SHINE and SHIMMER Star Wrestles at NXT Tapings

Note: This post contains spoilers for a future episode of NXT.

SHINE and SHIMMER Wrestling star Santana Garrett has wrestled at tonight’s NXT tapings.

Santana, who also took part in TNA’s Knockouts Knockdown, competed for the WWE developmental territory in a match against Charlotte.

Diva Dirt reader Jordan tweeted that Santana took on Charlotte, who was accompanied by Bayley:

No word yet on the circumstances behind this surprise appearance, i.e. whether Santana has been signed by the WWE. Stay tuned for full spoilers!

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  • ????? KING ?????

    Need to see more and read more about her interesting cause i highly doubt WWE would just use her for no reason. Funny thing i was at Walmart yesterday picked up PWI magazine and read an article bout her being the one to watch ….

  • Jules

    That’s a tasty piece of information, Santana impressed me at Knockouts Knockdown. Wouldn’t mind her being signed.

    However, I think TNA could use her more right now! How many knockouts they got? About 5 or something?

    Can’t believe I am preferring WWE again, never ever though I would say that.

  • ?•†?!pl?b2k1•? – WGU

    not the first free agent they’ve used at the tapings…

  • XavierSkyy

    She looks like a Bella Twin right there lol

  • Melissa Dupree

    loved love, love this, Santana!!!!, I really hope she got signed, she looks amazing
    she was one of the one on my list I hoped WWE would sign, now if WWE would sign Jayme Jameson, and Barbi Hayden next :)

    • Matty Ryan Offerman

      How about WWE just makes Shine their female developmental territory lol.

      • BorisG

        Not a bad idea.

  • llele!

    Omg last week I was just BITCHING (last week,last year Iwas bitching about her not being signed and now PLEASE WWE SIGN HER MAKE IT UP TO ME FOR REALISING ALL MY FAVES AND BRINING ME SOME NEW ONES PLEASES WWE DONT MAKE ME CUT A BITCH!!!

  • OJ Von Erich

    She would be a very good addition to an already fantastic roster! =D

  • Raphael Lamounier

    People, I told some news before that I would love to see Heel Paige against Face Santana. And now this? I MUST BE DREAMIN’! I want Santana NOW at NXT rockin’ the house! She’s gonna be a GREAT addition to the NXT female roster and she is ready to compete just like Paige, Emma and Bayley! I may be repetitive, but she has the whole package and WWE would be insane if they don’t sign her!

    I wanna see this match and I can’t be happier with this news!

  • Chad


  • OJ Von Erich


    • llele!


      • OJ Von Erich

        Hahahaha I know right… It’s like the powers that be have been listening to our requests!

  • Matty Ryan Offerman


    • I dig CrayJ

      I don’t think they got to her because of SHINE,it was propably because of the TNA PPV.

      • Matty Ryan Offerman

        I doubt they would ever look at that, since they bacially had almost everyone on the card at some point in time.
        Plus they wouldn’t reach out to her cause she COULD’VE had a deal with TNA that no one knows about.

        Either it was only a matter of time before they had her in a tryout.

  • Matty Ryan Offerman

    Also home girl need to change that outfit if she is signed.

  • Melissa Dupree

    OMG JUST READ THAT RENEE YOUNG< was on commentary, this is by far the BEST NXT TAPING EVER< I am just freaking out, Santana in WWE< Renee finally getting a chance to commentate.
    Its kinda freaky how diva -dirt posted about a female commentator today, asking who we thought would work and now WWE did it :)
    and also Britany Savage and SoCal VAl were in the audience tonight watching NXT

    • Matty Ryan Offerman

      SoCal Val & Renee Young = New RAW Commentators.

    • BorisG

      It’s great Renee is great :)

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    Santana is AMAZING!!

  • Art Of Professional Wrestling

    Was this match televised?

    • Melissa Dupree

      yep it will be on October the 9th,

      • Art Of Professional Wrestling

        Thats awesome :)

  • David Muscarella

    My guess is she isn’t signed, but the fact she was used on NXT TV taping tells me at the very least WWE has interest in her. They can’t go wrong signing her. She’s got tons of charisma and would fit in great. She’s already pretty solid in the ring and has wrestled SDR before. It wouldn’t surprise me if Del Rey was behind getting her on NXT.

    • Marshy

      Sara has to look at her old stomping ground and has decided to put in a word for Santana to come to NXT. Sara needs to keep up the good work inviting a colleague to have a tryout and for it to be televised that it courage for her to even consider of doing that.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Santana just tweeted…

    “FUNFACT: Getting a lot of love & support b/c
    tonight I wrestled for @WWENXT

  • Randi Parker

    I seriously was thinking like a week ago how good of a Diva Santana would be, she is good in-ring from what little I have seen of her, and she is beautiful!

  • Pumped Up Kicks

    Santana is the total package. Everything the Wwe looks for in a diva. I realllllllly hope they sign her. She deserves it!

  • AdrianRay

    Santana in ring? Renee on commentary? Stunned! I’m on Cloud Nine!!!

  • PVHa

    Really good to hear this one. She’s been making quite a name for herself this year through Shine and I’d easily put her in a top 5 in terms of a [looks X ability] formula among noteworthy independent women. From that tweet below it sounds like she’s in?

    TNA really missed the ball on this one too given that they’ve had her working directly for them a few times but I’m sure that surprises no one and from the state of things they could not care less about their once golden Knockouts division at this point anyway.

  • BorisG

    Santana has the ‘Diva look’ ans is talented. What could WWE ask more? Hope she gets signed.

  • I dig CrayJ

    I LOVE SANTANA!!!This was so unexpected!I had to read that again and again!

    Ever since I saw her in the KO’s PPV I have dreamed about her being on WWE <3

    • Aaron Evans

      …so not that long then? XD

      • I dig CrayJ

        Not at all!But I’m very happy!

        • Aaron Evans

          Me too, I watched a few of her matches not so long ago and became a fan myself. Would love to see her in the E!

  • alexl467

    While I’m not complaining I wonder why the WWE decided to give Santana a tryout in a match that is going to be televised.


    • Benjamin D

      CM Punk had his WWE tryout match against Val Venis on a televised match, besides it a NXT show not a main roster show.

  • Sammm

    When I found out that she was on NXT I was like OMG Yes! <3