Hey… if Lay-Cool can split the Women’s Title, we can split our Picture of the Day just this once.

It was a very Bella-friendly picture day on the twins social media accounts, as Brie posted a snapshot of she and Daniel Bryan enjoying the Seattle Seahawks game and Nikki went with the Throwback Thursday theme, showcasing an old blonde hairstyle. Pretty surprising, right?

The first photo was posted on Brie’s Instagram, which she captioned, “Best Date Night….Seahawks game in Cardinal Stadium!! #braniel #goseahawks”.

The second, as shown above, was of course posted on Nikki’s, with her writing, “High School Memories (and blonde ones) #tbt”.

Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse at blonde Nikki, do you think she should keep her current look or go back blonde? That would certainly set her apart from Brie, should her on-screen persona crave a bit more of the limelight.