In Video: Brie Bella and Natalya React to Raw on ‘Backstage Fallout’’s Backstage Fallout crew caught up with Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Eva Marie following Brie’s victory over Natalya on Raw.

About the match, Brie says that this is what should have happened at SummerSlam, if Natalya hadn’t cheated.

Natalya, she says, got a “taste” of what’s to come for her. Brie then calls herself the “true veteran” and the “Queen Bee of the locker room”.

Meanwhile, Natalya has other things on her mind. She is asked for her opinion on AJ Lee‘s vicious promo, which attacked the stars of Total Divas.

The former Divas Champion calls AJ a “walking contradiction” and says she’s glad AJ’s talking about Total Divas, because everyone is.

Natalya questions AJ’s stance as a “victim”, asking her why, if she was homeless and striving for 14 years to get to the WWE, how could she afford to go to all the WWE live events?

She hopes AJ looks at herself in the mirror and sees why she’s alone in life. Natalya says she made her bed, and now she has to sleep in it.

Watch both segments below:

What do you think of Natalya’s harsh words for AJ?

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  • nadirah432

    Natalya is right about aj! She needs to make her bed and sleep in it!

    • BorisG

      Haha she really is right.

      • nadirah432


  • OJ Von Erich

    Team Total Divas!

  • charovnica

    I’m really interested to see where this is going.
    I kind of wish that Survivor Series would be the next PPV so we would have Team AJ vs TeamTotalDivas..but who knows they might build to it down the line.
    This can go to Total Divas cast battle themselves for someone to earn the Number 1 spot,but before that have AJ beat everyone of them except Natalya,so she’ll back her words up.
    Or I don’t know we may be surprised and an NXT diva/divas unites with AJ to take down the Total Divas cast…and in the progress they’ll turn them face..
    Or it’s the opposite and we’ll see AJ being turned into a tweener…a bad-ass face?
    It’s nice when we have many ways to go with the divas.
    Also Brie was actually good in that backstage..her voice wasn’t as slow and monotone.

  • shameronstar

    AJ vs Natalya vs Brie might happen but I would like it more with Naomi added too! Interested to see where this goes!

    • DaDivaQueen

      I want Naomi added too! I feel like she needs to be built up more though, she’s amazing in the ring and everyone knows this. Let her shine n booty-bang bitches <3

      • shameronstar

        Naomi’s booty = #ASSetsofmASSdestruction

    • 09DHK

      I kinda want AJ vs Nattie for now with Nattie winning the title of course. Then have an equally exciting feud, if not better, with Nattie and Naomi since the seeds have sort of been planted with their matches on Superstars. I know shows like NXT, Superstars and Main Event are pretty much in a parallel universe from the main shows lke RAW ad SmackDown!, but a guy can only dream right?


    it would be awsome if we got a champioship scramble for the divas title. aj vs natalya vs naomi vs brie vs kaitlyn. aj will retain through cause its too early for her to lose the title

  • OH SNAP!

    That picture misleading !!! I was thinking Natayla and Brie was gonna talk about AJ together but damn natayla went in lmfao. This story getting serious.

  • WweRules32

    i hope we get the 1st ever divas championship scramble match it would be exciting and something new or even better a divas ladder match with the contract for the divas title hanging above the ring

    • shameronstar

      I had to look up what a scramble match was it it’s a pretty interesting concept, but who else would be apart of it because it seems like something 5 or 6 people could be apart of!

      • WweRules32

        maybe throw layla in there to help aj retain or win it for herself

        • BorisG

          Layla must win that title soon.

    • BorisG

      Or maybe Divas gauntlet match? Was there ever Divas gauntlet match, Knockouts yes, but Divas didn’t have it.

      • WweRules32

        i would like to also see a divas gauntlet match

  • wwestarlee

    oh nattie <3 love you

  • Brandon

    I’m totally sensing a match at NOC involving 3-6 divas lol

    • BorisG

      I hope Layla will be in.

