In Video: ODB is October’s “Knockout of the Month”

TNA has released a video announcing Knockouts Champion ODB as their October “Knockout of the Month”.

In the video, ODB reflects on her recent journey to the title, from leaving refereeing behind to defeating Gail Kim, who she calls one of her toughest opponents.

ODB caps off the video by claiming to be “more of a serious ODB” now. Eh, we’ll believe it when we see it.

Watch the “Knocked Up Champ”‘s video below:

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  • llele!



    Didn’t she kind of have to be KO of the Month :x Not many other selections

    • DivasChampAJ


  • nismos69

    By default.

  • DivasChampAJ


  • Bruno Santos

    ugh .. ODB sucks

  • SimplyFlawless!

    I like her.

  • Numero47

    Nice video package but still feels that there weren’t too many contenders to chose from

  • BorisG

    She’s nice. Just wish there are more Knockouts now to challenge her and refresh the KO division.

  • Joey Mayberry

    Not too hard to be Knockout Of The Month when there are only 5.

  • Brandon Christopher

    Knockout of the month is a thing….eh