TNA Watch: Angelina Love Wins Knockout Title at Lockdown

It’s finally here! Videos from Lockdown have finally surfaced and here we go… First up, I’m going to dive right into the match we all want to see. Angelina Love defeating Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde to become the new Knockout Champion:


A very good match, as always from the Knockouts. Tying Kong’s braids to the cage was inspired lol… whoever thought of that, great stuff. It kept her distracted for Angelina to pick up the win. It’s a shame the match had to end the way it did, after Angelina got knocked silly from that crossbody by Taylor. I would have liked a more definitive finish i.e. Angelina hitting her finisher on Taylor for the three count, but I understand they had to rush to the finish because Ang was out of it thus the quick pin after Kong hit the big boot on Taylor. You could tell that she was still out of it in her post-match celebration. It’s a shame, but hey she is Knockout Champion now so all is well.

The Queen of the Cage match is after the cut:


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  • Liam

    Two incredibly amazing matches by the Knockouts!

    Angelina vs Taylor vs Kong Match.

    Im Happy to see Angelina finally get the Gold. She really deserves it more than any knockout. I feel sorry for her though, i read that she got concussed after the crossbody, she didnt seem with it at all after that. The ending was sloppy Kong kicking Taylor & Angelina pinned her, but i spose it was a quick way out as Angelina couldn’t really carry on fighting prior her head injury. Like Melanie said would of been good if she used her finisher to pin Taylor. But to be honest i would of liked to sen her pin Kong. This wouls make her victory seem more of a goal. But thats what i think lol.

    The Queen of the cage match.

    Another good match. Madison looked good in the ring. Is it just me but Daffney…when she came to the ring i thought huh it that Roxxi. Does Daffney remind anybody of Roxxi when she was using her “voodoo gimmick” They look the same LOL! Glad OBD won it but shouldn’t she be the number contender now?, but isn’t there a Ladder match next week between Taylor & Sojo? Hmm im confused lol anyway happy with all the results. All the Knockouts pulled of amazing in these matches.

  • sheLooksGud2me

    Madison should won that! —-hahaha. They’re all great!

  • Andre

    now that Kong is a tweener does this mean she’ll finally get rid of those shitty looking braids?!…..I admire Angelina for having the presence of mind that she did to cover for the win….both matches were very solid efforts by the Knockouts. on an unrelated note am i alone in my disdain for Cody Dener?

  • Manda

    It’s refreshing to see that they actually take their women’s division seriously and treat them equally to their male counterparts, i.e. putting them in ladder matches, cage matches… TNA has faith in these girls and it shows. Would WWE even bother coming up with a promo video for either diva’s title like TNA did? Doubtful…

  • Thomas

    the belt looks real good on angelina… hope she keeps it for a while. i was kind of scared for her because she curled up into a ball after the crossbody, but i’m glad she was okay to at least pin taylor at the end.

  • Luis-Angel

    the 3-way was very entertaining nice to see Angelina with the title she really deserved the win

    the Queen of the Cage match was pretty good but i kinda felt like they should of had more Knockouts
    great match though
    was that the first time we saw SoJo since her match against Awesome Kong?
    its been awhile lol

  • sasyazn

    Taylor Wilde’s outfit looks like the one worn by Trish Stratus on her final match at Unforgiven in 2006. Just different colors.

  • Jenny

    Oh dear, Angelina was pretty dazed. I’m glad she’s okay though. She was pretty out of it, but oh well, she has the Knockouts Championship belt to show off.

  • Matt

    Good match and great champ. I’m guessing Kong was supposed to knock Taylor back into Angelina and she’d do her finisher for the pin.

  • TaylorJade

    I am really glad to see Angelina Love as the Knockouts Champion (and not just because she’s my favorite Knockout). This was a really good match and Angelina deserves to be the champion. Good to hear that Angelina is okay. I was a little worried when I first saw this match.

  • Rob

    I liked now TNA gave them enough time to really tell a story. Credit all of them for the improvising at the end when Taylor realized that Angelina was pretty much out of it. As for storylines, this is what the WWE needs to do much more of. Now you have a heel challenger who never really lost her title going after a bigger heel champion who will do anything and everything she can to keep her title. Even with a diferent # 1 challenge, it still allows for Kong to interfear and be in matches without facing off against Angelina again soon. Anyone care to bet that when Angelina faces off against the # 1 challenger, Kong won’t interfear?