OVW Saturday Night Special Results: Lei’D Tapa vs. Hannah Blossom for the Women’s Title

Saturday night in Louisville, Kentucky, OVW put on its October Saturday Night Special, which featured an OVW Women’s Title match between champ Hannah Blossom and Lei’D Tapa.

The show will be available on OVW on Demand. Results below, courtesy of OVWMania:

* Michael Titus is in the ring for the finals of the “Miss OVW” contest. He brings out Lovely Lylah, and then Ray Lynn. As Holly Blossom makes her entrance, she is attacked from behind by Lei’D Tapa. Hannah runs out to check on Holly, and Tapa says that was a message. Tonight, it’s her ring, her island, and Hannah will bow down!

* OVW WOMEN’S TITLE: Lei’D Tapa vs. Hannah Blossom (c)
Hannah comes out swinging, angry at what she did to Holly. Tapa keeps knocking her away, but Hannah keeps coming back. Hannah locks in an arm submission twice, but Tapa flings her down and starts stomping away on her. Holly runs out and gets between them, but Hannah shoves her away and Holly says she doesn’t want to see her get hurt anymore. Holly gets out and Hannah turns into the big boot from Tapa for the 3.
Winner and new OVW Women’s Champion: Lei’D Tapa

That makes for a short reign for Hannah Blossom, as this was her very first defense of the title.

Are you happy about Lei’D Tapa’s win?

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  • Brandon Christopher

    So wow Hannah, way to not matter.


    Debuts on the main roster and wins the OVW belt… idk what they see on Tapa, seriously

  • Pumped Up Kicks

    This makes NO sense. Smh. Isn’t she on the main roster now for Tna? Silly man.

  • Alex Ángeles. ?

    WOW, seriously this is pointless. Tapa can’t work a decent match, she can’t act and her scream are annoying as hell also her promos are awful. Also why they give the title to Hannah, if Tapa was set to win anyway? I don’t see the logic in this.

  • I dig CrayJ

    Considering she won the title in a ladder match, Hannah should’ve gotten a more decent reign! But maybe that means she will stay on OVW because of her clusterfuck TNA debut! TNA, CALL UP THE BLOSSOMS OR TAELER!

    • https://twitter.com/WelshEXP WelshEXP

      Replace OR with AND then I’d agree.

      • I dig CrayJ

        Haha, deal!

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      Who is in your profile pic?

      • I dig CrayJ

        Melina, Kelly Kelly and Candice (left to right)

        • Angelica Marie MoNae

          I love it when was that?

          • I dig CrayJ

            Melina had just won the Women’s Title at RR 2009 and she had a rematch with Beth. Rosa and Santino tried to cheat Melina out of the title and Kelly Candice and Mickie came out and attacked them!

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            Omg I must have missed that. Can you post a link to a vid?

          • I dig CrayJ
          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            Thanks so much :-)

  • xjonfer12494x

    Even The individual Bellas got a more proportionate reign…jeez

  • Kicker2

    Miss OVW was supposed to be decided at this SNS and was NOT!

  • Monkey Tennis

    Just last week, I said it looked like Hannah had been only been given the belt in yet another desperate attempt to put Tapa over as a genuine threat. And without blowing my own trumpet, this completely proves my point.

    As for what OVW/TNA are seeing in Tapa that almost nobody else does, I honestly have no clue whatsoever.

  • SimplyDivaLicious

    Whats so good about Tapa? I don’t know why they hired her and not hired Ivelisse.

  • SimplyDivaLicious

    I am confused;
    Tapa debuted in TNA now and she still is wrestling OVW? And whats the point of having Hannah win if shes going to lose it to Tapa?

    • Peace

      I guess it’s like in WWE/NXT. They appear on the main roster but remain in developmental for a bit to hone their skills further.

      • SimplyDivaLicious

        I thought OVW was separate from TNA…

        • Mal

          ovw is their developmental grounds its why Jessie Godderz and Jay Bradley are down there as well. OVW functions as it’s own company but TNA can have talent train down there if not ready to be used on tv. Rob Terry showed up down there and that’s where Crimson spent all his time before his release.

          • SimplyDivaLicious

            Ohh Thankss ;)

      • BorisG

        Like Summer Rae, just she doesn’t wrestle on the main roster.

  • https://twitter.com/WelshEXP WelshEXP

    While I find no logic in even giving the title to Hannah in the first place, I just roll my eyes to all those who are basically bashing Tapa for no reason.
    Is she the best worker? No, she’s not even that good right now, but that’s because she’s still learning her craft. (But at least she’s better than Trina ever was, that’s a fact) And I can guarantee you, if it weren’t for TNA having only 4 women on it’s roster, Tapa wouldn’t have been called up so quickly, if that is even still an issue that TNA has a new face on it’s show finally.
    Also TNA obviously see something in Tapa for them to pick her over Ivelisse. Now is Tapa better than Ivelisse? No, I would have chosen her over Tapa as well. But because she wasn’t chosen doesn’t mean I’m going to be bitter and hate Tapa because of it. Tapa has a look and a presence to her that ‘may’ very well be something more than Ivelisse could give if she was chosen, and even I can see ‘something’ in her, but its about giving her time to develop that something to see if TNA made the right choice or not.

    Also keep in mind that ANYONE who goes to OVW is made to deliberately look bad in-ring and on mic, so I wouldn’t hold that to just Tapa since everyone isn’t very good on the mic down there, men and women.

    • Peace

      I don’t get the hate for Tapa either. Yeah, she was called up too soon but it was necessary considering the lack of depth in the KO division. Also, OVW isn’t a great school. Most people improve very slowly in OVW, always have. At least on the main roster she’ll be able to train with Gail and ODB who can probably teach her more than all of OVW put together.

  • Kaitlyn.Lover<3


  • Ryan

    TNA just officially wasted what ever potential Tapa could have had in the future. They brought her up too early while she still barely knows the basics. The monster novelty always wares off within a year and since she’s still a rookie that means she’ll peak before she’s even ready. By the time she becomes decent-good, no one will care anymore because they’ll already be bored with her monster act and they’ll have gotten used to the crappy matches she’ll have produced within that time so whatever improvements she will make in the future will be ignored because people won’t care anymore by that time.

    • Brandon Christopher

      Honestly, her novelty has already worn off. She isn’t Kharma, we’ve already had that monster in both TNA and WWE. She not only lacks the size, the intimidation factor, the wrestling ability, but Tapa on her own is just not interesting. Especially since she is repeating her OVW gimmick. TNA just wasted their money, that would have been better spent on a talent who was ready.

      • Richard Smith

        Lady Tapa never did or had any potential to save save the knockout or even divas division
        Dixie and the creative team should just retire and let someone who has wrestling knowledge take over .

        • Ryan

          Yes I know. What I mean is what ever potential that they thought she had, she’ll never be able to live up to now.

          • Richard Smith

            I totally agree.. but from her matches i see she has no potential to be Top of the division she no more than a jobber like zack ryder and nattie

  • Number One

    I have a feeling that this title loss means the Blossoms feud could be kiboshed. Damn it!

  • BorisG

    Well she should have won it in the ladder match, there was no point of Hannah winning if they didn’t want to continue sister vs sister feud. Now we won’t be able to see it on internet.

  • Richard Smith

    Just seen tapa tna debut as Knockout and my good god. wtf. does tna see in her and not in the Iveless velez. all she does is push around and sceams maaaaaaaaaa, my island, my ring, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and pushes opponents to ground

  • shameronstar

    If Tapa trained at nxt instead of ovw and had a feud with Paige she’d be much better than she is!