Kaitlyn Discusses ‘Total Divas’, NXT and Reuniting with AJ Lee

Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn recently joined the Chad Duke Wrestling Show to discuss Total Divas, wanting to face Beth Phoenix, reuniting with AJ Lee and an embarrassing match from NXT.

The success of Total Divas: “I think it’s such a great thing for the WWE in general because like you said, it brings people that don’t normally watch, aren’t typically wrestling fans, aren’t sports entertainment fans, people that would just watch the E! network, and it kind of gives us like a broader demographic, and opens up our world to people. Also, people that are fans get a chance to see inside and how things work.”

The difficulties of being on Total Divas: “It definitely blurs the lines of what’s reality and what’s entertainment, sometimes even for me. I didn’t really understand the concept of how this whole Divas thing was gonna go down, it’s definitely very, it’s hard to get used to. You know we’re always on camera anyways on TV days and stuff, but there’s like extra cameras, E! cameras, following these girls around everywhere and sometimes it’s a little bit intrusive.”

What she’s learned from Total Divas: “Though, you know I found out stuff about pixelating, its extensive and time-consuming. So if you don’t want to be on camera, you just throw up a couple of gang signs, or you know something that they might have to pixelate and then boom, you don’t have to worry about being on the show. In all seriousness, it’s a really great concept bringing all kinds of new fans into our world.”

The interviewer also noted that Kaitlyn didn’t rule out appearing on a future of Total Divas, though she thinks having other Divas on the show would be a change of pace, because, “not all of us are dramatic as that.”

Her dream opponent: “Probably Beth Phoenix if Beth ever came back. I had a couple of chances to work Beth before she retired, she helped me a lot in my career when I first started because I’d be on TV with no experience.”

Reuniting the Chickbusters with AJ: “There’s a lot of girls that helped me out along the way, AJ Lee was one of them. I had always really, really wanted a chance to have a feud with her because we were such great friends for a long time and she taught me so much early on in my career and helped me through a lot of stuff. So that would be like a dream come true and hopefully the Chickbusters can reunite one day.”

Having a presence on social media: “They (WWE) definitely encourage us to get out there on social media in all avenues. When I’m not on the show and I’m just backstage and I wanna be involved it’s a great way to interact with fans and kind of express our opinions of the show and our reactions and stuff like that.”

Growing since winning NXT: “I never thought I’d be good. I thought like, I don’t know, it feels funny saying that, but over the last year I’ve had so many opportunities to work with amazing girls and people, you know, within the company. I’ve just grown so much.”

On one of her “favorite” matches: It’s so funny to go back and to watch some episodes of NXT and one of my favorite matches of all time, which i think made some kind of list of worst match of the year, was a match I had with Maxine on NXT. Vickie Guerrero was my pro and she didn’t like my wrestling gear and she made me wear some kind of extra large hoodie and I just looked like a flailing little spider monkey the entire match. So that’s something I like to look back on and laugh at now, but at the time it was just, I wanted to hide my face forever.”

You can listen to the full interview at Chad Duke’s Wrestling Network.

Do you want to see the Chickbusters reunite?

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  • Memo Soto

    Oh that Match.. not good.

  • Ittyx

    That match was interesting alright

  • Kingbooman

    Wasnt Kharma just her dream opponent?

    • I dig CrayJ

      My thought exaxtly.

      • Kingbooman

        She could have mentioned Kharma on this one and Beth on this one.She could have said DreamOpponents.

        • BorisG

          IDK why she said Beth, they had 2 singles matches against each other, and multiple tag matches.

          • Teddy Kitchens

            I think she means now that she’s capable of really holding her own in the ring. She worked with Beth more towards the beginning of her career.

  • wwestarlee

    lmao “Throw up gang signs” welp looks like kaitlyn has found herself a new fan. Hey kaitlyn!!! *waives*

  • Brandon

    Kaitlyn has gotten far better and I never thought I’d become a fan of hers. When she won the battle royal on raw I took her as a joke. But after her match with eve at SS, she grew on me! Lol oh, and id love for a reunion with aj down the line.

    • LeaTHeartsWWE

      You explained that like a BOSS.

  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    i’ve been waiting for a interview like this for so long!

    • Kingbooman

      Lol why? (NOSEY)

      • LeaTHeartsWWE

        xD I guess because of her opinions on the whole Chickbuster thing (The best tag team ever BTW) and her opinions on TD.

