rescue Total Divas. Then again, judging by the sound of crickets during pretty much most of their matches since they’ve returned, I probably shouldn’t be too surprised.

          Oh, and you can go take a flying fuck to yourself with the attitude.

          Thanks again!

          • Sarah Connor


  • DJ8946

    Cameron and Naomi did an interview with Afterbuzz TV yesterday and said that they created their FCW gimmick.

  • redsandman99

    I do hope it succeeds since I would hope this would lead to WWE believing the division is marketable and translate that into more storylines and matches for the women. Move beyond just really featuring whoever is feuding for the title.

  • divaindemise

    I may be wrong, but on the surface Total Divas doesn’t seem to represent the trials and tribulations of any aspiring female wrestler, but women who use wrestling merely to supplement their aspirations of being a “star”. And it’s ironic because Natalya is being portrayed to be at the bottom of the Diva food chain in this show, yet she’s easily more popular and than the two poster girls of Total Divas, those damn Bella twins.

    • marcum1234

      lol It’s funny that this how portrays the Bellas as the biggest divas in the wwe, but on raw every other diva got a crowd reaction but them.

  • richies88

    does anyone know where i can watch it in ireland. its not going to on E UK

    • Johnyfaction3

      Does Keeping Up With The Kardashians air in UK? If not I doubt it. You can watch it online though and I am sure Diva Dirt will post videos too.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I feel like if they do a new season Alicia and Summer Rae would be the two new divas. Or even Tamina since she is a “movie star” now.

    As a divas fan I want this show to be succesful. I wish other divas fans felt the same way.

    • Kaledrina.

      wasn’t there reports that summer rae wanted nothing to do with the reality show? something along the lines of how she was forced to film some training clips at NXT but whenever she’d see the cameras backstage at a show she’d run away LOL.

      i want the show to be successful for the right reasons. it’s too soon to judge, obviously, but i’m worried it will just add to the list of reasons why wwe and wwe fans shouldn’t take the women seriously as wrestlers.

  • Divafan0118

    I can’t wait for Total Divas. But I wished they would add Divas like Alicia, Kaitlyn, Layla, or AJ

  • Monkey Tennis

    If there’s any hope for the future of the Women’s Division, Total Divas needs to sink.

    • Nostalgia

      If it sinks Vince would see the women as marketable and will ultimately send us back to the era of 1:30 matches with rushed entrances and roll ups

      • Monkey Tennis

        I’m assuming you meant to say ‘Vince wouldn’t see the women as marketable…’

        But here’s the problem which keeps coming up. This isn’t a wrestling show. It’s clearly not aiming for a wrestling audience. So even if it does somehow prove to be a great success, there is absolutely no reason for that success to then translate into a better Women’s Division.

        Why? Because this is a show about faux drama and bitchiness and relationships and celebrity. And if it somehow proves a hit, then that’s precisely what the WWE will assume people want to see from the Divas. Not longer matches, multiple story-lines, a bigger roster. But instead, more romance, more gossip, more glamour.

        Forget the era of short matches and roll-ups. Total Divas could conceivably herald an era of no matches and the Divas occupying only girlfriend/valet/manager roles.

        • Jinzo

          If it sinks, Vince isn’t going to take it as “Oh, they must not be watching because it’s not about wrestling” he’s going to take it as “Well I guess no one gives a shit about the divas”.

          It may not be the message you’re trying to send, but that’s how WWE is going to take it. They’re just gonna look at the ratings and go “Oh look the divas don’t draw why are we wasting time promoting them?”

          Regardless what your intentions are, if you want this show to fail then you want WWE to stop pushing the divas division.

          • Monkey Tennis

            So, it’s lose/lose then?

            The show sinks, the Divas are blamed, the division suffers.

            Or the show succeeds, the focus of women in the WWE is radically shifted to reflect the increased interest in non-wrestling storylines, the division suffers.

            I still maintain the division will come out of this in better shape if it goes down as a failed experiment. The WWE is a business, and they look at things in bit more depth than \This show failed because of the Divas.\ In exactly the same way as they wouldn’t simply surmise \This show succeeded and so people want to see the Divas wrestling.\

            The WWE are already convinced no-one is really interested in Women’s Wrestling, you’ve only got to look at the company’s entire history to establish that. But if they believe there’s an audience for the kind of ‘entertainment’ offered by Total Divas, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll happily reduce the already minimal time given over to matches and instead devote it to non-wrestling story-lines.

            I’ve said it before. If people want to watch this show, that’s fine. Personal choice, and all that. But don’t think that watching it or supporting it is doing the Women’s Division any favours whatsoever.

