Today in History: Layla Wins the 2006 Diva Search

On this day in history:

August 16th, 2006 | The 2006 Diva Search, which featured future Divas Rosa Mendes and Maryse, came to an end during a special live broadcast. It came down to Layla and Jen England, and when Layla’s name was called, she could hardly contain her excitement, jumping up and down and hugging fans. She has since become the Diva Search winner with the longest WWE run, surpassing Christy Hemme, Ashley Massaro and Eve Torres.

What are your memories of this moment?

Also occurring today in history:
* 8/16/09 – ODB & Cody Deaner defeated Angelina Love & Velvet Sky to win the TNA Knockouts Title for ODB at 2009’s Hard Justice.

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  • DivaLicious

    Flash back! Layla was super flawless then.

  • Sha95

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Layla. I remember actually watching the whole Diva Search from that year pan out in 2006 & I wanted Layla to win from the very beginning! She had like a Christy Hemme-esque spunk to her & she seemed like the only Diva Search Contestant IMO who really looked like she would’ve put any effort intro truly being a Diva & not to just win the competition for the money & be featured on TV. Look at where Layla is at now 7 yrs later: Credible Diva & the longest lasting Diva Search Winner. I think a lot of times people forget that Layla was ever a Diva Search Winner because of how long she’s been around.

  • WweRules32

    This was the moment I became Layla’s biggest fan and she has also proved her critics wrong by showing them her dedication to the wrestling business


    Talking about Layla, I want to about SS for a sec.
    I used to think that Kaitlyn and Dolph should win and that Layla should try to interfere and get spear by Kaitlyn but now, I do think Aj and Big E should win and here’s why:
    Aj IS the champion and she looked a bit weak those recent week by losing her matches or just get spear by Kaitlyn. Dolph no matter what people can say, he WILL look strong at SS so he won’t have to win, yes his momentum has not been that great but with Cody and Damien feuding, I doubt that Ziggler will return in the title scene NOW. Also, if they want to really invest in Kaitlyn, they NEED to have Layla intefering and cause Kaitlyn the win. Layla and Kaitlyn NEED to continue their feud to stay relevant ESPECIALLY Kaitlyn who is THE top face
    so THE top face HAVE to have a feud and do something. If Dolph is not pinned, i don’t see the problem and this will also help Kaitlyn to gain more and more the support of the fans.
    Aj will more suffer of a loss than Dolph and Big E too. Big E is still trying to make a name for himself so he have to win even if they are planning to separate him from Aj.

  • Andre Daughtry

    Awesome moment, i miss her curly hair though. Maybe that’s just me but i always thought she looked better with curly locs.

    • shameronstar

      Yea, I don’t mind straight hair and weave but I’d like it if the more “ethnic” divas did wear their hair natural more often!

      • Andre Daughtry

        couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Brandon Hawthorne

    Not as much of a feel good moment as when Ashley won, imo. :

  • Brandon

    Reading this article makes me sad. It shows christy, Ashley, and eve on the bottom. It makes me miss the Ruthless Agression era :/ Candice, mickie, jillian, melina, maria, and all the rest. I miss the brand split as well!

  • sexybaby


  • Matty Ryan


  • charovnica

    Damn…nothing against Layla,it’s a natural thing that happens,but how much younger she looks here! So innocent and adorable. :D

  • 09DHK

    Seven years later, and she’s STILL gorgeous! <3
    I love the reaction Layla got here!

  • wwestarlee

    she doesn’t look to different and i think its safe to say she hasn’t had any work done really beautiful. Layla i do miss the curly hair or the short hair she was rocking during laycool times

  • Kingbooman

    I miss Lay and Fox Afro days

    • nismos69

      Fox’s afro was amazebeans

  • BorisG

    Layla has come far from winning Diva Search, and is one of the longest tenured Divas ever in WWE. She’s clearly the top Diva right now, by her accomplishments.

    • Lilreuche ?

      couldn’t have said better myself

    • Matty Ryan

      Top Diva? Haha please…

      • LeaTHeartsWWE


      • BorisG

        Let’ see:
        -She is the only Diva on the roster that has held Women’s Championship and is the last ever Women’s Champion
        -She is the only Diva currently that has held both Women’s and Divas title
        -She competed at most PPVs out of any current Diva (21)
        -She competed in more matches than any other current Diva (185+)
        -Her career outlasted almost every past Diva in WWE (not counting developmental), and she is the longest tenured Diva on the main roster
        -Competed in first ever Divas tables match, and first ever Divas no DQ, No countout, Loser leaves WWE match.
        Do I need to continue Matty? :)

        • nismos69

          This one does her research! Where did you find this all? :)

          • BorisG

            Do you mean informations about everything?

        • jcott3

          Layla did a lot in her career, but right now, WWE considers the Bella Twins and (to a lesser extent) AJ to be the top Divas right now.

          • BorisG

            I know, that’s why I said Layla is top Diva by accomplishments. She’s not the top Diva in meaning of push, because AJ and Kaitlyn are there now, also The Bellas, but by overall achievments she did a lot more than the others.

        • Matty Ryan

          To say Layla is the top diva is inaccurate, most accomplished? Yes.

  • Lilreuche ?

    Layla is so cute <3 she's one of my favorite divas ever

  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    I couldn’t exactly find Jen anywhere but I found her Twitter : @JENNENGLAND

    And some recent pictures:

    The first picture is from July 4th of this year
    The second picture is from 2010
    The third picture… I don’t exactly know where that is from but its her Twitter pic.
    I did some digging and currently she is 35 and let me say she is in great shape!
    Currently she is a model and you can see alot of her shoots if you just type in her name. She was in a couple of movies like G-Force and Fast and Furious. She is also a Guess model. I guess Jen did something with her life I just wish she continued with the whole diva thing. :/

    • I dig CrayJ

      She is gorgeous!Sometimes I wonder what if Carmella,Leyla,Jen,Brooke had won the diva searches instead!

      • Matty Ryan

        Carmella- Would’ve had the same career.
        Leyla- Would’ve lasted longer than Ashley, but wouldn’t have did as much
        Jen- Would have been the same as Christy
        Brooke- Wouldn’t have been anything.

        • I dig CrayJ

          Well Christy,Layla,and Eve were great additions and I wouldn’t change them for their runner-ups!But I’d prefer Leyla to become a WWE diva instead of Ashley.

          • Matty Ryan

            I think the only one I would’ve preferred is Jen over Layla.
            I also think Leyla should’ve been signed, she looked unique.

          • I dig CrayJ

            Back then I wanted Jen to win as well,but I don’t regret Layla winning the Diva search now.

          • Matty Ryan

            Well considering what she’s done for the divas division, I don’t regret her winning either…I’m just waiting to see who lasts longer, her or Roucka.

  • aldo

    A rightful win!

  • vdcvt

    I remember I wanted her to win the Diva search but after she won I wasn’t that keen on her. When she first turned heel in ECW, that was when I jumped on the bandwagon. She’s definitely come far from where she started out!