NXT Redux (August 7th, 2013): A Sweet Dance Battle Quickly Turns Sour

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. Ready to legit #LOL? I mean laugh out loud, not Lots of Layla (worst hashtag ever). We got a hilarious segment this week in the land of the yellow ropes in the form of a Dance Battle between Emma and Summer Rae, where the winner will face Paige for the NXT Women’s Championship next week! Slightly weird way to find a Number One Contender, especially for the title’s first defense, yet with Emma and Summer being known for their “dancing”, it makes complete sense. Plus, it’s a Dance BATTLE and not a Dance-Off, so that makes it ok… right?

Diva Dirt’s Cryssi would perhaps be better at me than this as she is the biggest Dancing with the Stars fan and knows everything from a Viennese Waltz to a Charleston yet the fact I have just been able to correctly name two forms of dance means I’m quietly confident I’ll be able to call the girls’ “expertise”. Just call me the next Len Goodman. Fun fact: He has bought a house in the same village that my friend lives in. The house was derelict and now work on it is nearly complete and it looks stunning! Anyway…. to the video!

First of all, we see a great graphic hyping tonight’s Dance Battle. One thing I love about NXT, the show is great for hyping it’s matches with graphics of this nature. Random note aside, the graphic concludes and we see NXT’s Byron Saxton ready to officiate the proceedings of the work of art we are about to witness. Out first is the sunshine on your cloudy day, Summer Rae! Summer shows off some Flamenco/Paso Doble moves as she walks down the ramp and then she jumps to the top rope with ease… IN HEELS. I have no idea how hard that may be, yet anyone who regularly wears them would know that it is quite difficult? Top work, Summer!

Out next is the Emma-taining Australian, Emma and the crowd are as usual, living for her presence. Emma’s has particular trouble getting in the ring this week after having practically perfected it in recent weeks (it must be the homemade t-shirt) yet she eventually makes it into the ring. Another random note: Alex Riley is really bad on commentary. The other guy is Todd Phillips I believe and he’s actually a good new announcer. Finally!

Byron explains the rules of the contest BATTLE and he notes that the winner will be decided on audience reception. Erm, sorry? What do you mean there are no judges?! To be fair, I think that is for the best, as knowing WWE, Great Khali, Jinder Mahal and Layla would be the judges, and we don’t need to see any of their dancing/performing/shimmying/flailing around.

Summer demanded that she go first earlier in the day so she steps up to the plate as the music hits. Summer shows off some Salsa(?) moves that look… interesting. Emma responds with some awkward side-stepping and that funny thing where you grab your leg and rock back and forth like you’re possessed by the ghost of a three-legged giraffe. Yeah, I don’t know the name either. Round 1 to Emma for me, hilarious! Summer’s “routine” was too short in my expert opinion.

Round 2 ensues with Summer shimmying, shaking and spinning like a raccoon that just took a drink from a contaminated river. Don’t ask me where I’m getting these similes from! Emma responds with a Chicken Dance. It’s great to see that Emma doesn’t only need to rely on the Emma dance! I’ll give Round 2 to Summer, and just for her antics as opposed to her moves.

Round 3 kicks off with Summer sliding before the camera cuts to the crowd. It’s not like I was judging her profession or anything WWE! Emma performs her third move, which Byron introduces as the “Advanced Shopping Trolley”… and it’s hilarious. I’ve seen it performed crisper in my time yet you cannot argue with Emma’s passion. Her shoving her imaginary trolley into Summer was brilliant! Due to the dodgy camera, I’m calling this round a draw. Tense stuff going into the final round.

Round 4 starts with Summer pulling out all the stops.. to her “real” music. Fandango‘s theme plays and Summer finishes her final routine with the splits! Emma then declares that there is only one theme the NXT crowd want to hear, and it’s hers. Emma whips off her shirt and gets down, Emma style! After a long and tough deliberation, my winner of the Dance Battle……


EMMA! But seriously, what do I know?

