NEW AUDIO: Diva Dirt Weekly for the Week Ending August 26th, 2013

Diva Dirt is introducing a weekly wrap up of the week in women’s wrestling: Diva Dirt Weekly.

Each Tuesday following Raw, the Diva Dirt team will take a look back at the week preceding it, hitting every noteworthy event along the way, from Impact Wrestling to Total Divas to Raw.

Joining the audio this week will be team members Chris, Erin and our host Jake.

We cover the following events from the past week:

  • Impact Wrestling (8/22/13): Gail Kim defeats ODB and Brooke Tessmacher returns to TNA. What should TNA do about the division’s lack of depth?
  • SHINE 12 (8/23/13): Rain retains the SHINE Championship. Kharma debuts a brand new look.
  • Total Divas Episode 5, “Feuding Funkadactyls”
  • Raw (8/26/13): AJ Lee delivers a “pipe bombshell”.

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  • nananannaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I don´t like AJ’S Commentary

  • nismos69

    Omg, i loved this! This was really funny! Ahah i was on the floor in the first five minutes! If you’re doing this everyweek then im tuning in every week! Ahahah #Queen Sandra

  • Samantha Monk

    AJ seemed to turn face.

  • Nathan

    I wanna see a 7 diva tag match. Team diva vs team total diva.

  • Troy Smith

    Silly me thinking that a diva dirt podcast wouldnt trash TNA. SMH

    • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

      Where did they trash TNA exactly?

      • Troy Smith

        the entire time they talked about them.

        • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

          Pointing out the problems that the company has is not trashing!

  • J.D.C.D.

    I honestly think Impact Wrestling needs to put the KOs on hold till they figure out what to do.

    To Erin’s point about Gail Kim and Mickie James being paid a lot they do deliver some good matches.

    I wonder if Impact Wrestling can do an invasion angle with Shine, Shimmer, or the ladies of OVW taking on the KOs.

    I do like Bully Ray though as the champion. He has been great to me.

    • Kaledrina

      i’d love to know where these tna paychecks are that everyone seems to be reading? idk, i just really doubt gail is paid as much as people believe. she quit wwe to rejoin tna, she wasn’t in demand – tna didn’t need to offer her a lot of money to re-sign with ‘em.. she wanted to be back with tna, more than tna wanted her back. plus, she’s married to a multi-millionaire.. she wrestles now to wrestle. not for the $$$. i doubt she’s being paid as much as people like to speculate =/

  • JillianHallTNA

    I loved this Podcast! Hahaha :D
    You guys are so funny!! My funniest moment was when Erin said: “Spoiler alert: they get married” xDD

    • JillianHallTNA

      actually, the Jerry Lawler commentary rant was THE BEST ONE!!! xDD

  • OJ Von Erich

    Naomi reversing the kart & REAR VIEWING the other divas… LOLGASMIC!!! XD

    Although please, no throwing subtle shade to my girl Aksana! -_-

    But other than that, great podcast guys. :)

  • Miguel

    You guy;s are hilarious. i like how u see all of these wwe and tna flaws
    & still can point out all of it and laugh about it and enjoy it too
    and better things are happening. (you know what i mean i hope)


    LMFAO this was so hilarious. Keep it up Erin, Chris, and Jake :D I love you all and wish I could be a special guest on the show :)

  • silverink25

    I think Aj might be trying to create more friction with the Total Divas. The girls have already split, Natalya, the Funkadactlys, and Jojo vs the Bellas and Eva Marie.

    Now that Aj had pissed then all off , it could turn into a “I want Aj” “No, I want Aj!” kind of thing. And then all the Total Divas are against each other cause they all want a piece of her, thus destroying themselves in the process.

    OR it’ll be a LayCool type thing where Aj and Lalya make enemies with entire locker room.

    All I know is that Nattie is pissed and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  • xFoxylicious

    I just cracked up when said “OVW has more female wrestler than the main roster” xD So true!