        • Kingbooman

          Lol one day I wish too say some other girls can be the next AJ and Kaitlyn!
          Probaly Summer Rae and Paige.

          • LeaTHeartsWWE

            Yeah they can be Anti-Fandangoing

          • I dig CrayJ

            Or the Divas of tomorrow!

          • LeaTHeartsWWE


  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    BTW, anyone has the link to that match??

    • Kingbooman
      • I dig CrayJ

        no! don’t give it!I like her way to much to let her have her eyes bleeding!!!

      • LeaTHeartsWWE

        Thanks! And that match was really awkward heehee.

  • Israel Carbuckle

    Chickbusters reunite HELL YEAH!!!

    • Kingbooman

      I think this might lead to a potential new team/reunion in the future.

  • Aaron White

    Yes chickbusters reunite one way or another its gonna happen I wanna see

  • Aaron White

    When kaitlyn/Aj first started they were basically rookies/beginners but imagine now if they combine both their skillset/potential

  • jen07201

    I wish the WWE would bring back the Women’s tag titles it would be really cool if Chickbusters could win them.

  • http://noreallyitstrue.wordpress.com/ AdrianRay

    She is so cute! That matches awkwardness stems from Kaitlyn’s selling…

  • shameronstar

    Kaitlyn sure has had a lot of interviews lately I guess that’s a sign that her star power and stock is rising because when AJ was starting to get pushed hard she started getting more interviews too!

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Love Kaitlyn! This girl is so funny and it’s quite sad wwe don’t let us see more of her personality :(
    I’m happy she and Aj don’t want to be on TD! Not that I hate it but I don’t want her or Aj on that! They don’t need it! Well, Kharma and Beth are her two dream match which is AMAZING (well I think she said beth. again because even if they had some match, it wasn’t a big deal match on PPV with actual time), Great interview!

    • jen07201

      I know right Kaitlyn’s personality should be shown on WWE

  • shameronstar

    I heard that the reason the match was THAT bad was because Kaitlyn and Maxine didn’t get any time to rehear prior so that just made Kaitlyn put the hoodie on and use the excuse to explain why she had such a poor performance!

    • Raekon

      Yep. The technical Staff took too Long to prepare the ring for that night.
      The undertaker were supposed to rip the ring from it’s bottom and take Kane “down to hell” with him (Kanes Transformation back to the masked persona) with Special fx taking place so the Girls had no Chance to rehearsh a match.
      Due to this they made up the hoodie excuse and let them do a few random things before Kaitlyn lost because of it so they can blame it on vickie and Progress their storyline that lead to Vickie vs Kaitlyn feud.

  • @KENLushh

    That match was so funny to watch.
    I particularly like the use of the sweatshirt.

  • xFoxylicious

    The match was………LOL. I love Kaitlyn so much tho, she has such a cute and funny personality. :) She’s come so far!

  • queendiva

    lolzzzz that match was worse “that Jackie Gayda match”…. and that’s saying something! but in all seriousness Kaitlyn has definitely came a long way since then for sure evidence being her Extreme Rules match against AJ! #getitgurl

  • WweRules32

    that interview was a good read and kaitlyn is funny and i also would love to see a chickbusters reunion sometime down the line

  • BorisG

    Love Kaitlyn. Also, I would love to see Chickbusters unite.

  • Phoenix Ramsey

    I’ve had to grow to like Kaitlyn. But now I really like her so its cool. She’s someone I want to see more of. She has the potential to be great in the ring.

  • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

    She can always put a smile on my face xD
    And she said before that even tough they already had some matches, Beth is her dream a opponent to have a feud, and I would love to see that :D

  • Jtiera

    I love her the gang signs and pixel part had me cracking up. I see why her and AJ are friends.

    • Will Henderson

      Hook ‘Em Horns isn’t a gang sign, it’s the universal proud to be a Texan or Texas Longhorns fan sign.

      • Jtiera

        I know that it’s not a gang sign, i wasnt talking about her hook ‘em horns. I was definitely talking about what she said under ‘what she learned from total divas’

  • Will Henderson

    i’m ok with a chickbusters reunion, but they need to have at least a segment where AJ breaks down and cries while apologizing to Kaitlyn and admitting she’s the one who ended the friendship, not Kaitlyn. and also admit that she was so desperate to win that she tried to ruin her friend’s life. also AJ admits Kaitlyn was what kept her sane at times as storyline wise, we need to know AJ kayfabe dealt with mental issues dating back to her childhood.