Full Results: SHINE Wrestling Presents SHINE 13


Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 13, airing on iPPV tonight.

The main event sees SHINE Champion Rain defend her title against former 5-time TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love, while the undercard includes, among others, Valkyrie duo of Ivelisse and Allysin Kay facing Jessicka Havok and Amazing Kong (WWE’s Kharma) in tag team action.

SHINE 13 comes to us live from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida, starting at 9pm ET (2am GMT). Order the event by clicking here.

Live results of the show below:

Su Yung defeated La Rosa Negra, Xandra Bale and Taeler Hendrix. A solid four-way match that was perhaps a bit too short, but still fun. Yung got the win with a Yellow Fever on Xandra Bale.

Nikki Roxx defeated Leah Von Dutch. A great, back-and-forth match, and one of the best performances from Von Dutch I’ve seen so far, matching the veteran Roxx hold-for-hold for most of the contest. Roxx got the win with a Barbie Crusher.

Sassy Stephie and Jessie Belle defeat Santana and Amber O’Neal. Stephie gets the win on O’Neal with Kiss My Sass. Good match.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Solo Darling. Mercedes got the win with the Fisherman Buster after hitting a low blow on Solo while the referee was talking to Daffney at ringside. Post-match, Nikki Roxx comes out to attack Martinez, only to be thwarted by Leah Von Dutch, who in turn is attacked by Kimberly! Kimberly celebrates in the ring as the next match’s competitors come out.

Nevaeh defeated Leva. Nevaeh picked up the win after a distraction from Sassy Stephie and Jessie Belle. Leva was dressed as a nurse from Silent Hill, and pulled off the costume and mannerisms in fantastically creepy fashion. Definitely one of her best costumes yet. Post-match, Nevaeh stands at the ring entrance with Stephie and Jessie and announces that “the N in “S n’ S” stands for Nevaeh.

Mia Yim defeated Nikki Storm. Storm looked superb on her SHINE debut, portraying her usual cocky, short-fused heel character from the British indies. Yim got the win with a 450 splash, but not before kicking out of everything Storm had to offer. Great outing from both women.

Allysin Kay and Ivelisse defeated Jessicka Havok and Amazing Kong. Kay refused to wrestle Havok throughout the match, tagging in Ivelisse whenever she found herself in the ring with her best friend. The finish came when in a moment of craziness Kay clotheslined Havok by accident, allowing Ivelisse to hit an Enzuigiri for the 3-count. Kay and Havok stared down after the match.

Rain defeated Angelina Love to retain the SHINE Championship. Although Rain was her usual sneaky heel self throughout the match, she got the win in reasonably clean fashion, with the Implant DDT. A solid performance from both women, if a little anti-climatic at the end.

That’s all for our live coverage of SHINE 13! Check back tomorrow for a full review!

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  • nismos69

    So…um hi

    • Brandon Christopher

      Lol hi

  • Pumped Up Kicks

    all the matches have been pretty solid so far! My favorite has been the fatal 4 Way but havok is coming up soon and I know she and Kong vs kay and Ive will be my favorite match.

  • Monkey Tennis

    I guess Santana and Amber had to lose if Shine are planning on launching Tag titles at some point. There needs to be a few other teams seen as legitimate prospects..

    I’d still rather see Santana as a singles competitor, challenging for the Shine title though.

    • Number One

      I’d like to see Santana turn heel against Amber someday. I’ve wanted to see an evil Santana for a while now and I got my wish with the Knockouts PPV. She could be an excellent heel in Shine if given the chance.

    • Aleksandra

      I want her in WWE or TNA. I hope after her NXT match against Charlotte airs, WWE will sign her.

      • Brandon Christopher

        Is it me, or is Charlotte fantastic? I’m literally waiting for her first push. I think she is going to be amazing.

  • Monkey Tennis

    I’m cool enough with Nikki losing to Mia (I guess), but I could have done without Mia kicking out of both of Nikki’s finishers – That just sold Nikki a bit short, at least in the (kayfabe) context of the match.

    But I am biased.

  • Raekon

    Loved the whole Show as usual!
    Great Matches, Great People in the Chat, Awesome Talent and Promotion!
    Worth staying up all night for me! ^_^
    Can’t wait for next month!

  • BorisG

    Wanted Angelina to win Shine title.

    • Aleksandra

      Me too. But I would love that Awesome Kong wins it.

      • Brandon Christopher

        Pending she is actually returning to the WWE, contractually, would she be able to hold another title for another promotion?

  • Aleksandra

    Why is Santana still on the indies? WWE or TNA please sign her. If she didn’t show you what she can than IDK what is enough.