The WWE Universe decide the winner and with by far the best reaction, Emma takes it! She celebrates as only she can before Summer drills her from behind before laying her out with her finisher. Again, she did this in heels. Apparently I should be impressed. The segment ends with Summer screaming that she will be in the championship match, not Emma. Time will tell.

Thoughts: Well, this was quite something, wasn’t it?! I genuinely laughed out loud at some points, with both girls proving that they can be highly entertaining. I love that Summer’s character isn’t all about the dancing, yet she has managed to incorporate it now that she is on the main roster with Fandango. Her character makes onions jealous with it’s amount of layers and although her “dancing” was questionable, her ability to impress verbally is not.

Emma is a natural choice to be #1 Contender. She deserves it after the amazing display of two weeks ago and I’d like to see her and Paige feud a little more. Even though Emma is a happy-go-lucky girl, she’s obviously going to be a little bitter about not winning the belt. Whether that’s the road WWE will take is another thing though, so we will have to wait and see. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • charovnica

    This is probably the first time I didn’t enjoy the divas on NXT.
    During the dance off I wasn’t sold on either one,I felt the whole thing looked too silly considering that it was about a contendership spot.
    Can’t wait to see the AJ vs Bayley match.And I hope on the next NXT there will be at least a backstage promo/interview backstage.

    • shameronstar

      It’s one of those things that you either really LOVE or really HATE, but I’m a bit of a nerd so I enjoy some campy comedy once in awhile! As long as they don’t do this sort of thing too often though I’ll be alright!

      • charovnica

        I’m a major nerd myself lol but this just wasn’t doing it for me.

  • EricHolt

    I want that t-shirt Emma’s wearing!

  • Irish_fan

    I really liked it. I think it was fun for a one time thing. I really want Emma to win the title but I want Paige to have a good reign. I’m looking forward to Paige’s first title defense next week.

  • vdcvt

    I enjoyed it. I do think it was a bit too PG for me for a contendership spot for the NXT Divas title but still not bad. Loved Emma’s quirky dance moves. And Summer…ahhh gotta love that she was doing her best but still looks a bit awkward when she dances. But she definitely hit her finisher to perfection.

    • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

      Yes I didn´t like either that it was for the condership stop, but whatever, can´t wait for next week :)

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Off Topic:
    9, 2013 -8:53:17 AM -Even though the WWE Total Divas reality show is scripted, word from Monday’s RAW is that Eva Maria is “passionately hated.” It’s also noted that the only person who comes off worse than Eva Marie is Ariane, known on TV as Cameron. One WWE source said, “Cameron is an idiot, but everyone in the company already knows that so it’s nothing new.” The one thing that was real on the show was the tears by Eva Marie when she met with Stephanie McMahon. The storyline where Eva lied about her dance background in the hopes that she’d be chosen to be Fandango’s dancer was fake but when they started putting the show together, they got word that while Stephanie was always super busy on Mondays, she would make time if they could come up with a good storyline for the show. Eva went into Stephanie’s office with the idea that she’d done something really bad and that Stephanie was pissed at her. Stephanie was in character the whole time but Eva didn’t know that, which is why we got the real tears on television. Some WWE talents were laughing at the storyline, since it’s almost impossible to get any time with Stephanie on Monday but it was played up on Total Divas like there was no problem.
    The link: http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/Backstage_News_on_Eva_Marie_s_Segment_with_Stephanie_McMahon_Heat_Already_Cameron.html

    One the Cameron part, I think Nikki is the most unlikable diva on Total divas.
    AFTER there is Eva and Cameron.

    • http://gayken.tumblr.com/ Brandon Hawthorne

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Ariane wasn’t universally loved backstage. She went from being the first eliminated on Tough Enough to debuting on Raw in less than a year, then there was the DUI, and then she lands a spot on Total Divas. They can stay mad though, cause she’s in this bitch.