  • 3xplicit

    Battle royal or 6 pack challenge , unless WWE decides to do a number 1 contender battle royal featuring the total divas and I’m sure brie or natalya will win. But I dont see WWE letting brie lose two ppv in a row so I think it will be natalya vs Aj

  • Jay R

    I know this Is very unlikely to happen but I just want to see this somehow unfold in the future. Like for instance, IF the total divas were planning on getting some payback to embarrass AJ, they had Eva try pretend befriend her. Eva approaches AJ backstage and AJ gasps and says “ARIEL?! Is that you? I mean look at you.. Your fins, they’re gone! You have feet!” Then Eva says ha ah very funny but she tells her she’s actually here because she agrees with everything AJ said last week. She thinks AJ can bring the Divas division back to where it once was and she wants to help AJ by doing whatever she can. AJ is skeptical but says “Fine, but if I find out you’re working with your little co stars of total divas, I will lock you in the Black widow and make you tap faster than you can say the Little Mermaid.” *smiles and skips away*. LOL, obviously I don’t actually want that to happen, but I want AJ to acknowledge Eva and how much she looks like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

    But seriously, I want to see AJ in a gauntlet match against Brie, Eva, Naomi and Nattie. It would make sense since she’s bashed them all and these are the girls who the E have been investing in. Have AJ take out Cameron and Jojo some how. I know Eva needs to work on her in ring skills but maybe she’ll just be in and out. She can be all “BITCH PUHLEASE.” *hand in the face And AJ gives her a spin kick or something. But yeah and can we all just acknowledge how funny this picture is!? ????????????

  • Username

    If only Natalya took after Owen instead of Bret in terms of personality she would have had her second Divas’ Title reign by now.

  • Jtiera

    AJ ain’t as alone as people think, once you sign your life to reality TV it’s everybody’s business. But the promo did what it was supposed to do shake shit up lol she got people SEETHING!!! Im just laughing cause I believe the tides are changing.

    • charovnica

      Yeah! WWE as a whole imo is changing it’s direction…I hope for the better.

  • Lily

    This whole AJ/Total Divas storyline is getting so personal omg.

  • Liza

    I stopped watching wwe in i think 2007 when i was like 11 and I recently started watching wwe again because of total divas. from what I’ve seen, and correct me if I’m wrong but natalya is the most talented *wrestler* and from reading comments and posts a lot of people think she’s one of the most underused divas ever and it’s really sad because it’s not like the girls with more attention are more talented than her but it’s just all about their appearance now. I think AJ did a great job yesterday but I don’t like AJ vs total divas especially if AJ is gonna rip on them for not being talented when, from what I’ve seen and read, naomi and natalya are very talented so it doesn’t really make sense and its sad to see them kind of guilty by association. It also sucks from AJ’s promo that now everyone’s attacking the bellas and the show and calling it stupid and from reading some comments it’s clear that people that already hated the show and the bellas (and their relationships) are taking what she said way too seriously and are using it as an excuse to continue to rip on everything about total divas without giving it a chance. Anyway i hope the wwe gives natalya the push she deserves but I think they’re gonna turn it into AJ vs brie or even just make everything about AJ and have her continue to rip on everyone and make them look stupid and just keep beating them.

    • charovnica

      People were attacking the Bellas long before AJ’s promo.

  • She-Wolf

    Brie has really stepped up her game on the mic.

    • C.Welch

      As well as her in ring skills

      • She-Wolf


    • cubs88

      lol im sorry but really ?

    • BorisG

      Yes, hope to see what’s next. Maybe Bellas face turn.

      • Samantha Monk

        The Bellas turning face is doubtful since the crowds don’t care about them.

        • BorisG

          They have been heels for 2 and a half years, and this promo about AJ and Total Divas, maybe turn them faces. They wrestle a lot better as faces.

          • Samantha Monk

            I doubt the promo will turn them face because the crowd was cheering for AJ, not the Total Divas on raw. But heel or face, either way the bellas suck in the ring.

  • She-Wolf

    I’d LOVE to see Stephanie McMahon come back to spite AJ and place her against Naomi, Natalya and Brie in a fatal four-way at Night of Champions. (A six pack challenge involving Nikki and Cameron would work as well)

  • Chryst Voegele

    Brie then calls herself the “true veteran” … Seriously ???



  • 09DHK

    I agree with Nattie in the sense that AJ is in fact a walking contradiction since she indirectly threw shade at the Bellas for “sucking UP” to the right people when in actuality, she wouldn’t be as over as she is if it weren’t for the fact that she’d been whoring aound the men’s locker room for the past year. Also, both Nattie Naomi are FAR better than AJ in the ring, and Nattie was Divas Champion LONG before AJ was even called up to the main roster. Other than that’s I enjoyed AJ’s promo. Hopefully it’ll setup for either Nattie or Naomi to feud with and eventually take the title off AJ; because after losing to Naomi last RAW, Kaitlyn at SummerSlam, AND Nattie the RAW before SummerSlam, Aj’s days as Divas Champion should be numbered.

    • cubs88

      aj wasnt really a whore. the bellas are in real life well nikki anyways.

      • Chad

        hows she a whore theyve been together for a while. before she left actually.

        • Samantha Monk

          Before she left Cena was still married.

