Armchair Creative Team: Booking the Brie Bella Push

The Armchair Creative Team is meeting to discuss the next step in a women’s wrestling storyline. Whose idea will make it to TV?

There are many different ways the push of Brie Bella feud can unfold. From surprise heel turns, the wrath of the Administration to screwjobs, we all have different ideas of where the story could go. We already asked you for your opinion, so it’s time to share ours.

Team Diva Dirt has weighed the options and are presenting you with our ideas. Click the arrow below to see our first suggestion.

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  • Eric Holt

    Interesting, yet great ideas you guys have! Ugh, I just wish tomorrow night could already be here so we can see this match between AJ and Brie. I’m so excited and anxious to see what’s going to happen.

  • jen07201

    I love both Cryssi’s and Bobby’s idea

    • Mariah_Scarey

      Yep they were my favorite! But I think I like Cryssi’s just a lil bit more.

      • jen07201

        I think Nattie needs this and I love the idea of having a Divas tag team Survivor Series match

  • Ittyx

    I love the anti-Brie thing….

    “Big Show…. KNOCK HER OUT!”

    one can dream…

    • Liam Collett

      Hahahahaah I’m just imagining it

  • loops

    If AJ loses to Brie cleanly. I would lose faith in humanity.

    • CJ

      Agreed. AJ is the sort of Diva to walk among legends like Lita and Trish Stratus. I cannot say most of the other women in the WWE.


    Erin’s idea is AMAZING! I really wanna see Brie vs Nikki once more.

  • OJ Von Erich


  • OJ Von Erich

    Actually Erin too has a great idea… BOOK IT!

  • Akayla

    I dig Chris’ idea..

  • ?.?.

    all of them sounds like a laughing joke nobody going to beat aj lee any time soon

  • Liam Collett

    Honestly Alicia fox or Layla is good for business or Kaitlyn perfect way to set up a aj feud Alicia confronts aj about her calling Alicia nothing on raw and then aj cuts a bunch of promos about how they left her and she’s been carrying the division and the title too
    Layla feud: aj goes up to Layla and tries to talk to her and like Kaitlyn was with her title match aj tries talking to her but Layla says aj I don’t like you saying were thirsty for attention I think it’s just wrong that u won the title with mind games and then they brawl backstage
    Kaitlyn feud:aj wins at battleground then on raw she’s does the whole candies Michelle return on Kaitlyn acct in singles action Kaitlyn wins and they feud again

  • CJ

    The ending I see is AJ defeating Brie in a very humiliating loss after a beatdown from both AJ and Tamina — a beating so devastating that it takes Brie Bella off of WWE permanently. I don’t want to see AJ drop that belt until it goes to someone fresh out of NXT like Paige or, as a last resort, drop it to Naomi.

  • The_Kisser_Of_82

    The only Diva who’d be Best for Biznizz is Tamina as She could play Steph’s Bodyguard/Handpicked Corporate Diva as her cousin is apart of it Roman Reigns as he could tell her she’s the future and use him to recruit her as Shield’s 1st Diva as she already looks good in Black. As far as Kaitlyn she said when she returned in a backstage interview she didn’t want any part of this Total Divas-AJ Lee feud.

  • Liam Collett

    Or have Stephen get the title strip aj and say “IM best for business” have aj or native feud with her but she keeps title for ages but stripping it from whoever beats her

  • CJ

    AJ deserves to remain the Divas champion. She has the charisma, she has the ability and she is a strong talker. The thing that is holding her back is that she has no one on her level. Bring in some new NXT Divas!

  • Number One

    I really love the idea of Natalya being the Corporate Divas Champion, but I also love the idea of Nikki having Tamina attack her own sister and taking the title. Bottom line, Nattie needs a heel turn; she is so much better as a villainess. Same goes for AJ being much better as a babyface. On the other hand, I’ve wanted a lengthy Bellas feud for a long time now, and I think WWE is actually closer to that route than having the evil Natalya as the “Best for Business” Diva. I’d be happy with either angle, though!

  • Jtiera

    Chris >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Ap

    The Bellas can feud without the title being involved. Aj moves onto Nattie where they should have a double turn during their PPV match makes more logical sense to have Aj drop the title to Nattie

  • CJ

    Nikki is not the better Bella, and I don’t even like Brie all that much.


    I haven’t even read this yet and I already love it

  • wwestarlee

    sometimes i wonder if some aj fans think Aj will keep the title forever…. She’s good and she’s got her name in WWE history books, but other divas deserve a first or second title shot also

    • Mariah_Scarey

      I agree. I’m a huge Aj fan but over exposure is never a good thing.

      • Ap

        Also, u want to build up to a title lose not just a throw away feud either

      • wwestarlee

        agreed, i don’t want people to assume i don’t like aj, because i do, its just i wish some of her fans (not all) would understand she will lose the title someday and don’t overreact.

    • BorisG

      Yup she has done so much right now in these 2 years. She has been in focus and now it’s time to give other Divas second chance or new opportunity.

  • shamaramill

    Chris and Cryssi have amazing ideas. They would make he divas division fresh and interesting! You guys should continue to do this!

  • AdrianRay

    If only one of these would happen! Obviously Diva Dirt knows what’s best for business!

  • Mariah_Scarey

    I love this! Keep doing this, I live!!!

  • BorisG

    This is great, love your ideas. Each one is great on it’s own way.

  • xoxoMarysexoxo

    THIS IS ALL GREAT OFMG Chis’s idea was the best to me like oMFG It’s similar with the Layla, Kaitlyn and Eve storyline but this is better IMO.