WWE.com Introduces Jo-Jo


Hot on the heels of Eva Marie‘s exclusive WWE.com Q&A, the other new Total Diva Jo-Jo has one of her own!

Jo-Jo sat down with WWE.com and discussed an array of topics, including who she first met when coming into WWE. Regarding that ‘Dungeon Diva’, Jo-Jo said:

“I first met Natalya, and it was like, “Whoa,” because she’s a veteran, and she is where I am trying to be. She’s so helpful, and she knows so much about the business, so it is really an eye-opener. You’re just in awe when you meet her, and you respect her right off the bat.”

As the youngest member of the Total Divas cast, some would say that Jo-Jo has more to learn than anyone else, due to her lack of in-ring and life experience. WWE.com asked what wisdom Jo-Jo has absorbed so far thanks to the experience. She replied:

“This whole show has really taught me how to deal with this business in general. This is my first time away from home, so constantly being on the road is a whirlwind. I’m learning from all the other Divas, how to respect each other and how to respect all the Superstars — how to shake their hands, to make yourself known in a respectful way and how to deal with this whole traveling thing in general. One of the most difficult parts of the job is traveling. Each day, you just learn how to be yourself and how to incorporate it into your work. Slowly I’m learning, “Oh I might be good as this or I might be good as that.” [The other Divas] have really helped with that.”

So far on WWE TV, we’ve seen Jo-Jo sing Tons of Funk‘s theme song on WWE Main Event. Jo-Jo talked more about her background in singing, which she feels will set her apart from the other Divas. She said:

“I have never been formerly trained. I was in a singing group. We were called Little Miss. All four of us had different voices. I was the crazy power singer; one was very soft, and one was a rapper. Being in that group helped me find my voice, because I would have to match with them, and I would have to sing songs that I’m not used to. It really helped me find out how I love to sing and what I love to sing. I sing and I dance, and that’s something that Divas haven’t really done. The Funkadactyls dance, but singing and dancing together, I think it’s something I could bring and people would be like, ‘Wow that’s really cool. That’s different.'”

Jo-Jo also talks about Divas past and present that she would like to face, her “wild hair” and her desire to be WWE Divas Champion by this time next year. Good luck Jo-Jo!

You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

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  • DaDivaQueen

    “I’m in this position that people are dying for. I’ve worked so hard for it and to know that all my hard work is paying off”

    GURL BYE!!!


  • The_Tetra

    I hope these comments by Eva and Jo-Jo regaridng this title are just WWE’s way of trying to make them sound passionate… even if they are horrible in the ring (who can blame them with everything they’ve had to learn in such a short space of time) giving them the title would be wrong right now.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jo-Jo!

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    I can’t wait to see what jojo brings to the table. She reminds myself of me since we’re around the same age & I’m short like her (not sure if I’m thatttt short but I’m pretty small for my age)
    I hope she makes it far in the wwe

  • DaDivaQueen

    “WWE.com: If you were to make a prediction right now, how long is it going to be before JoJo is holding that Divas Championship in her WWE career?

    JoJo: No more than a year. This time next year, hopefully, I want to be holding that Divas Championship at least once.”

    I can’t with this girl, OMG! LOL

    Her passion is obviously singing not wrestling.

    • rasharexx

      That is what I said… She needs to stick to singing, at least for the time being, because no one is checking for her wrestling wise.

  • TheFallenAngela

    I don’t care what people say I like jojo with proper training she could be good in the ring

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan


    • rideordieBEEP

      Eva Marie = eh

      • princesschocolate

        @rideordieBEEP LOL

  • redsandman99

    I don’t know how much time her and Eva have spent in NXT but hopefully after Total Divas is over they spend a good long chunk of time down there and hone their skills before becoming permanent main roster additions. I don’t take the whole champion comments seriously since it was probably either done in character or added by WWE themselves to make them sound all determined and passionate.

  • http://unicornduchess07.tumblr.com hellaciousheart

    oh Lord help me.

  • jtiera

    JoJo gooorrrlll, I’m low key worried about her but I like her.

  • daniel05

    She wants to be a singer not a wrestler.