      • charovnica

        It’s her behaviour too..I mean I can totally see her being the obnoxious one in the group and this can rub the wrong way many people

        • wwestarlee

          she’s (cameron) is way to extra for me

      • Kingbooman

        Yeah but she said Melina vs Alicia Fox was her favorite match…She have backstage problems like Melina but its just something that makes me love then.

    • Matty Ryan

      This is not real, obviously.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Well, I think this was……..A-MA-ZIIIING! The dancing was AWFUL but hey, it was the actual point. THIS WAS ENTERTAINEMENT! Iwo AMAZING dancers would have done a dance battle, it would have been less entertaining while here they are both bad dancers and their dance moves WERE REALLY FUNNY ! When people are watching a dance battle or contest, they want to be entertain and not just have to good dancers. I was HIGHLY entertained by those two and the crowd helped it A LOT. They loved it because first they l Emma and it fresh and funny. It was different from seeing matches day after day. Summer was HOOOOOOOT DAMN! And she has EVERYTHING Eva or a model should have! When you are a model, you should be able to talk on the mic, be charismatic and show TONS of personality and that EXACTLY Summer can do. Eva being a model and with ZERO in-ring experience, should be able to do what Summer can do. If you have NO talent why are you there? You should at least be able to show personality and be charismatic and not just be beautiful and be able to smile like a stupid hoe Noooo, you should be able to aslo stand out for your personality and not just your beauty……..Whatever.

    So yeah, I liked it a lot. Summer is such a great heel! Her look, her personality, her charisma, her way to talk, EVERYTHING is PERFECT. Great heel.
    As for Emma, well, she was INCREDIBLE! All those dance moves she did were ridiculously entertaining and so funny! She plays her gimmick soo well and I NEED to see her in the main roster next year or by the end of the year with Paige. Those two SHOULD be with Summer on the main roster. they’re too talented for NXT, especially Paige.

    The post match attack was great. Summer looked SUPER FIERCE by doing her finisher with her heels and props to her for being able to that BUUUUT, i’m sorry but is her finisher that devastating to injure somebody to the point he cannot competing in a match one week after? Not really!

    So overall, great show and really excited to see Paige vs Summer next week and I have the feeling we going to have a Triple threat match with Emma, Summer and Paige. Also, I want a backstage segment with Aj and Bayley to explain why BAYLEY will have a match because there no real sense for that ESPECIALLY for the divas title.

    • Matty Ryan


      It was EMM-AZING!

  • PopOff

    This is the first time I’ve liked a Diva Dance Off, Emma excels at the comedy character and Summer is great at the aloof Queen Bee character. A good segment I thought


    this was a fun match to watch and i love me some emma. summer rae is great at playing the bitch role and that finisher is killing. i cant wait to see the championship match between paige and emma. it will be great.

  • @KENLushh

    That was brilliantly done and a great use of two over divas.

    This was different from most of the Dance off’s that happen on WWEtv in the sense of the crowd didn’t seem bothered by it. They were into it start to finish & one has to applaud Summer & Emma for that. The two used their characters to their advantage and incorporated a storyline inside a storyline.

    The entire time i’m watching i was just imagining the Raw/Smackdown crowds being as enthusaistic and awesome as the NXT crowds always is. So many segments would be 10 times better. The crowd participation is just one thing that has been bothering me lately. It’s like everyone is trying to be a smark instead of enjoying the product but anywho.

    KUDOS Summer and Emma…as usual.

    • Matty Ryan

      YES! Like when they all cheered the Wyatts, like stfu! Just boo them like you’re suppose to!

      • Kingbooman

        When Talented heels do good you have to cheer them.IJS

        • Matty Ryan

          No when a talented heel is doing they’re job WELL you still hate them but deep down you respect them.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Well I must say I was EMMAtained by that fun segment, we always get such great action from the divas on NXT, so it was nice to see a little light-hearted fun for a change.

