Diva Dirt Weekly for the Week Ending October 28th, 2013

Each week following Raw, Diva Dirt Weekly will take a look back at the week preceding it, hitting every noteworthy event along the way, from Impact Wrestling to SmackDown to Raw.

Joining the audio will be team members Chris, Erin and our host Jake.

We cover the following events:

* Impact (10/24/13): Gail Kim and Brooke defeat ODB and Velvet Sky with help from Lei’D Tapa; Will Gail’s reign help rejuvenate the division?

* TNA’s 24/7 “Where the Action Never Ends” program is announced.

* Hell in a Cell (10/27/13): AJ Lee defeats Brie Bella to retain the Divas Title; Summer Rae makes her in-ring debut, beating Natalya in a Mixed Tag Team match.

* Raw (10/28/13): AJ and Tamina Snuka defeat Brie and Nikki Bella; Natalya defeats Summer Rae; How will the WWE play off Summer’s newfound wrestling skills? Who should AJ drop the title to?

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  • DivaLicious

    My wife Renee young, my girlfriend summer Rae, my sex lover Nikki bella. So everybody eles back off

  • wwepassion

    aj should drop the title to paige, if not her then nikki bella, or summer rae

    • Brandon

      Paige or kaitlyn IMO

      • wwepassion

        paige yea kaitlyn no, kaitlyn and aj already had a feud and it’s to early to have another one

  • Brandon

    Totally agree kaitlyn should be the one to take the title off aj. Aj could have the longest reign (which I think wwe is doing) and kaitlyn takes the steal off her. That would build so much anger in aj and piss her off. Kaitlyn could be all happy angina because her belts back. Then after about two months aj can take time off for all the work she’s done and kaitlyn could finally get a decent push as champ

    • ?Akayla?

      I will be very sad if they take the record from Maryse…:/

  • JoeWWE

    I love these weekly shows so much!

  • silverink25

    I’m think Aj vs Kaitlyn vs Naomi for the title. Though for Naomi to be in the title picture, I think they would have to change her character and push her out by herself. That or separate The Funkadactlys from Brodus and give them a new name.

    If WWE doesn’t do that, then maybe they should switch Natalya with Naomi, that way we can get “A Battle of the Best Manager/ Dancer/Wrestler” feud with Summer Rae. Naomi vs Summer Rae could be cool, and then have Aj vs Kaitlyn vs Natalya.

    I don’t know. As far as TNA goes, I hope they pick up Jillian now that they are back in Florida. And hopefully Jillian will convince Melina, cause I REALLY want Melina to be the second women’s wrestler to have been the Women’s, Diva’s, and Knockout’s Champion.

  • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ Eric Holt

    I enjoy Diva Dirt Weekly every week! It’s like the highlight of my weeks : ) You guys made some very good points about everything you guys talked about this week. Thanks DD for providing us with a great weekly show, and keep up the good work!