  • Brandon

    No joke, that picture makes her look like the black version of Reese Witherspoon! Lol

  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    I like Jojo, I just don’t like Jojo. That doesn’t make sense at all but I don’t think she will make it far. She seems like Im just in here for fame. And all she talked about was singing and stuff. Eh….

  • LaylaElFan

    Ok, so she’s on Total Divas and on the main roster for one night? I thought no 20 year olds

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Hum she is not OFFICIALLY a main roster diva so that doesn’t count! + Jr said they shouldn’t be diva whose 20 on the MAIN roster but he didn’t say that a 20 or 19 year old girl couldn’t appear on night on TV.

  • BorisG

    She’s younger than Paige. If she gets to the main roster full time before Paige, it’s not gonna be fair. But she gives me Layla vibes when she started wrestling. I would love her to feud with Eva Marie.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Girl you’re just graduated and you go to WWE?!
    Erh……. She is not that beautiful and when I see her, I see NOTHING special! I know her and Marie will go to NXT when it’s over(according to the funkadactyls) but I feel like neither had a place in Wwe. They just have no personality, no charisma and they are NOT interesting! Anyway, I feel sad for her because it’s the first time Wwe talk about her which is a shame considering Every girls had the spotlight and even Eva Maria!

    • princesschocolate

      I’m sorry, but who cares about looks really? This is why people are always disappointed with divas…because most of you pick the ‘hot’ ones with no wrestling abilities that people either change the channel, take bathroom breaks or jerk off to. I thought the whole point of WWE was to showcase women’s wrestling – not softcore porn. Who cares about the looks. She’s not ugly, that’s for sure. Actually Eva Marie looks the role of skanky…and in 10 years I bet won’t be memorable.

      • rasharexx

        Regardless of whether you look at looks or not, it’s not about what you or any of US want. If Vince (he is still alive, so his input the only one that matters) wants looks, that’s what the f__k he going to hire for. If he pushes a diva who looks good with limited ability (Kelly), then that is what he is going to do. It’s not about anyone “picking” a look. This is a business, if people don’t like it. Don’t watch it. Just my input. I’m a fan regardless, and I don’t have time to complain about any diva getting exposure, talentless or not.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    I actually like jojo i think she could be great because shes learning faster than eva & seems genuine….
    she brings more to the table than eva does.she can sing & dance which wwe can use in more ways…
    even if she does an album wwe can promote it while she wrestles which could lead to exposure for wwe & jojo outside of wwe…
    18-19 is abit young to be on the road so i can see her going to nxt to learn after total divas….

    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      also reading the comments on wwe.com hardly anyone likes eva & more like jojo…

      • rasharexx

        She won’t be there long, the roster on NXT is filled with potential divas. Jo Jo is boring, though she is a good singer. She will transition to a interviewer, announcer type role for a long time. I will even bet it, because as I stated in one of my posts…Vince is not dead yet and his input is the only one that really matters. Jo Jo is adorable, she has this big curly hair, and she is dating a low carder (we know it is true). Eva may or may not be there long, just depends on the role they can find for her, but from the looks of it…she will be quite a heel. Only reason to even state that is because Eva already has people talking and she is literally disliked by most of the IWC. She’s a smart woman and it does shows. Not taking away from Jo Jo, she will become something in her life. It just won’t be in the WWE and I don’t even like to say that about ANY diva, heck I even gave Rosa a shot for YEARS (still disappointed). But Jo Jo is another Cherry (yall remember her) and that isn’t the best thing to say at this point. She’s cute and she is a good singer, but until her first match or even her first chance on the mic (without singing), Vince is not going to say…we need to get her out there.

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          They’ll keep both of them…jojo is learning faster than eva so if anything eva should be worried since jojo has more to offer to wwe….

  • amb3r

    Looks wise Eva Marie is the best thing WWE has to offer, unless K2 or Maryse returns (which is highly unlikely as they have great things going on right now). So its safe to say Vince and the Suits and Ties sees $$$$$ signs when they see Eva! She’d most likely skip developmental and become a Stacy Kiebler like Diva, hopefully managing Orton or any other upper card talent. As for JoJo, she’d be in the development honing her skills, if she is passionate about the biz, which is questionable owing to her age. She could pull a Raquel Diaz and leave. But honestly Eva is the golden girl! She looks like Claudia Lynx, but way prettier!!