    You couldn’t have picked 2 better girls with 2 better gimmicks for that really. y only criticism is that I would have loved to see Summer dance a little longer! :D

  • I dig CrayJ

    Fun segment,yet it is time for more Sasha and Bayley!
    Off topic:Am I the only one that would love to see Paige Emma and AJ as the female version of HELL NO???

    • Kingbooman

      Omg Yes! I want to see AJ get in a dance battle with a face..AJ will win it shes a heel and everytime her music hits the crowd just cheers.

      • Angelica Monae’

        You realize if the crowd cheers her as a heel she isnt doing her job, right?

        • Kingbooman

          She is doing her job right…When Lita turned heel people still was cheering her and besides if AJ doesnt do her job right she wouldnt be in WWE.Alberto was face and he got booed so that means he isnt doing his job right?

          • Angelica Monae’

            The point of being a heel is to get the crowd to boo you, if they are not booing you then you are not doing your job right.lita got major heat as a heel she didnt get cheers so dont get confused. Also I alberto del rio Iis a face getting booed then the same applies he isnt doing his job right. Just because they are in the company doesnt mean they are doing it right.

          • Kaitlyn.Lover<3


          • Black Widow

            I disagree… CM Punk and ziggler were a heel once, and still, people are cheering for them. Plus people tends to cheer for Heels nowadays. Heels are more interesting characters to be honest

          • Angelica Monae’

            People didnt cheer them when they were heels. They got major heat. A heel is supposed to make the crowd hate them if they arent doing that then they are doing something wrong. I think aj needs to do more physical heelish actions instead of just the mind games and I think she will get more heet. Aj is just hard to hate period, her cray-j character is flawless but even so its just so hard to hate the girl, she really needs to do something huge physically to draw some heat again though but in the divas division instead of to one of the superstars. Right now she only gets a ton of heat when she screws over asuperstar, most likely because she has been paired with them for so long.

  • Christopher Bello

    Amazing. Summer Rae is so freaking hilarious. The things she says are just so dramatic that I can’t help but laugh, she’s so over the top too, love it <3 Emma is just awesome at her character. Whenever I think she might become a little too 'Tenille' she channels her Emmataining side. I pray that WWE doesn't ruin these girls when they're on the main roster.

  • KillYoursel

    Summer should have won that entrance on the top rope in them heels #Classic

  • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

    It was really entertaining, it made me remember Vickie´s dance xD
    The only think that I didn´t like it that it was for a title shot oportunity :/

    • LeaTHeartsWWE

      I called Vickie’s dance The Elaine from Seinfield with the kicks and the thumbs. That was hilarious!

      • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

        It was truly hilarious, I have to watch it again xD

  • Laquane Anderson

    Lol already watering down the seriousness and significance of the NXT Womens title by giving number 1 contender spots to winners of a DANCE BATTLE?….

    • ????? KING ?????

      I agree a dance battle LOL should of been a battle royal with a few debuts

  • Antoine Wilson

    That segment was more entertaining then I thought. The NXT crowd was awesome in this and kept me loving this more. NXT crowd r the best WWE crowds imo.

  • Matty Ryan

    This was horribly good!

    I think this was the perfect segment for CJ Perry to have debuted.

    • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

      Yeah something like, when they were to announce the winner, she would interrupt and say: “Hey bitches, I will show how to really dance!” and then she would make a super awesome dance and the crowd would vote her the winner, and she would reveive a title shot next week!
      (Just joking on the last part)
      I think it would have worked :)

      • Matty Ryan

        It would’ve! Have it go like dis:

        Emma wins (of course), and gets the title shot next week.

        Emma wins the NXT Women’s title and does her celebrations. Summer comes out and says something like “Emma you think you’re a good dancer? Well you’re not! Meet a real dancer, my dear friend, Carry James!” CJ comes out (with the hair she had in that music video) and challenges Emma to a dance contest.

