OVW Write-Up (September 12th, 2013): The OVW Gods Have Answered Our Prayers

After last week’s episode of OVW, which saw Women’s Champion Trina vacate the title, things were left up in the air. Let’s see if this week’s episode does anything to get them back on track.

We jump right into the ring, where Gilbert Corsey summons Hannah and Holly Blossom, Taeler Hendrix and Lei’D Tapa to the ring.

He announces that, because these four women were the finalists in the Beach Bikini Battle Royal from last week’s Saturday Night Special, they will be competing next week in a Four-Way Ladder match for the Women’s Title! This is a first for professional wrestling.

Each of the ladies give their thoughts on this announcement. Hannah says this will be an opportunity to prove that she and her sister are the best, which was their goal when moving to OVW all the way from England.

Taeler has the chance to become a four-time Women’s Champion, and she says her victory in this Ladder match will be yet another reason she’s a “step” above the rest.

Holly reiterates what her sister said, adding that she will be the next Women’s Champion. Hannah seems to disagree with that, but what else is new?

Tapa makes poor Gilbert bow down before her with the microphone before she tells the audience that she is here to do one thing: dominate. She says she will do that next week and make Hannah, Holly and Taeler bow down to her.

Thoughts: Wow, what a 180! We go from silly Miss OVW contests to a historic Ladder match? I’d like to think that OVW heard the cries of fans that wanted them to return to their glory days, but regardless, I can’t wait to see this match.

These four ladies are easily the biggest female stars in OVW, so this match will give them a chance to prove why they deserve to be in the big leagues. Here’s hoping they give them the time to put on a barn burner. Also, I’d love for this to usher in a new era of OVW’s women’s division devoid of the silly, time-wasting segments, but I suppose they have the finish the Miss OVW competition somehow.

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  • shameronstar

    Wow, if a promotions ovw and tna can do ladder matches, then damnit wwe let the divas have a damn mitb ladder match already. I mean the brief case and ladder can be pink but just let the girls let loose. and I LMAO when Tapa called Taeler a slut!

    • xFoxylicious

      I would die and go to heaven if WWE does a MITB match with the Divas! xD

  • Irish_fan

    For the first time ever I am actually excited (just a little) for OVW. Hopefully they get time to put on a good match. I think TNA should put all of these girls on the main roster. They can have a Newbies Vs Knockouts feud. It would be fresh and they need more talent on the roster.

    • xFoxylicious

      I hope the ladder match is great. If it’s better than Taryn’s and Gail’s i’ll laugh!

      • BorisG

        Well we have 3 talented girls and Tapa who is improving, I hope it will be great.

  • redsandman99

    Nice to see a turnaround from OVW here. Haven’t been interested in the Miss OVW stuff but I will be watching the ladder match.

  • https://twitter.com/WelshEXP WelshEXP

    I already mentioned this in the spoilers for the episode, but I’ll mention it here too. Since OVW is having weekly coverage, and it is the
    current developmental territory for TNA, if Diva-Dirt does their Years-End FanAwards, I think I’d be nice to have an OVW Fem Fetal of the Year
    award, you know since there was an NXT Diva of the Year award for last
    year and all, and I suspect one for this year as well.
    There have say
    10 women in OVW so it wouldn’t be a small poll at all. Heck It
    would be a bigger poll than the TNA Knockout of the Year anyway.

    • BorisG

      Nice idea.

  • I dig CrayJ

    That is something to get excited about!But I can’t help but think how better the match would be with Ivelisse in it instead of boring ass Tapa.

    • xFoxylicious

      I hate Tapa! I find her extremely boring and not really intimidating…I find Tamina more intimidating IMO. Tamina has that Jane stare….it kills people.

  • PopOff

    Stay in OVW! Or come to TNA and suck a ring off Bully Ray….

    • xFoxylicious

      Ewww xD That’s so disgusting! Brooke must have washed her mouth like 10 times!

      • PopOff

        I know right! Ew, not enough money in the world to make me do anything to that nasty

        • xFoxylicious

          Not even a million unless I want my mouth and teeth go rotten and stink! Poor Brooke.

  • xFoxylicious

    ROFL at Tapa calling Taeler a slut and Taeler’s expression was priceless. xD

  • ???iig?????

    I want Hannah Blossom to win this

  • JillianHallTNA

    YES!!! Thank you OVW!!! Lmao at Tapa yelling “Slut” to Taeler xDDD I’m so excited!! Wow!!!! <3

  • xFoxylicious

    I really hate OVW….I think it’s shitty IMO…but this was a nice thing to make a ladder match. Take notes WWE. Even OVW is making a ladder match.

  • DivasChampAJ

    These bitches suck! OVWK

    • xFoxylicious

      Taeler does not suck! The blossoms does not suck! The rest suck and OVW sucks monkey balls! LOL

      • BorisG


  • https://twitter.com/WelshEXP WelshEXP

    Also on a more personal note, they need to either tell the people at the Danny Davis Arena to be quite during the important parts or they need to go somewhere else for their OVW shows, because 9 times out of 10 the crowds there are just plain awful. I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of little girls and women screaming and yelling whatever they want when people are trying to talk. It’s rude and plain disrespectful, whether the talent is portrayed as good or bad, it’s just not right.


    Taeler is thick Lol. Omg I love Lei’d. The blossoms look so young compared to the bellas lmao. I hope they become big.

    • xFoxylicious

      The Blossoms look really cute and I love their accent!

    • BorisG

      That’s because Blossoms are younger than Bellas 6 years.

  • thenotorious1

    i really want to see more of Lylah instead of the blossoms. She could be the next beth pheonix. Curvy, dominant, and sexy

  • nismos69

    Its funny how last week i mentioned the Katie Lea vs Beth ladder match…

  • NT86

    Haven’t followed OVW in months, but WOW I never realised how over Lei’D Tapa had become. The fans were chanting her name on a number of occasions.

    Once TNA sorts out their financial issues, hopefully they sign more women AND calls up Tapa to the main roster.

  • BorisG

    I root for Taeler.

  • I dig CrayJ

    We get it Tapa it’s your ring your island.Shove it now!