          • Jinzo

            I don’t understand how you came to the conclusion that WWE is going to get rid of all wrestling matches if the show does well, that’s a stupid assumption to even think of. You’re over-complicating the situation for no reason.

            It’s simple, if this show succeeds the divas division will instantly become fixed. WWE will see that the divas are marketable and want to feature them as prominent parts of the show.

            You’re failing to see how the reality tv aspect will benefit the divas on WWE TV. Think, what attracts people to reality shows? The drama. What is one thing the divas division has lacked for years? And what is it that makes wrestling so popular? The drama. Which means more storylines, more feuds, more character development, and yes even more matches too. That’s what we’ll get if this show succeeds.

            The only reason the wrestling is taking a backseat on this show is because no one would watch it if it was just another wrestling documentary and it certainly wouldn’t have a prime-time spot on television if that’s all it was. It needs all those elements to appeal the a larger demographic. It’s not that WWE plans to get rid of wrestling. Drama leads to feuds and all feuds eventually lead to matches. Would you rather WWE just continue doing random 3 minute divas matches every week with no story or reason to care?

            This show needs to succeed. If it does then WWE will automatically care about the division and we won’t have to wait another 10 years for something else to come along. This will instantly give the divas division the momentum they need.

          • Monkey Tennis

            The problem with your argument is that is keeps coming down to a non-existent correlation between the content and themes of Total Divas and people wanting to watch women wrestle. And sadly, there isn’t one.

            The fact is, the WWE wouldn’t need to put the Divas in wrestling roles to recreate the sort of drama we’re expecting to see on Total Divas. If this show thrives with minimal wrestling action, then where’s the incentive for the WWE to increase the small amount of wrestling we’ve had from the women’s division over the last 20 years?

            You’re looking this in purely one-dimensional terms – This show is about Divas, so if it’s popular we’ll ‘automatically’ see more wrestling. Why?

            In the past, we’ve seen the Women’s Division increase in popularity from time to time, thanks to strong personalities, well written feuds and (occassionally) some very good matches. And yet, each and every time, the WWE soon lost interest and the division spent more years in the wilderness.

            So if wrestling fans showing an interest in the Women’s Division on actual WWE programming isn’t enough to convince the WWE to invest in the division, then how is show that has nothing to do with wrestling going to achieve that?

          • DaDivaQueen

            @Monkey Tennis: Just like you say Jinzo’s correlation of success=more exposure of the divas and thus more matches is non-existant so is your correlation of success=less matches. The show does have to do with wrestling, they keep emphasizing on the “rivalry” aspect and every promo has featured clips of the divas performing in the ring.

          • Jinzo

            And you’re looking at it from a close-minded perspective of \this is just a trashy reality show that has nothing to do with wrestling\. There’s clearly a bigger picture to this. This is a major project that WWE is trying out, Vince McMahon himself wants the show to succeed and if it does then you can bet he’s going to capitalize on it. WWE has tried and failed many times at projects like the XFL, WWE Films, WWE Network, etc. If this is the one project that succeeds, that’s going to send a very powerful message to WWE.

            This is about more than just some wrestling storyline or a single talented wrestler in the division, this is about the divas division becoming a brand and primary part of WWE television. The divas have never had an opportunity like this before.

            We all know Vince’s obsession with being accepted by the mainstream, if he sees that the divas are the only ones who can help give the company that kind of mainstream exposure, do you really think he’s gonna waste that opportunity? No! He’s gonna milk it for all it’s worth. He’s gonna make sure everyone knows about it, he’s gonna give the divas more promotional opportunities, and he’s going to start shoving the division down everyone’s throats.

            Vince wants his wrestlers to be successful outside of wrestling because it makes WWE look better, if the divas can do that, they’re guaranteed instant heavy promotion from WWE for years to come. You should know damn well that Vince isn’t going to start caring about the division just because they can have good matches on TV every week, that only makes them \just\ another part of the show. Total Divas success is the only way to skyrocket the division to prominence as a top priority for WWE.

  • kingbooman

    Whenn PayPerViews come On Im Going to have alot of Watching to do! I Think the divas That are gonna appear is The Divas Champion and The Challenger.. AJ And Kaitlyn??? AJ Comes and says she dated both of The Bellas Men.And Kaitlyn ends up with Justin Gabriel.

  • charovnica

    If this is what WWE is looking for when it comes to the divas…I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.
    Just build strong and capable women that little girls can look up to and aspire to be a fighter in their life.

  • Jordan

    We all know the general feeling is that it will be a flop. Rightfully so, I think Total Divas is Totally Degrading to the division and it’s future.

