Today in History: Ashley Massaro Wins the 2005 Diva Search

On this day in history:

August 15th, 2005 | With one glance at the Titan Tron, Ashley Massaro became the second woman to win the WWE’s Diva Search, edging out Leyla Milani. Ashley spent nearly three years with the company, being released from her contract in July 2008. She held no titles during her WWE run, but a WWE-connected appearance on the CW’s Smallville was certainly a nice perk.

What are your memories of this moment?

Also occurring today in history:
* 8/15/04 – Matt Hardy loses “Til Death Do Us Part” match to Kane at 2004’s SummerSlam, forcing Lita to marry Kane.
* 8/15/10 – Melina defeats Alicia Fox to win the Divas Title at 2010’s SummerSlam.

Note: This was originally posted on 8/15/12.

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  • BorisG

    They tried to build Ashley as the next Trish, but failed .With proper training, she could have been the chosen one.

  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    I wonder what’s she’s doing now.

    • BorisG

      She’s General Manager of WILD (World Independent Ladies Division).

      • Matty Ryan

        Isn’t it defunct?

        • BorisG

          I think so. On Wikipedia says that she is signed there, but whenever I try to find something on the internet, it doesn’t show anything new.

  • C.Welch

    Huge boobs… That is all

    • ?xXwhitenoiseXx ?

      I never understood how the hell they didn’t pop out in that dress!

      • jcott3

        Double-sided tape.

  • Brandon Hawthorne

    I was so happy. Regardless of how her career panned out, I still believe she loves the business, so it was wonderful to see her win.

  • Sha95

    Hi guys, I’m kind of new here on Diva Dirt! I’ve already had a profile up here for a month or two, but just never really logged on until NOW! I’ve always read your guys comments though :-)

    • DivaLicious

      Welcome, I just join yesterday.

    • Matty Ryan

      Really? Welcome!

  • PopOff

    I always liked Ashley’s entrance music on Raw… her wrestling bless her heart she tried.

  • Matty Ryan

    AHH, Ashley, I miss her…kinda.

  • Matty Ryan


    Has no one noticed that Cameron’s favorite match happened today?

    • BorisG

      Well there were many Melina vs Alicia Fox matches.

      • Matty Ryan

        We should ask her if this is it,

  • charovnica

    People loved her I give her that.WWE really didn’t understand how to transition these divasearch winners into the field up until Eve came up…she got plenty of time at the back interviewing and she debuted in the ring with the right storyline at the right time.
    Ashley & Hemme could’ve made it if the same effort was put into them.They had high profiled matches too soon and they couldn’t back the hype up…but it’s not their fault.

  • charovnica

    On another and very,very superficial note [forgive me] …ever since I saw her that one time on Afterbuzz tv I swore to myself that I won’t put collagen in my lips no matter what!

  • shameronstar

    I still kind of wanted Leyla Milani to win! I loved her exotic look!

  • OH SNAP!

    I thought she was getting better then she cut her hair. I think a diva cutting her hair is a curse in the WWE. Ashley Gone. Candice Got injured when she cut that hair then released. Victoria was made a joke.


    I liked Ashley! I think WWE made the biggest mistake by putting her in the ring ASAP and that really ruined her potential, but no one can deny that girl went into it with her all and gave it her best shot. She wasn’t the best wrestler, but I thought she was convincing on the mic, especially during her feud with Vince’s Devils/Ladies in Pink. Now she’s just a hot ass mess, but she could have been something.

    • jcott3

      You’d think they would have learned from what happened with Christy Hemme that rushing someone before they’re ready is a recipe for disaster. Then again, seeing as 2005 was the year the Divas division hit rock bottom (Molly quit, Trish & Lita got hurt, plus Lita being outed as a homewrecker), I can understand to an extent why they did it.

  • ?xXwhitenoiseXx ?

    It’s sad she didn’t get proper training because they really could’ve had something big with her.

  • DaDivaQueen

    Worst Diva “Wrestler” of all time! The reigning “Botch Queen” of Botchmania! <3