      • 09DHK

        Though I’m not the biggest fans of the Bellas, unlike AJ, the Bellas didn’t have to hook-up with practically half the men’s locker room to get over; whereas AJ was passed around to BOTH Brie and Nikki’s real-life boyfriends, a near-fifty year old Kane, CM Punk, and Dolph Ziggler. Again, I’m not really a fan of the Bellas, but AJ can’t come at them when in actuality, beeing passed around the men’s locker room this past year is the ONLY reason she’s as over as she is.

    • Samantha Monk

      You do know that she wasn’t actually with them right. It was a storyline. Wrestling isn’t real, and as far as the bellas not needing that to get over, their not over you can hear a pin drop when they come out.

  • Addy

    Brie is starting to improve on both the mic and in the ring.. get rid of the constant rest holds and then we can talk about being a true veteran Brie. Natalya also sounded better here than she did in that tout… ohhh that tout was bad.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I know it’s storyline, but really AJ, you’re talking about people “sucking up” when you’ve been working your way around the top male stars for the past year or 2…

    • ?xXwhitenoiseXx ?

      Lol she didn’t do that creative did dumbass.

      • OJ Von Erich

        Hence why I said “I know it’s a storyline”


    • BorisG

      Yeah, and the top star like Mickie James didn’t had any male storylines to build her popularity, she was just herself. She didn’t need i. Not like Trish, Lita, Melina… they were great but Mickie did it by herself and feuds with Divas.

      • ?xXwhitenoiseXx ?

        Aj could’ve very well done it without males too. RAW lastnight proved it.

        • BorisG

          Just this time. We’ll see how she does in the future, I think she’ll be awesome.

    • Samantha Monk

      That’s because AJ didn’t actually sleep with any of them, unlike the bellas.

      • OJ Von Erich

        Nikki & Brie are in stable loving relationships with 2 guys they have worked with & travelled the world with for years…

        And if I’m noy mistaken, hasn’t AJ been seeing Dolph Ziggler in real life recently? HMMMM!

        • Samantha Monk

          I believe you are mistaken AJ isn’t dating Dolph it was a storyline. You do know wrestling isn’t real right. As for the bellas they were released and if Nikki wasn’t sucking up to the top guy I doubt they would be back, since they have nothing to offer.

          • OJ Von Erich

            Wrestling’s fake? :O

            How old are you for crying out loud…

            Actually, they have been rumoured to be dating in “real life” ya know, that thing I mentioned above, “REAL LIFE!” (as in, not storyline)

            And get your facts straight, The Bella’s didn’t resign their contracts, since they wanted to have creative control over their outside career.. (Eve never fired them in “REAL LIFE”)
            Although I guess it’s pointless trying to discuss this logically for someone who thinks they know the in’s & outs of everything.

          • Samantha Monk

            In real life AJ is dating Trent Baretta not Dolph. You really need to get your facts straight, the only reason they were resigned was because of who Nikki is dating.

          • OJ Von Erich

            My facts were straight, you need to become more literate.

            I said it was “rumoured” that AJ was dating Dolph in “real life”, I never stated it as a fact.

            Vince told you that was the reason, did he?

          • Samantha Monk

            Why else would they have been rehired, they’re useless at everything the do, they can’t wrestle, they can’t cut a entertaining promo at all, their boring as fuck.

          • OJ Von Erich

            That’s your opinion & I’m not here to change that.

            But you have to understand that I too have my opinion.

            We both feel differently on the matter, but if they were as bad as you say, they would have never made it in the 1st place… Just take that into consideration. :)

  • Jessica Mendez

    Aj I love u! for finally telling the other divas off, she has saved the division! the total divas just annoy me in every way, they are there because of their looks and because theyre connected to the face of wwe john cena (nikki) and d-bryan(brie) like finally my girl Aj told it like it is and some of them don’t even belong on the roster !

  • Christopher Bello

    Natalya went so hard, RWOARRR, love it! I’m happy AJ preached on Raw last night, it’s lit a fire under the division and maybe we’ll finally get a full-blown storyline out of this.

    • BorisG

      Hope Natalya wins title from AJ, and then feuds with Layla.

  • King 412

    If only they let Natalya say it back to her during that segment it would of set her up for a title match at NOC which at this point she’s the only one I see getting the title shot anyway, I also see her winning it, and it could be the finale of total divas, Natalya finally gaining the championship back, She deserves it her first reign was going good but WWE dropped the ball and gave her title to Eve, which didnt work out either cause no one still cared for her, she needs a long memorable reign with her reign ending after WM with her being defeated by Paige or Naomi