BREAKING: Brooke Hogan Released by TNA

brooke hogan released

UPDATE: PWInsider is reporting that Brooke’s release happened on Tuesday or Wednesday, and was a cost cutting measure.

Brooke Hogan has been released by TNA Wrestling, according to a report from F4WOnline.

The article states that the daughter of Impact Wrestling’s General Manager, Hulk Hogan, was “fired”.

The report also says that the WWE’s roster knew of the news on Thursday – a tidbit we don’t yet know the relevance of.

Brooke joined TNA back in May 2012 and has assumed the on-screen authority position of Vice President of the Knockouts Division ever since.

She appeared in high profile storylines, such as her romantic angle with Bully Ray, who eventually turned on Brooke after it became apparent that he was only using her to get himself – and the Aces & Eights faction that he was secretly running – into a position of power. The storyline even saw the two marry in a segment that aired in January of this year.

Diva Dirt will have more on this story when it becomes available.

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  • Marcos Navarro

    People as famous as her don’t get released, they get fired. She probably did something stupid… Oh well.. she had a decent run. But I have a feeling this is just a storyline. That Hulk is gonna reveal he fired Brooke to keep her “safe”

    • Matty Ryan

      I doubt she got fired, with her dad having soo much pull in the company (sadly).

      • Marcos Navarro

        I doubt she was too. Cause if she requested I don’t think they would’ve granted her release so easy. And it could be part of a storyline.

        • Matty Ryan

          Nah, I think if she wanted to go they wouldn’t have the balls to tell her no.

  • The Krupy

    She was actually pretty good. I loved her nice voice and charisma. Always waited for her heelturn. Good luck, Brooke.

  • OH SNAP!

    Smh. I barely watch TNA but when I do I didn’t think she did bad. But oh well. Doesn’t bother me

  • Matty Ryan

    Well it makes since seeing as she is getting married to an NFL player and most likely won’t have to work.

    I really want to see the slim chance of her going to WWE and joining Natalya, Tamina, Paige, & Charlotte in a female legacy (in my dreams).

    All I have to say is I’d rather have ‘hot’ Brooke in TNA, then…’pretty’ Brooke.

    • Maddox

      She isn’t needed in WWE, They might want her father but not her

      • Matty Ryan

        I don’t know, she has is a Hogan.

        • Maddox

          So isn’t gonna bring in bucks for WWE and she is gonna wrestle. Not needed

          • Matty Ryan

            Still a slim chance.

  • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

    well she wasn´t really doing nothing there so…

  • Lan Galvez

    Hogan family domimates the TNA. She deserves to be released. There are many rosters nor peoples who deserves Brooke’s position.

  • 09DHK

    Wrong Hogan to fire in my opinion. Seriously, how much were they paying her compared to her dad and Bischoff? I’ve said this before, but I’m fairly certain that TNA could re-vamp the ENTIRE roster (male and female) with what they’re pissing away paying “The Hulkster.”

  • Jonathan Baylor

    Who will be in charge of the Knockouts divison now?

    • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

      Claire Lynch!

      • Jonathan Baylor

        Anybody but Claire.

      • I dig CrayJ


    • Kaledrina

      with only four or five women, they don’t really need anyone to be in charge any more lol.

      i miss karen as the leader. she was the best at it. when she was there, there was actual consistency with the division. the women got to cut promos almost every week :) karen was involved in storylines with the knockouts and thanks to her husband, that helped push more of the main event spotlight on to the women. it’s a shame she was suddenly let go the way she was.

  • Kaledrina

    makes me curious about the velvet sky situation..

    velvet was at the arena for impact, expecting to be in that tag match.. but wasn’t used. and it’s been said on twitter from someone in attendance she looked ‘upset’. plus she was removed from house shows this weekend earlier today. if brooke was told thursday she was released, i’m gonna assume others were told, too? yikes.

    as for brooke, i actually really like her. she seems like a genuine sweetheart of a person :) but, since joining as the knockouts executive.. tna didn’t really use her in that role as mush as they should have. so, from that perspective, it’s no huge loss for the division..? i’ll still miss her, though. hopefully now it means she can focus on that supposed album she’s been working on. i quite like her entrance theme :)

  • I dig CrayJ

    yayyyy one less paycheck for nothing! SoCal Val I hope you are next!

  • nismos69

    I find that so stupid next week they introduce the new brooke, and shes not going to have anything to do with it? Wow

    • Kaledrina

      yeah. very bad timing.

      when angelina and winter were released – weren’t they kept off tv for months, then came back for a couple weeks and were then suddenly released?

      wouldn’t completely surprise me if tessmacher’s contract is running out and they thought ‘screw it, we’ll get something out of her before she leaves’

      but, i usually expect the worst lol

  • OJ Von Erich

    Shame to hear since I genuinely liked her, but I guess she wasn’t doing much for the division anyway…

    Something tells me that TNA might be going under with all these releases lately?

  • Peace

    Now they just need to get rid of the other Hogan and TNA will be decent again.

  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    She wasn’t exactly doing anything anyway. She didn’t wrestle, commentate, ring announce. She didn’t do anything except for marry Bully Ray which is very low……

  • ????? KING ?????

    TNA is going under i would not be surprised to read BREAKING TNA Releases Knockouts Division

    • shameronstar

      Or BREAKING NEWS: TNA releases Dixie Carter! lol

      • Marshy

        Vince or HHH or Stephanie would never in this lifetime allow Hulk and Eric Bischoff to come and overthrow their weight around, when this will always be their company to begin with. That is what Dixie needs to do to finally get her company back in order before she is not going to have a company to run nor anybody on her roster anymore, is not to allow Hulk or Eric or anybody else for that matter to overthrow their weight around, when it is her company to begin with.

    • Marshy

      Would anybody be surprise if that were to happen?

  • NT86

    In fairness to Brooke, I think she was alright in the role. She did everything that was expected of her and her mic skills were fine. Not great, but definitely not a bad onscreen character at all.

    That said, I am surprised by this given who her dad is. This release just came out of the blue.

    Not sure if there’ll be another KO authority figure, but if there is could it leave the door open for Karen Jarrett to be written back into TNA?

  • Irish_fan

    Hopefully they release her Dad next. I’d never want someone to lose their job but lots have lost their jobs because of him. TNA hasn’t been the same since Hogan joined. I used to love all of TNA but now I only watch the Knockouts and even that division has gotten worse. They have great KOs but they need more. Maybe if they release him they can pay about 10-20 other peoples wages. Rant over.

  • XavierSkyy

    I read Brooke and got scared it meant Tessmacher :( well good. All the Brooke and Hulk need to be gone. Brooke was too much of a “calls everything fairly-never does wrong” goody two shoes character. And Hulk has destroyed the company. Don’t see why she got cut AFTER Tara but whatevs.

  • C.Welch

    Really surprising, suprised hulk allowed that.

  • xFoxylicious

    Wow, shocked me. I liked her.

  • XavierSkyy

    Maybe Brooke asked to be released..

    • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

      That’s what I’m thinking . This is hulk hogans daughter we’re talking about

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    I was hoping that she and Brooke would get into a feud over bully . They could’ve atleast gave her a going away storyline
    I doubt she would be welcome to wwe unless her father comes along with her

  • shameronstar

    I didn’t mind Brooke Hogan, but I wonder would she ever consider going to wwe?

    • Maddox

      To do what exactly?