Chyna for WWE Hall of Fame Induction in 2014?


Wow! Hell may have frozen over.

New reports suggest that former WWE Intercontinental Champion Chyna — who hasn’t been part of the company in 12 years — may be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year alongside all of the other members of D-Generation X, including Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg.

According to PWInsider (via, the iconic former WWE Diva will be invited to join the rest of the popular stable as the key inductees in the Class of 2014, and there may have already have been some discussion between the two sides.

The boundary-breaking Diva left WWE on acrimonious terms after her then-real life boyfriend, Triple H, allegedly began seeing WWE Chairman Vince McMahon‘s daughter, Stephanie, behind her back. Of course, as history shows, Triple H and Steph are now happily married with three daughters while WWE has been reluctant to even acknowledge Chyna’s past in the company since her departure.

Chyna made history as the first ever woman to hold the Intercontinental Title, as well as enter the Royal Rumble match and King of the Ring tournament. She is also a former Women’s Champion and had a best-selling cover of Playboy during her time in WWE.

In recent years, Chyna became involved in porn and even filmed a wrestling parody which featured her having sex with lookalikes of Triple H, Stephanie and other memorable WWE stars.

The former WWE star has since quit porn and has reportedly been looking into teaching English in Japan.

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  • TNATaraNonstopAction

    Lita and Victoria deserve the HoF more

    • TCsinger09

      Im not so sure about that….yes they both deserve to be in the HOF but to say they deserve it more…….

    • 09DHK

      As big of a Tara/Victoria fan (mark if you will) as I am, Chyna’s HOF induction has been LONG overdue. Plus, you do realize there would literally be NO Victoria/Tara without Chyna right? As for Lita, when she enters the Royal Rumble two years in a row, King of the Ring Tournament two years in a row AND hold the Intercontinental Championship more than once, maybe Lita would have a legitimate case; but Chyna broke ground that no other diva could.

  •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    chyna vs kharma…this willl happennn

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      I could see it happen, Kharma has been hinting about her return to tv. Could be setting up a storyline where Kharma comes back as a monster heel. Destroys the diva division and few weeks later cuts a promo “There’s not a woman here could defeat me, not even the men, isn’t that right Hunico? Anyway as I was staying-” “Don’t treat me like a woman” cuts off Kharma and out walks Chyna! Wishful thinking :/

    • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

      I hope not, Chyna is not in ring shape…plus Kharma is gonna be in the UK and I THINK she might try out on The Voice, since she said she wanted to sing, and was making a fun return to television.

      • christopher_cc

        When you say “chyna is not in ring shape” do you mean she’s gained a little weigh so that automatically makes her not in ring shape or she’s not in ring shape as in she’s not as athletic and energetic as she used to be?

        • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

          I meant as in, she isn’t as athletic as she used to be.

    • Johnyfaction3

      If Chyna was in the same shape she was 12 years ago yes. But now? Not even.

  • LuckySeven

    If it is true, then I can’t say I’m surprised. Getting out of porn was probably just what they were waiting for. Appearing with the competition is one thing, but given WWE’s current PG presentation having an active porn star in their hall of fame wouldn’t have looked good. Well to them that is, I really don’t care what she’s doing, she deserves her spot in the hall of fame regardless of whatever she may be doing now.

  • Liam Holden

    Nah you’re alright

  • charovnica

    Please,don’t start the whole “this one deserves it more than the other”.Just don’t.WWE doesn’t induct like that.The people inducted in 2007 are not more special then those of 2008.

    I personally would love to see something going right in her life,she certainly did impact WWE strongly.

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    Good, this has been long overdue, but seriously HHH? X-Pac, Road Dogg, & Billy Gunn? What did they do? I get their your friends and all, but a coke head and The NAO aren’t worthy of being in the Hall of Fame. Hell, since they’re being inducted, does that mean Tori is gonna be inducted too?

    • Liam Holden

      Are you being serious right now?? You think Chyna should be in the HOF but not Xpac, HHH, Road Dogg and Billy?? Those guys have done way more than Chyna ever did….she wasn’t even that good of a wrestler, she just had lots of great guys to carry her.

      And coke head?? Really?

      • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

        I never said Triple H didn’t deserve to be in the HOF, but I feel that Crack-Pac and the NAO aren’t among the likes of Andre The Giant, Eddie Guerrero, or Hulk Hogan.

