In Video: ‘After Total Divas’ For Episode 7 Featuring Guest Nikki Bella

This week’s episode of After Total Divas is up, with Renee Young and Alicia Fox (out of character, mind you) discussing everything that went down.

On Nikki Bella‘s shin injury, Alicia says little injuries happen all the time, admitting to having recently punched herself in the face while down in NXT, but thinks that Nikki’s injury will strengthen the relationship between her and Brie.

Cameron‘s engagement freak out was understandable to Alicia, who knows how hard it is to maintain a relationship with someone outside the wrestling business.

Alicia diagnoses JoJo with “jealous-itis”, which she has also had in the past.

They bring in special guest Nikki, who says she saw this spat between Natalya putting her foot in her mouth about Hooters girls.

Alicia’s “Love it/Lose it” segment saw her loving Cameron’s chihuahua Glitty, but losing Camerona’s decision to take Glitty along for her first meeting with Vincent’s father.

Watch this week’s After Total Divas below:

What was your “Soundbyte of the Week”?

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  • PopOff

    Alicia! Wait until AJ hears about this…

    • HOLLA

      Lol they probably could have taken Alicia out of this segment just for temporary storyline purposes! Can’t wait to see what tonight holds…. Haven’t been this excited in a while!

      • Kingbooman

        I Think they decided to let Alicia do the show because its almost over.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I love Nikki & Alicia’s Hollywood air kiss!!! ?

  • Jared Ds

    For Some Reason The Site Is Not Up to Date For Me. Is This Happening To Anyone Else?

    • charovnica

      Yeah,I have issues too.

    • dagmii

      It happens to me too

    • WweRules32

      its happening to me too

    • xFoxylicious

      It’s happening to me too but it’s kinda acting better now.

    • Jared Ds

      It’s Done Now!!

  • Ilovekpop

    Alicia is so charismatic! She always make me smile (:

    • Kingbooman

      Ikr she can turn a frown into a Smile! :( :) YAY ALICIA

  • StankyPants

    Alicia is just so perfect

    • Kingbooman


  • Mark


  • wwestarlee

    Foxy is so gorgeous and my Ne Ne too (Renee young) still waiting on your diva focus renee

  • WweRules32

    good show and renee looked sweet and foxy too

  • Christopher Bello

    How did Cameron’s “Grandkids? … Huh?” not make it to the Soundbyte list?! I was dying for a good five minutes about it.

    • I dig CrayJ

      It was hilarious!When the season ends I hope the soundbyte of the season is Cameron! She is the funniest on the show,period.

  • Username

    Good to know that Alicia did not lose her bipolar gimmick even though she is actually involved in a storyline right now.

  • xFoxylicious

    Alicia and Nikki looked perfect. ? Renee, I love you but get a new hairstyle! You rock them ponytails but you gotta get other hairstyles too!
    I loved this episode of ATD! Renee and Alicia did great and loved seeing Nikki as the guest. :) Cameron’s “Wedding wha…?” and “Grandkids?…..huh?” were just pure awesome! xD Looking forward to next week’s TD and ATD!

    • wwestarlee

      i agree i love renee’s hair down tbh

  • AdrianRay

    Alicia and Renee are just way too cute! They are so lively and full of sass! I really hope Nikki recovers soon, as Brie put it, they’re a double act. Seeing one twin do all the work gets boring after awhile.

    • Kingbooman

      Renee need to start wrestling!

      • BorisG

        IDK on her twitter it says she will wrestle, it says:

        I talk on the tele for WWE. It’s pretty freaking cool!! They keep me in the tv studio until I perfect my fisherman’s suplex.

        • Kingbooman

          I hope she starts!

          • BorisG

            She would be cool. She is likeable.

  • Kingbooman

    I cant wait for Nikki to come back! If 1 twin improves that mean the other is better.

  • Matty Ryan Offerman

    These bitches.

  • I dig CrayJ

    I love Ariane/Cameron no matter what!!!

  • BorisG

    Maybe Alicia will feud with AJ, because she has alliance with her and does Total Divas aftershow, they can turn that into storyline.

    • Kingbooman

      They make no sense.Alicia help AJ because AJ said “The girls are making them not get TV time.But I can see a Alicia and AJ feud soon why would she help AJ now just to help Total Divas.

  • sheba

    renee young has grown on me so much. at the start i didn’t see much purpose with her but i have grown too love her, whether she decides too wrestle or not i support her.