In Video: Natalya Talks Rebuilding Her Friendship With Kaitlyn

Prior to her match on SmackDown, Natalya spoke with Renee Young on the WWE App about teaming with Kaitlyn after their recent falling out.

Natalya says she believes that time heals all wounds, and she thinks with SummerSlam on Sunday, Kaitlyn needs all the backup she can get.

The former Divas Champion says she related to Kaitlyn’s situation and that, through her experience filming Total Divas, she has learned that “while there’s conflict, there’s always resolution.”

Natalya closes the interview by expressing her happiness that she and Kaitlyn can bond again.

Watch the interview below:

It’s interesting to see the WWE following up on the tension that developed between Natalya and Kaitlyn in recent months. Usually details like this are swept under the rug, but it really adds dimension to a match when all the angles are covered.

Do you think Kaitlyn and Natalya’s problems are resolved?

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  • C.Welch

    Nice to actually see continuation in a storyline that happened months ago. Usually WWE would think we forgot all about the friendship kaitlyn & nattie had back in may or June.

  • DivaLicious

    Nattie to be the next women’s champion. I hope so.

  • Irish_fan

    I really like Renee. Her interviews on NXT are always funny.

  • I dig CrayJ

    I hope The Funkadactyls haven’t forgiven Kaitlyn as well,at least I hope we get a segment where Kaitlyn apologises to them.

    • Kingbooman

      I think Naomi and her maybe friends.But cameron nope…She will be having all that charisma on Kaitlyn.

      • I dig CrayJ

        Thank god!!! It’s sisters before misters!!! xD

        • Kingbooman

 just reminded me Natayla turned on AJ Before too…Hmm

          • I dig CrayJ

            Good point!

          • Kingbooman

            Kaitlyn just watched week after week and let AJ get destroyed.

  • BorisG

    Natalya deserves everything out there.

  • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

    It was really cool to see WWE giving it an explanation:)
    I love Natalya so much, can´t wait to see her at SS :)

  • wwestarlee

    i only came here for Renee Young and Natalya and that is all lol and thank god wwe gave an explanation

  • xFoxylicious

    Am I the only one that noticed that Natalya darkened her blonde? I think she looks even better! I first noticed on the Nattie vs Brie match on Raw.

    • nismos69

      I like her hair styled like this too! She looks powerful and fierce! Just hope the power comes out at SS against Brie, wanna see the her cry! Ahaha

      • xFoxylicious

        Yes! She looks so much better now!. :)

  • Marcos Navarro

    I feel like Natalya called out Beth Phoenix. Lol. Imagine that feud!