        Emma wins the contest the next week and gets beat down by Summer & CJ. Charlotte comes to the rescue.

        The next week it’s Summer & Carry vs Charlotte & Emma. Charlotte pins CJ then they go their separate ways with CJ managing Summer until she is ready to wrestle.

        • LeaTHeartsWWE

          You explained that like a BOSS.

  • WweRules32

    i loved this

  • Marcos Navarro

    I really liked this. In my opinion… I don’t see any reason not to call up Emma and have Summer start competing on the main roster.

  • Lily

    The part were Emma enters the ring always makes me cringe, I wish she’d change that part of her entrance.

    • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

      I think is the best part of her entrance xD

      • Black Widow


  • MinervaCoretex

    Im sorry but Summer Rae is fusing Michelle McCool and Maryse and taking the absolute worst of both their characters. Ugghh.

    • ????? KING ?????

      I see nothing in her that says either one of them imo asides from her attire Summer Rae like most was probably told to watch a lot of old tapes when it came to crafting her gimmick Victoria says she watched a lot of Ivory and Sherri Summer gives me a more over the top slapstick version of The Beautiful People

      • Laquane Anderson

        Those legs give me wat Stacy cud have been had she been a better wrestler. I LOVE Summer.

    • Angelica Monae’

      I get maryse but really michelle? What about her character is even remotely michelle?

      • MinervaCoretex

        We have got to stop meeting like this…seriously. What I meant to say was she looks like Michelle in the face and Maryse in mannerisms and attire. Her acting is GOD AWFUL, she makes Maryse in her prime look like an Oscar nominee. But Im not gonna keep bagging on her. The fact is, she IS steadily improving, so that’s all that matters.

        • Angelica Monae’

          Lol well I can see your point there she is definitely the love child of kelly, maryse, and michelle lol. I just hope she keeps improving in the ring so the hating can stay minimal. I dont want her to be another “she is a model that cant wrestle”

          • Black Widow

            She is improving… in fact, she is a better wrestler than K2… and will be on par with Maryse and Michelle (in terms of in ring skills) in one year time… :)

          • Angelica Monae’

            I know she is improving I said I hope she continues to improve. I dont think she is as good as kelly was yet but if she keeps improving she will be. If you think maryse was as good as michelle or even better than kelly in the ring you are mistaken. Maryse and kelly were on the same level, neither of them were ring masters I would say maryse and kelly were on the same level when it comes to ring skills, both needed lots of work lol.

          • Black Widow

            oh, by that comment, I am actually agreeing with you. She is improving, no doubt about that.

            About Maryse… it is a lil bit tricky… you see I always think her matches were better before she suffered from injury. Her matches were never the same again after that. She become more like the Bellas : not creative and lazy in the ring.

          • Angelica Monae’

            Maybe so but either way she stopped improving. She had one of the best characters ever imo which always made me enjoy her matches. Some people dont have to be the best in the ring to be over or to have enjoyable matches. Kelly and maryse are two of those girls. I loved both girls, they were great faces for the company and for the divas division no matter if they werent the best in the ring.

    • Black Widow

      Are you sure? I see those McCool and Maryse in her before, but not this episode… She is a character that stands on her own. She proves to be better and better each week.

  • ????? KING ?????

    I am just waiting for Rebecca Knox to debut as this monster heel and attack Paige and those two feud maybe til the end of the year and have some really great stiff matches i really want to see those two go and Sarah Bateman i think her name is the blonde who looks like Maryse but is built like Chyna i want to see what she can do to

    • Black Widow

      I am with you, brah!!

  • ????? KING ?????

    Summer be reading these post like

  • Angelica Monae’

    Who cares if it was for a title match if It worked and is entertaining then who cares? Personally I liked that it lead to a title shot because its fresh, it made sense because of both girls gimmicks, and it was high entertainment.

  • nismos69

    I liked this alot