‘Total Divas’ Return Date Confirmed

Thanks to a six episode extension, we won’t have to wait too long to get our Total Divas fix again after the mid-season finale airs this Sunday.

E! has confirmed the premiere date for the second half of season one: Sunday, November 17th at 9pm ET.

Their official PR account tweeted:

This means that upon its return, Total Divas will be airing an hour earlier than usual. Don’t tune in late!

The mid-season finale of Total Divas airs this Sunday at 10pm ET on E!.

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  • llele!

    The fuck november there goes taking my time nice and slow

  • Username

    Wow so they gave them a prime time spot?

  • OJ Von Erich

    Didn’t we already know this though?

    Or do you mean date specific?

    • Randi Parker

      A lot of times just because it is rumored, doesn’t mean its 100% official, plus it changed times, which we didn’t know was going to happen!

      • OJ Von Erich

        Well no, I mean they’ve always said it’ll return in November, that’s what I was saying.

        Hence why I said “Or do you mean date specific”. As in the official date & brand new air time.

  • Benjamin D

    Just can’t take my eyes off Eva Marie…

    • Mariah_Scarey

      Me either, she really is beautiful

  • Randi Parker

    Perfect timing, my other Sunday night show ends this week and its on at 9 so!

  • OJ Von Erich

    Have you all seen the new ‘Total Divas’ clip where John takes Nikki out to dinner to meet his family? :)

    John’s gay brother does an on point Stewie impression LOL!

    We also find out that Nattie & Nikki have fallen out due to Nikki missing Nattie’s wedding! :O



    • OJ Von Erich

      He retired.

      • OH “YA NASTY” SNAP!

        Thats what wwe is saying.. they fired him over Ric flair being dumb at the 2k14 panel at summerslam

        • ???iig?????

          like from commentary or wwe all together

          • Randi Parker

            WWE all together, all wrestling I believe

          • Ittyx

            Im actually happy he’s retired.

        • OJ Von Erich

          Well Jim Ross has blogged about it & it doesn’t sound like he was fired at all…


        • Mariah_Scarey

          That’s just a rumor though

          • OH “YA NASTY” SNAP!

            i believe it. this is the same company who mocked JRs Bell Palsy

      • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

        honestly i thought he had already retired YEARS ago and just did the odd appearance every once in a while?? LOL =/

  • xFoxylicious

    That’s too long for me to handle! D;

    • BorisG

      Me too.

  • Mark

    Just when the show continues to build momentum they come up with this stupid ass idea. NICE GOING WWE. NOVEMBER? SUCK MY BALLS!

    “mid-season” finale?! MID-SEASON? WHO DOES THAT?

    • Randi Parker

      They didn’t know how it was going to do in the ratings, and instead of ordering a regular 13 episode season, and have the show flop, lose money for 13 weeks instead of 8, but since E! was happy with the ratings, it got picked up for a full season, but they had to shoot more episodes, and so they do a mid-season finale until the other episodes are ready to air!

      • Mark

        Pathetic hoes! They are going to lose so many viewers.

        • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

          I don’t think it will be too bad as long as they do a couple promotional commercials so the viewers don’t forget about them

        • nadirah432

          Go suck a d*ck! You are the pathetic hoe! You will be the only lowlife, hating viewer who won’t watch it! While millions of others will b*tch!

          • Mark

            We’ll see about that, loser dipshit. To cut a BRAND NEW reality show off when they are building momentum is the DUMBEST idea EVER. A new artist who gains success releases a new album every year, so they aren’t forgotten, so they don’t flop. A new show needs to build on momentum and not take a break when it’s getting hot.

          • nadirah432

            The only dipsh*t loser is you, you lame f*cking moron! That’s for people who WATCH the shows and give it success! You aren’t one of them lowlife!

    • Erica Morgan

      The walking dead does a mid season finale every season. Works for them.

    • Will Henderson

      it’s common on Cable TV, South Park’s been doing the Season A and Season B format of TV show season. i consider this the season 1A finale of Total Divas that’s airing on Sunday, and season 1B starts November 17th.

      • Aaron Evans

        South Park as well as American Dad & Family Guy? Wow, You really have a keen eye for good Tv!

    • nadirah432

      Because you are the only moron who won’t watch it, while millions will! One out of every million people who doesn’t watch a reality show won’t hurt the show itself dumb c*nt! You are pathetic!

  • David Wilson

    Let’s see- if they run the 6 eps straight through, ep 2 will be against Survivor Series, ep 5 will be against TLC, and ep 6 will be 3 days before Christmas…but most of the networks will be in post November Sweep reruns after the first episode or two, so that’s a plus. The earlier timeslot means they won’t have the Kardashians lead in, which will be interesting to see (since people are saying one of the reasons the rating was so low last week was because the Kardashian episode before it was a repeat).

  • Will Henderson

    well, when it returns, i will have to watch the encore airing at a friendlier time for me to watch, i’m not gonna miss Family Guy and American Dad for the Total Divas.

    • Aaron Evans

      Of all the programs on TV, Family Guy & American Dad are the ones you watch over Total Divas? O.o

    • wwestarlee


    • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

      Family guy maybe but American dad hell naa that show is soo corny to me

    • KatyaMenelli

      YES!!!! Ilove Family Guy

  • BorisG

    I hope it will be back better than ever. And if those 6 episodes are gonna be successful, season 2 will surely be filmed.

  • Kingbooman

    Yall Better keep calm! In March when Total Divas was thought of we waited all the way to July and it was worth the wait.And now To November it will be worth the wait.

  • WweRules32

    Awesome NEWS

  • http://noreallyitstrue.wordpress.com/ AdrianRay

    Just as I thought, I’m so excited! Now my holidays will be even more enjoyable!

  • aldo

    This is great!

  • Angel


  • Amy_Rae

    November….thats to far away! I’ll have withdrawls.

  • Pam Spivey

    I’m so glad I have a DVR. Even if I watch Total Divas while it’s airing, I love being able to watch it a couple more times. Great program; eagerly looking forward to next season’s episodes.

  • Tomee

    I really really hope this will lead to a team Total Divas vs Team AJ match at survivor series.

  • jessie

    i love total divas show is hot and all the girls are beautiful