  • BarbieBlank

    Total divas will work with the reality show audience but not with people that only watch wrestling . I showed my sister the teaser from yesterday and she was suprised at all the drama they incorporated into the show & said that she didnt wanna watch it at first because she thought it would be based on wrestling but wants to watch now because it shows the drama they have outside of the ring.
    It has all the makings of a good reality show so I think it will do well.

  • K2Evefan

    I dont know why anyone would want this show to be a flop? That doesnt make sense to me. If this show does well then its only going to translate into more matches, more storylines, and more promos for the divas. This is the chance us diva fans have been waiting for to show wwe that fans care about the divas and want to see them. Reguardless if you like the concept, the fact that its scripted, or if youjust dont like reality television, or if you just dont want to see the divas in this type of thing, or if you are pissed because they are using new girls instead of your favorite diva. You should watch and support this show if you consider yourself any kind of diva fan or a fan of any diva in the division and you want to see the divas division get a chance to have more storylines, more, matches, more promos, and more tv time in general if we can show the wwe that we do still care about the division. If the divas can grab that mainstream audience they are going to blow up the wwe might actually put some effort into the division again when they see the support from us fans.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    IF there is an other season, Alicia and/or Tamina should be add! The Bellas may be here for exposure but Naomi, Cameron and Nattie are here to show people who they are. People don’t know about their life and they are not TOP girls now on Wwe program so it will help their career. Alicia and Tamina both need it too. I mean, Tamina and Alicia are underrated and misused by Wwe which is a shame and Tamina being a Snuka would be an interesting thing to see, how she feels about that, the pressure shr have because of that and blah blah blah. And Alicia is such great person. She is involved with many charity thing along with Layla, Nattie and Steph, she was about to be big in Wwe till she made a LITTLE mistake who KILL her career. This girl has a fun personality and she is passionate for Wrestling and some doubt it. Her life is WAY more interesting than a newbie like JoJo or Eva Marie!

    Buuuut for me, Paige, Summer, Aj, Emma and Kaitlyn SHOULD NEVER BE in that total diva thing because they don’t need it. I mean this is IMO for the girls that people don’t really know about and for those who are not BIG in WWE. Summer, Aj, Kaitlyn, Emma and Paige will surely be what Mickie, Mccool, Melina, Kelly(YES, KELLY because she was a TOP DIVA in tht Era) and Beth were for their era. They already made (or will make) a name for themselves so I don’t think adding them to Total diva instead of girls like Alicia, Tamina or even Aksana would be fair. They don’t need that.

  • velvelove

    I want Alicia and Layla!!!

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Alicia and Aksana need to be added !!

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Well I for one am super excited, I don’t care what anybody else thinks about it…


  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    I’m excited! I just feel like wrestling fans (mostly the marks) will watch it, then bash it cause it’s not ALL wrestling. I just really like the show’s concept. I don’t see any other girls joining the cast, the only one that would be interesting would be Tamina, since she has kids and all.

  • jadeleela

    I personally don’t see it lasting past a season…a few episodes if we’re lucky….the causal fan may watch but the hardcore fans will not…a lot of people think wrestling is scripted anyway…i don’t think this will help things…

  • K2Evefan

    I dont understand how you can be a diva fan and want this show to fail. You saying if this is a success the girls are only going to be put in girlfriend/valet roles is just stupid and its just you just needing to be negative about everything. I can almost bet you if this show does well wwe will translate as well into a better divas division with more storylines, more matches, more mic time, and overall tv time. You cant honestly believe if this show does not do well vince is going give a shit about the divas? If the show doesnt do well then you can expect bad things for the division because wwe is going to see it as no one cares about their female talent and then its back to reigns like layla and kaitlyns with no storylines or possibly even contracts. By not watching the show you are sending a message but not “we dont want to see this show because its not about wrestling” instead its going to be taken as “we dont care about the divas anymore”.

    • Monkey Tennis

      But why would the success of a show that has almost nothing to do with Divas wrestling convince the WWE that people want to see more Divas wrestling?

      • kingbooman

        If you see drama of course you want more matches. Its like two girls arguing people wants them to fight and not talk!!!

        • DaDivaQueen

          If it succeeds WWE would be stupid not to cash in on it by featuring the divas more. Heck, why do people like Bad Girls Club? They like too see them fight!

          • kingbooman


  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Only the bellas promote the show so if it fails blame them lol….

  • ErinLita

    I think the show would probably get even more ratings if Aj and Kaitlyn were in the show. They are WWE’s top Divas at the moment and they attract the most audience.