Santana Garrett Makes History as First Female Florida Cruiserweight Champion

September has been good to Santana Garrett.

The SHINE and SHIMMER star, on top of competing at NXT tapings and appearing at TNA Knockouts Knockdown, has made history at the first female Florida Cruiserweight Champion.

Over the weekend, Santana defeated Chasyn Rance to win the title, which has been in existence for over 13 years.

Watch highlights of Santana’s victory below:

Congrats, Santana! It’s always inspiring to see a woman make wrestling history.

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  • shameronstar

    Her stock has really risen in the last few months! She’s definitely main stream bound!

  • AdrianRay

    Such a well wrestled match, I love when male wrestlers can respect female competitors in the ring!

    • Kaledrina

      they actually date in real life i’m pretty sure :) still, kudos to him!

  • Randi Parker

    Great for her, I really hope she makes it far!

  • shameronstar

    Her wrestling style reminds me of a mix between Savannah and Kelly Kelly(the gymnastics components)!

    • Kaledrina

      i love the flippy stuff. when she does it, it makes her look more… iunno? superhero-y!? as opposed to ex-cheerleader. :-)

    • nismos69

      Except shes better than Kelly

  • Kaledrina

    congratulations, santana. she also had a legit tna tryout at ovw last week :-)

    she’s definitely gonna be on everyone’s “one to watch for 2014” list, me thinks!

  • C.Welch

    such great chemistry in the ring, everything just seemed so fluid even tho it looked as tho they were just going thru the motions… santana would be a great addition to the divas division

    • charovnica

      I’ve watched a few matches of Santana and I have only one thing against her…she does appear most of the time as if she was just going through the motions,I think this is what I didn’t like in her TNA PPV match.
      With proper training she could easily get rid of this minor problem.

    • I dig CrayJ

      These two are a couple in real life, so it makes sense to have such great chemistry!

  • nismos69

    Wow, that hurricanrana at the end! Looked so fluid! Shes great, can wait for her TNA debut!

  • BorisG

    Love Santana, she is rising star. Would love that she signs with WWE, but she would be great in TNA because their roster is thin now.

  • llele!

    the only thing I HAVE TO SAY IS..

    • nismos69


      • llele!

        This girl is on fire duh!

  • 3xplicit

    i love her, her cant wait to her debut on TNA or WWE

  • Ilovekpop

    The kids screaming are so cute!!

  • Vivian

    WWE needs to sign her!
    She is to good to be wrestling at elementary schools.

  • Number One

    WOW!!! 2013 is the year of the Headband of Power!!! Congrats to Santana!

  • I dig CrayJ

    WWE would do no wrong signing her! Also, check out this:

  • charovnica

    With WWE finally hinting at a more blured lined product,won’t be surprised if by the end of next year we see a diva go against a guy in an actual match.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    i dont want her or any other major indy star to sign with WWE, at least not now. WWE for a very long time hasn’t really pushed actual talented divas and instead let their few diamonds rot away (Katie Lea, Jillian, Gail, Molly, Serena). It does look like now they’re transitioning to a more Wrestling based business as opposed to Looks, as its been for the past few years. I’d rather her come after all the changes have been made and its stabilized rather than risk her being lost in the shuffle

    • Mario Prince-Charming

      With the success of Totally Divas and the fact that Paige and Emma are still stuck in NxT while useless JoJo and useless Eva get free rides to the main roster, I doubt that there are changes coming for the women’s, I mean “Divas” division…

      • Eric Holt

        I have to disagree. Despite the whole Total Divas thing, I think WWE’s divas division is going in a great direction, slowly but surely. I feel that sometime in the near future, we will see a couple of the girls get called up. But we have to be patient. Plus, I don’t think WWE’s gonna wanna just call up NXT girls just to have extra divas. They’re going to most likely want them to have a successful debut and make an impact.

        • Mario Prince-Charming

          Just because AJ cut a promo about the Divas and the state of that so-called division does not mean the WWe is looking to change. The proof of their unwillingness to change is the fact that JoJo and Eva, with NO REAL training are on the main roster. WWe is still more interested in models/wanna-be actresses than REAL wrestlers.