Angelina Love Captures Knockout Championship


At last night’s Lockdown pay per view, TNA crowned a new Knockout Champion in Angelina Love of the Beautiful People. Love defeated previous champion Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde in a triple threat match inside the Six Sides of Steel.

In recent weeks, the Beautiful People have upped their game in the Knockouts division with the addition of Madison Rayne to the team and it looks as though Kong is now a tweener, making them the top heels in the division.

I’ve always said that Love should be considered for the title, of the then-two members of the Beautiful People, she definitely exceeds Velvet Sky in ability. I also thought it would be cool if the Beautiful People shared the title, we’ll see what happens.

With her victory last night, Love becomes only the fourth Knockout to hold the title.

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  • sheLooksGud2me

    I’m glad that TNA have a golden angel on our shoulders!
    I heared that Madison did great to the ‘queen of cage’ match and she deserves to be crowned the queen!(but i also lurve ODB)
    She is freakin’ great in SHIMMER!
    TNA rocks!
    :D no offense to WWE.

  • melinavsmickie

    Im so happy angelina won the Knockout Championships ist about time

  • Liam

    melinavsmickie im glad too! the belt suits her and shes a great wrestler and the belt really suits her. but the only thing im not happy in the match was that she pinned taylor, when if its a big accomplishment it would of been better if she had pinned kong!

  • dan333

    I think I might be the only person who isn’t happy about this. I mean what has she done to deserve the title… nothing.

  • xcc77

    anyone have a link??

  • xmelissaa

    it’s nice to see someone besides Kong hold the title…

  • Melanie

    xcc77 – Unfortunately the PPV hasn’t found it’s way online yet, as soon as it does we’ll be posting the match on the site.

  • Rob

    I read how the the match went, I like how the took the title off Kong without weaking her character. The tripple threat match was a good idea. She didn’t actually loose the title as she wasn’t able to defend it. Kong was not pinned. Instead they did something unique which worked because it was a steel cage match. I won’t spoil how it went. But it contunues the Kong-beautiful people fued

  • Liam
  • mpezza

    It’s about damn time they put the belt on her!