        They just weren’t anything special.

        • christopher_cc

          @Liam Holden face it @Matty *Eva MARIE’S #1 FAN Ryan has a point and a good one

        • christopher_cc

          Lol! Crack-Pac that was hilarious.

    • charovnica

      X-Pac,Road Dogg & Billy Gun were all a great part of the Attitude era and to this day when I hear about this era,their images pop up in my head.
      When we’re talking about entertainment and wrestling they delivered and as we saw Road Dogg and Billy Gun can still deliver.So I don’t agree with your opinion.


        HHH is not inducted YET is because is still in WWE. THIS GUY IS A LENGEND! HE HAD CLASSIC MATCHES AND CLASSIC FEUD with Batista, Orton,… and he is 13 TIME WORLD CHAMPION, SO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!
        And X-pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are not HOF worthy? REALLY?
        Do you know anything about Wrestling?! Do you
        anything other than Eva Marie?! I guess you think that Eva Marie is HOF worthy, right?! ANY Wrestling would have told you the SAME THING! Don’t talk if you do not know them!

        • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

          I’m just gonna go as this comment was directed towards me:

          1.I did say that.
          2.I never said HHH didn’t deserve to be in.
          3.Yes I do.
          4.Eva Marie has nothing to do with this comment, so stfu.
          5.Nope, none of the divas today besides AJ are HOF worthy.
          6.Only the marks would defend Crack-pac and NAO
          7.I don’t know them, you don’t know them, so stfu.

          • aldo

            5.Nope, none of the divas today besides AJ are HOF worthy.

            Well Natalya is.

          • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

            Nope Natalya isn’t.

          • charovnica

            None of todays divas are worthy.Not even AJ.She has potential,but her legacy consist of 2 years of being a man eater and her first title reign that is still processing.She needs much more than that to be included.

          • 09DHK

            Out of the current divas left, I’d say Layla is most likely to be inducted since she was the final recognized Women’s Champion. If not by herself, she’ll be inducted with Michelle as a part of Laycool; but since I think Michelle is getting inducted by herself 10-15 years down the line, Layla will most likely get inducted by herself shortly after Michelle’s induction. Also, Alicia Fox since (as of right now) is the ONLY African American to win the Divas Championship (the first African American Champion is pretty much a shoe-in for HOF; i.e. Ron Simmons the first African American World Champion). They may induct Natalya, but it depends on how the rest of her WWE run goes.

          • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

            @09DHK: Yeah, both of those that’s as likely as Christy Hemme being inducted because she was the first divas champion.

          • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

            *Diva Search Winner, not Divas Champion.

          • 09DHK

            You really need to do your research; because if you wanna be technical, Christy was the SECOND Diva Search winner. Her victory was just telivised.

  • Johnyfaction3

    It will most likely be a group induction, so basically DX. Not all of them individually. Not Chyna. It’s just like a tag team, or like they did with the four horse man.

    • charovnica

      Well,this was obvious from the report.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Ugh no. They only induct one woman a year. Lita for 2014 hall of fame. She deserves it more.

  • Kaledrina.

    These comments are confusing? This isn’t about whether chyna is ring ready or deserves it more than another woman, it’s about DX and if chyna will be alongside then or not =s

    • charovnica

      The ring comment was because someone said that they’d want to see Chyna come back as an in ring competitor.

  • Rhawk

    I’d rather they induct someone like Miss Elizabeth, Alundra Blayze or Luna Vachon before anyone else, but I can see Chyna going in eventually.

  • Sarah Connor

    OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! if this is true omg i will be so happy. chyna may not be a great wrestler but she broke barriers for women in wrestling and is a attraction to many attitude era fans including myself.

    and the new age outlaws deserve to be inducted they were one of the reasons why dx was such a success.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Glad to see Chyna getting inducted, and glad she will be apart of DX< instead of them inducting DX without, Chyna was a huge part of the group and everything

    However, i still would love to see Sable, get inducted next year, i believe its her time

  • GlobalAirhead

    Actually Mel, it all makes sense if you ask me. We got Hunter as COO, The NAO working as agents, X-Pac nowhere to be seen BUT staying out of trouble and Shawn always does something for WrestleMania, the WWE may be gearing up for the ULTIMATE in DX reunions complete with Chyna. Now will they bring Tori in that is yet to be seen but anything is possible in the WWE.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    The Kids Of Today Dont Understand The Impact Chyna, Had Us 90s Kids Know Different. Chyna Deserves The WWE Hall Of Fame For All She Did & Ill Be Happy To See Her. Yes Miss Elizabeth, Lita, Victoria All Deserve It To But We Dont Know Whos Going In Next Year So Calm Down.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    I hope it’s true, she made mistakes after WWE but did so much for the company while there. She broke the mold for what a woman could do.


