WSU News: Athena and Jessicka Havok Off Uncensored Rumble, Secret Show Results

It looks like WSU’s Uncensored Rumble 6 main event is off the books.

At last night’s WSU “secret show”, Athena was injured during her match when she took a “nasty spill” during a German Suplex.

WSU tweeted the following:

Athena’s unfortunate injury and subsequent withdrawal from the show is a bit of a blow to WSU – she was scheduled to wrestle Jessicka Havok for the WSU Championship in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match, which was sure to be an excellent match.

Speaking of Jessicka Havok, it looks like she won’t be able to make the show either, having encountered traveling issues. She competed in Full Impact Pro’s iPPV last night in Florida, and is having issues making it to New Jersey for Uncensored Rumble.

We here at Diva Dirt wish Athena all the best in a speedy recovery!

Full results from the secret show come to you thanks to @DaveMuscarella on Twitter:

* Addy Starr and Xandra Bale def. Jodi D’Milo and Kaitlin Diemond after Addy Starr hit a Sliding D.

* Sassy Stephie def. Cherry Layne with the Kiss My Sass.

* Ezavel Suena def. Jessie Kaye by submission, forcing her to tap to an armbreaker. Kaye impressed in this match.

* Jewells Malone def. Nyla Rose with an Acid Drop.

* Santana Garrett def. Taeler Hendrix with the Shining Star Press.

* Christina Von Eerie def. Santana Garrett. Both competitors shook hands afterwards.

* Jenny Rose, Veda Scott and “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks def. Athena, Claudia Del Solis and Barbi Hayden after Jenny Rose hit a DDT on Claudia. Claudia was bloodied by the end of the match, possibly from a potential broken nose.

In more unfortunate news to report, Shanna was injured while doing custom match tapings earlier in the day and was unable to compete. She had confirmed via Twitter, though, that she will be competing in the Rumble match.

WSU’s Uncensored Rumble 6 takes place today at 4pm ET. You can order the iPPV by clicking here.

  • Monkey Tennis

    “In more unfortunate news to report, Shanna was injured while doing custom match tapings earlier in the day and was unable to compete. No word on her status for tonight’s show or for the rest of her “Perfection Summer Tour”.”

    No word? Apart from when she tweeted this, four hours ago…

    “Sorry i wasnt able to perform yesterday at the Secret Show but i’ll be in the #UncensoredRumble and #TangledWeb today so come see me! :) xxx”

    • ErinDivaDirt

      Needless to say, this post was drafted before the tweet. I will edit it in.

  • David Wilson

    Murphy’s Law I guess- it happens. At least with so many people in for the Rumble match they should be OK- they can make the time between entrances longer and such.

    I saw the pic Del Solis put up of her after the match- not as bad looking as Allysin Kay’s was after she got her nose broken, but still nasty. Sassy Stephie also put up an Instagram of a black eye she got from her match. Shanna should be OK to go according to other reports I heard..

  • hayley

    lol i thought that was naomi

  • carlos

    Poor athena i pray she makes a full recovery