In Video: Mickie James Talks WWE Release, Being Rejected

Mickie James sat down with WrestleTalk to promote her new album, Somebody’s Gonna Pay, and was asked why she left the WWE in 2010.

The Knockouts Champion is quick to correct the phrasing, as she didn’t “leave” the WWE – she was released from her contract.

Mickie says, at the time, she didn’t see the release for what it was, but now thinks it was for the best. In 2009, she says, she had a grand total of 20 days off. She was either working on her debut album Strangers and Angels or on the road with the WWE.

She calls her release a “blessing in disguise”, as she was eventually able to move on to TNA and wrestle matches with some amazing Knockouts. On top of that, TNA’s schedule allowed for her to devote more time to her music.

In another video from the interview, Mickie opens up about being signed by the WWE. She says she wrestled about 20 tryout matches before she was signed, and then spent years in the developmental system.

She attributes that to the different phases the WWE went through when it came to the type of women they were looking for. The Diva Search, for instance, was revving up when she was training in developmental.

Watch the videos below:

You can see the full interview by clicking here.

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  • DivaLicious

    I thought a little bit had to have something to do with JOHN CENA. Wasn’t she dating him or something, or she ask him out and he said “NO” and she got mad at him backstage, and threw a water bottle at him.

    That’s what I heard a while back..

    • Everyone is Unique

      There are so many stories on why she was released.

      • Kessa

        from what i know the most realistic one (story) regarding her release is the issue wwe had with mickie regarding her music career, not her relationship with wrestlers.

    • BillyGP

      No had nothing to do with Cena.

  • charovnica

    I still hope WWE will realize that they should’ve never released her and offer her a deal.Would love to see Mickie help the new girls and build them up just like she was build up by the likes of Trish,Lita & Victoria.

  • I dig CrayJ

    Off topic,but isn’t Maria Kanellis a WEEKLY columnist? Her post was 11 days ago!

    • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

      Thank god!

      • I dig CrayJ

        IKR! She must be having a hard time seeing that queen brie bella has a singles ppv match! or it’s maybe because she is training all the time! (SIC)

        • DivaLicious

          She thinking of something relevant to say. That’s why

        • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

          LOOL Yep, I bet she trains a lot, thats why she is such a legend in the ring!

          • I dig CrayJ

            While the ones she bashes (Kelly,Bellas)had legit matches against eachother.Prime example:Kelly vs Brie OTL 2011

          • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

            Yep, she is always bashing them, but its obvious that its because she is jealous! They are better than her in the ring, they´re more popular and they are/were in WWE! She just wants attention!

          • I dig CrayJ

            There is a big difference between fucking a good wrestler and being a good wrestler! (Mike Benett,CM Punk) Also I’d like to see her perform the molly go round like Kelly did!

            P.S. I love your pic!

  • BorisG

    It was really shocking to release big star, especially biggest in Divas division. I would prefer if they told her, so she could have a send off, but I guess LayCool feud was leading into her release.

    • jbrizzy

      Yea her release made me open my eyes and see that no woman in that company is safe. No matter how over you are

  • Yuna Zoey

    What a classy lady :) Love Mickie

  • King 412

    When Mickie gets released from TNA (trust me the way they been releasing knockouts it could happen) WWE should really rehire Mickie, she could help the girls out so much and put on awesome feuds with Natalya, Aj, Naomi, and even Tamina

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      I think she is more interested in her music career to be honest. If her album would have been successful she I think she would have left tna by now. I get that feeling from one of her recent interviews where they asked her how much longer she planned on wrestling and she mentioned her music before she said she didnt hava a time limit on how long she is going to wrestle.

      • BillyGP

        No her album has been doing well and Mickie has said Wrestling is in her blood. I doubt she would of left TNA or wrestling.

        • Angelica Marie MoNae

          Where has it been doing well at? Her single peaked at #115 her album didnt even chart on the billboard hot 200 chart.

          • BillyGP

            Oh well im sorry but still i dont see her leaving wrestling for music as she said music was something she wanted to do and is doing but she lives wrestling.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            She definitely isnt leaving wrestling because her music career fell flat again lol. But thats just what I got out of her interview obviously I have no clue whats going on in her head lol.

          • BillyGP

            Le3ave her music alone it was a side project my god. She never said she would of left.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            I believe you took my last comment wrong. The “lol” indicated a joke. And also I was saying that her leaving if her music took off was just what I personally got out of her interview, I said what did I know though because I cant read her mind. Its just how I took what she said.

  • Jamie Mitchell

    Mickie go back to WWE

  • drunkendramaqueen

    Mickie’s two major storylines in WWE aside, I do feel TNA have been more consistent in showing off the full extent of her talents.

    And I really do love how astute and gracious Mickie is about her career, especially regarding her WWE departure. No doubt about it, one of the nicest in the business.

  • Black Widow

    It saddens me how a talented wrestler such as Mickie is being treated in WWE… can’t wwe think just once, not a model type of wrestler can draw too?? It’s all about the bookings and characters…