    We don’t care about what she did after WWE we care about what she did IN WWE! And in wwe, she is SUCH A LEGEND! If DX is going to be inducte, Chyna HAS to be with them no matter what anybody say. You can say any name, Lita, Miss Elizabeth, Luna vachon or Alundra Blaze, Victoria SHE DESERVE to be there. Chyna had a BIGGER impact in WWE than Luna, Victoria and Alundra but they are still legend and deserve to be inducted too. Miss Elizabeth should have been inducted a lond time ago but WWE want to induct her with Randy savage which is impossible now so we will have to wait a bit more and a for Lita, why can’t she be inducted 2014 too? It’s not because they usually induct 1 diva per year that it cannot change.
    Anyway, I will be really happy if Chyna is induct next year!

  • dsan

    Long overdue! “Former WWE Intercontinental Champion” says it all! Chyna is an icon in women’s wrestling! Get her ass in there already!!

  • daniel05

    i cant take the wwe hall of fame seriously since sunny became a hall of famer. she wasnt the best wrestler, but good for her she deserves it . i hope they induct miss Elizabeth too.

    • daniel05

      she wasnt the best wrestler, but good for her she deserves it . i was talking about chyna.

    • Jcott3

      I’m usually unmerciful when it comes to women in wrestling who can’t wrestle, but Tammy Sytch started her career at a time when women weren’t expected to be hot AND know how to wrestle. I just hope she’s managed to get her life in order.

      As for Elizabeth, she’s not getting in until Randy Savage does. They should go in together, and it would be EXTREMELY WRONG to induct her before he gets in.

  • aldo

    Wow I’m gonna be so happy to see her in the Hall of Fame.

  • CrayJ29

    Get Chyna, Sable, and Lita in. I’d say Alundra to but I don’t know if Vince is over that yet. Put them all the games as legends as well. I’m still mad Sable and Chyna weren’t in the wwe 13.

  • BorisG

    I think Sable should have been the first DIVA inducted in WWE Hall of Fame. Sable started using the word first, and was Womens champion, had great storzlines with Marc Mero, Jacqueline, Tori… and yet, they induct Sunny before her, who was just a valet. I think Sunnz deserved it, but not before Sable. Chyna deserves it too. I would like these women to be inducted, each one every year:
    Alundra Blayze (if they can forgive her womens title incident)
    Beth Phoenix
    Candice Michelle
    Eve Torres
    Luna Vachon
    Michelle McCool
    Mickie James
    Miss Elizabeth
    Molly Holly
    Stacy Keibler
    Terri Runnels
    Torrie Wilson

    I know probably half of them wont be included, but it would be nice if majority of them make it.

    • art

      candice michelle in the HOF really she did next to nothing..winning one title isn’t HOF worthy…eve,layla,molly,terri,nattie,torrie wilson will, if they do get hof’ed it will be years from now….

    • 09DHK

      I feel as though Sable should’ve definitely went in before Trish, but then again when Sable’s inducted, Trish couls induct Sable since her babyface persona was modeled after Sable.

  • art

    Chyna needs to be inducted solo also since she did more than any woman in wwe….

  • Jakey

    I think people are missing part of the big picture. Chyna would not be inducted BY HERSELF — She would be inducted as part of DeGeneration X (like Ric Flair with the Four Horsemen). It would still be a great honor and it’s classy of WWE to invite her if they do, but we’re not gonna be getting Chyna video packages, and I’m sure they would have Shawn Michaels and Triple H do all of the speech anyway.

  • LitaFF

    She deserves to be inducted on her own. In fact, it should have happened long ago.

  • Felipe Dumas Varon

    She truly deserves it. She made history, such a living legend.