In Video: Behind the Scenes of Knockouts ‘Back to School’ Photoshoot

TNA has taken us behind the scenes of their latest ShopTNA commercial and photoshoot, in which the Knockouts give the “back to school” theme a twist.

Christy Hemme, the brains behind the operation, said she wanted to give the usual schoolgirl theme an edge, making it industrial with gritty lighting and smoke.

Knockouts Champion Mickie James assures us that she isn’t one of the “naughty school girls” – she’s the good one.

As for having Christy in charge of the shoot, the Knockouts have nothing but praise for her. As Mickie says, it’s always better when there’s a woman in charge!

The Knockouts throw out ideas for future shoots, Gail Kim suggesting a sexy snow bunny shoot for winter while ODB likes the idea of a pin up photoshoot. Velvet Sky wants to pose as superheroes and Mickie thinks posing as modern Disney princesses would be a great idea.

Christy reveals that, while she doesn’t have a clear idea for their Halloween photoshoot yet, she already has plans for Christmas and New Year’s.

Watch the behind the scenes video below:

Interested in seeing the finished product? Watch it below:

Which photoshoot idea do you like best?

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  • SexualChocolate

    Just wondering, Do people actually buy stuff from TNA website?

    • shameronstar

      They got to get that money from somewhere because all the other sources seem to be drying out!

      • SexualChocolate

        Yeah, but most of the shots is base on a sale that TNA is having.

      • AceRuby

        Least TNA actually gives good prices on their merchandise compared to the other company that charges a fortune for a shirt…

    • BillyGP

      I have actually brought things from TNA web site mostly knockouts stuff.

  • DivaLicious

    SoCal Val was nowhere to be seen NO SURPRISE.

    Mickie James looked the best.

    Valet sky came in second.

    Christy hemme was really hot with her red hair. I always thought she was a very classy sexy women.

    Gail Kim had a bump on her face that was very big, I could not take my eye off it.

    ODB looks uncomtable at times. When she has to dress all sweet and sexy for the photo shoots. It doesn’t feel like her comfort zone, she use to dressing more like a Tom boy kinda.

  • BorisG

    TNA Knockouts have really hot photoshoots.