Mickie James Talks Sacrificing to Make it in Wrestling, Breaking Out of “Female Country Artist” Mold

Knockouts Champion Mickie James recently sat down with Northern Virginia Magazine to talk about struggling to make it in the wrestling business, practicing songwriting while on the road and how Somebody’s Gonna Pay is more authentic than her first album.

Sacrificing to try to get to the WWE: “I would drive 20 hours to a WWE tryout. If there was a chance that I could be there, I would make it a point to come, and if that meant living off of tuna fish for a week in order to be able to afford the trip, that’s what I did.”

Turning down other opportunities for the WWE: “I called [WWE talent relations] and said ‘Hey, I turned down Japan. What’s up?’ and they said, ‘Let us think about it, kid.’ They called back a month later and said, ‘We want to hire you, but would you be willing to go to Louisville (home of Ohio Valley Wrestling, the WWE’s former developmental facility, a finishing school for future stars) for six months, tops?”

Writing songs while on the road: “When I was on the road full time with the WWE, I’d always [write] short stories and poetry. I started writing songs, and I would just write to the melodies that were on the radio, and from that I realized that I’ve always wanted to sing. I’ve always had a passion for this, but I’ve always been so scared because I don’t know the first thing about how to even do it.”

Being devastated following her WWE release: “I think that there was a probably a solid month of devastation because I was completely in love with what I was doing. I realize now that I was exhausted. I had forgotten to take those moments for myself … to just sit back and breathe and just take it all in.”

How ‘Somebody’s Gonna Pay’ is more authentic: “The first album I was trying to fit into this female country music artist mold, but this new sound is more me—it’s that Southern rockin’, kick-ass female empowerment which is who I am … not just in the ring, but on stage in the lights. I realized that I may not be everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s OK. … I’m really excited because it’s something that’s totally, totally different and it’s something that I feel like no one else is doing. … it’s different, it’s unique and it’s genuine.”

Read the full interview on NorthernVirginiaMag.com.

Which do you prefer: Stranger and Angels or Somebody’s Gonna Pay?

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  • I dig CrayJ

    Amazing,amazing woman!I don’t think she was mistreated in WWE tho,because she was used in many storylines and had many title reigns,but I can’t help but wonder how things would be with her around up to this day.An all-round excellent performer,a humble person and absolutely classy.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    I really feel like her time was up in WWE. 5x Women’s Champ (there was no way they were letting her get any closer to Trish) and a Divas Champ. She never took time for injuries or anything, she was the most consistently used diva for 6 years straight, she had NOTHING left to prove. So i totally she why she was released. People fail to realize that all being released is them simply not renewing your contract! If they have nothing for you, why would you continue to pay you to sit at home ? It was the best for her. She left WWE at the top of her game and if and when she returns, because she did leave on good terms, it’ll be like she never left at all! Of course it hurt her because WWE became her life, but she needed a break and the fans needed a break too because I was getting a little annoyed with her always winning

    • BorisG

      Yes, she was never injured or anything. Like Melina who had 2 injuries 6 and more months each, Beth had jaw injury and ankle injury, Candice 2 injuries, Lalya also got one, so they weren’t all the time there. Mickie was always there, so there wasn’t a reason for her to do anything more.

    • MafiaMM

      Lol this is how I feel about Orton but look at him now……………….oh boy

  • I dig CrayJ

    And talking about singing,how awesome would be if Jillian debuted in TNA as a babyface,asking Mickie to form a band or something,and Mickie avoiding her,then getting physical and starting a feud and a side feud with Gail asking Bully to join Ace&Eights and Brooke not allowing it and she asks a member of the stable to help her atack Gail by holding her and turn Gail into a babyface!

    • Sam

      Actually that ain’t a bad idea~

      • I dig CrayJ

        Thanks!Hire me TNA creative,you need me LOL :P

    • BorisG

      I was thinking this too. Singer vs singer feud. Jillian as a face, Mickie as heel. They had amazing matches in WWE though.

      • I dig CrayJ

        Jillian deserves this!!! TNA may have money problems,but they can afford at least 1 KO,or they could build mini feuds with indies talent and pay them per appearance.

        • BorisG

          Yes, Jillian deserves to be back on TV and to be champion.

  • Sam

    Lovely interview. Yeah, it’s always sad to hear when you’re released from a well-known company and especially when you’re having a blast there. I always looked forward to seeing Mickie every week. But then again, I’d hate to see her having to job to the jokes they call divas today. The only ones worth watching are Tamina, AJ and Natalya. Right now, TNA is more for her. She’s happy there too so I’m glad.

  • Mark

    Can someone tell her that she can’t sing?

    • charovnica

      I don’t wanna lie though.

      • Mark

        LMFAO. Mickie can sing?……. Awkward.

        • charovnica

          Nope,not awkward for me at all.

    • BillyGP

      Mickie can sing though.

  • superstar77

    It’s funny that Mickie talked more about her time in WWE and her country music career more than TNA. But this is the woman TNA just had to have be Knockout champion again. Whatever.

    • Sam

      Well, the interview never asked about her opinions on TNA…