Exclusive: Mickie James Talks Her Wrestling Future, TNA Disappointment, ‘Total Divas’ & More

Though she doesn’t consider herself to be the most decorated woman in televised wrestling history, Mickie James is certainly close, holding the WWE Women’s Title, Divas Title and TNA Knockouts Title a combined nine times.

For the second time, we’ve conducted an exclusive interview with the former Diva and Knockout about a range of topics, including her thoughts on Total Divas and a few “what could have been?” moments in her career.

Speaking to Diva Dirt’s Jack and Steven, Mickie opens up about her latest TNA run and how she believes the Knockouts Tag Team Titles were a wasted opportunity.

We also touch on her future in wrestling and if WWE, TNA, SHIMMER or SHINE will play a role.

The indy scene gets the spotlight, with Mickie revealing the former SHIMMER Champion she’d like to face as well as her thoughts on the woman above her in the 2013 PWI Female 50, Cheerleader Melissa.
Listen below or download by right clicking here.

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  • BorisG

    Love you Mickie. The inspiration to many. She’s the reason why you should follow your dreams and never stop trying.

  • charovnica

    I honestly love Mickie to death! Fantastic wrestler with everything needed to be a freaking superstar in this business. I’d love to see her in WWE again.

    • Rhawk

      what do you mean ‘needed’? She IS a superstar in the business.

      • charovnica

        That’s what I meant…that she has everything needed to be a superstar and she is,but I guess I didn’t word it clearly enough :D

  • Oh FASHIONABLE Snap..!

    ugh… WWE resign HER. She wants to return… She even prays to return! you rehire sable who sued your company..so you can rehire One of the best divas ever.

    • Marshy

      Mickie James VS Natalya or Mickie James VS AJ, Mickie VS Tamina or Mickie James VS Naomi even the new girls who are in NXT like Paige, Emma, Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte and many more. WWE has more on their roster than TNA right now, so that she won’t get tiresome of wrestling the same person over and over. Mickie and Kharma wants to make return and make a huge comeback to the WWE.

      • Jason

        Not really, if you look at the six knockouts on the main roster and the 8 in OVW and look at the skills and the amount of time they get in their matches. No way does WWE have anywhere close to a better women’s division than TNA. For you to even suggest that tells me everything I need to know about you. lol
        Hell Gail Kim by herself owns the entire WWE female division.

      • HC Duran

        No, one promo on TNA’s show this week says it all. Four of their stars were in a composite shot—Styles, Kim, Aires and Jeff Hardy. Whatever else you think about the company, those four are OUTSTANDING WRESTLING PERFORMERS first and foremost. Not models called up from an agency, not 5 move wonders over-pushed to the exclusion of developing anybody else for years. All the KO division needs is 2-3 new catalysts, perhaps Serena Deeb, Cheerleader Melissa, a returning Terrell, etc, and TNA will be on its way to fully recapturing leadership in nationally televised women’s wrestling.

    • https://twitter.com/Peace_n_Freedom Peace and Freedom Guy

      The only problem with what you’re saying is that the WWE simply isn’t interested in hiring women that can actually wrestle.

  • MrMexican99

    So WWE tries to force Kelly Kelly and Maryse to resign when they don’t want to. Now, here’s a wrestler praying for a return and you’re not even looking at her. Nice. -___-

    • jbrizzy

      The thing with them I see is the less a person cares the farther they get in the company. Look at Sable for example. And many others. Even Krissy Vaine didn’t want to be there and she was supposed to get a big push had she not quit.

    • laiciv

      Well Kelly Kelly made the cover of Maxim. So its understandable because she brings more publicity for WWE. And Maryse is Miz’s husband so they probably wanna do something with those 2 like the Bellas.

  • Oh FASHIONABLE Snap..!

    Mickie loves nattie =) the matches would beeeeeeeeeee amazingggggg. always loved Mickie vs Beth vs Natalya.

  • J.D.C.D.

    Hmm. As much as I’d love to see Mickie James on TV (WWE or TNA) I’d love to see her work in Shine or Shimmer first. Work a lot of the IPPVs and other shows. Then go back to TNA with her heel superstar Diva. I really missed the closure on that angle.

  • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ Eric Holt

    I could listen to Mickie James talk for hours. She is just AMAZING! She is a real, down-to-earth sweetheart. You can just feel her love and passion for the wrestling industry and more importantly her fans. I feel that Mickie has a lot more to offer as far as wrestling goes, and no matter what she ends up doing, whether she goes back to TNA or WWE, wrestle in the indies, or work as a wrestling trainer, Mickie’s fans (including me) will follow her every step of the way : )

  • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

    Mickie James is SO amazing! Seriously, she is my absolute favorite EVER! Sadly we don´t have girls like her in WWE anymore, I just wish she would come back :(

  • Nathan Will

    Mickie James is awesome idc if shes in TNA WWE ROH FWE ,etc., she’s one of the best if not THE best female wrestler i’ve ever seen i’d honestly like to see her in wwe as a face cuz it’s obvious that tna is trying to build a new ko’s division like wwe has done with the divas over the past couple years

  • BillyGP

    Mickie is amazing she to me is one of the best if not the best.

  • http://noreallyitstrue.wordpress.com/ AdrianRay

    BRB! About to soak in the interview!

  • christo82

    Good Interview. Its interesting how she left out mentioning certain ladies lol. Make me wonder how it is backstage. And How could she not want to wrestle Naomi, but wants to work Brie Bella???

  • Rhawk

    Personally I’d rather see Mickie return to WWE someday over TNA, but considering how Lisa/Tara/Victoria has recently done some appearances and a run in with ROH, I’d really like to see Mickie James make either a brief or a kind of semi-appearance basis return to ROH, where she has had a few matches before.

    But wherever she ends up next, she’ll always have my support in whatever she does.

    • Jason

      Why on god’s green earth would you want her back in WWE over TNA? WWE’s female division is a joke and at most you get five minutes of wrestling from them a week vs. the 10 to 15 minutes you get from the knockouts with only one show.

      • Divas ChampAJ

        WWE has been stepping up.Did you not see they got two Diva matches/Diva Feuds and they got brief time and entrances.5Minutes each match.

        • AceRuby

          Stepping up in what exactly? In pushing AJ Lee like she’s the “John Cena” of the women’s division right now? Sorry buddy but the WWE’s women’s division still doesn’t come close to others out their and that includes TNA’s in which the women still get 10 to 15 minutes of TV time every week (depending on what they are doing that week).

          • Aaron Evans

            Trish Stratus was pushed so hard that people started to cheer a heel Mickie James over her, I think until that happens, AJ’s push can’t be that bad.

          • AceRuby

            My point is is that the other girls are not getting the same pushes and it hurts the division overall because of it as no one can really be on the same level playing field that’s never good for business.

          • yopilaya

            The only time Mickie got bigger pops was in WM22 when every heels were getting cheers. All the other nights, Trish was the clear fan-favorite. But AJ just like Trish HAVE to carry the division until someone steps-up to AJ’s level. Simple.

        • Jason

          Both matches together just lasted over 6 minutes and to top it off they were shit matches. The WWE have no idea how to book a female division. Not in 2013

      • Rhawk

        First off. I prefer Mickie James in WWE because I first saw her within WWE and it would be nice for her to be in a big arena once again where people actually know she still wrestles (look at RVD’s comments on his WWE return after his TNA run to know what I mean).
        Also TNA only does that every so often, these days it is more or less a copy of the divas division, having maybe 5-10 minute matches. True they would benefit with more women in their show since another thing holding them back is that they literally only have 5 active women in their division.
        Plus with Micke going back to WWE, she’d be paid more money over there, and she’d be paid ‘on time’. Plus she clearly ‘prayed’ to go back to WWE over TNA so it’s more of her preference as well as mine.

        • Jason

          So you are a brand mark and not a wrestling fan. Great to know

          Stop talking shit, TNA is watched by 54% more people overseas than wwe. Forbes is the source on that one.
          TNA does that all the time, we are known for having ladder matches and cage matches and last female standing matches and we will be having a first ever first blood match with the knockouts in Jan to. When has wwe done any of that or for that matter not had 3 minute piss matches unlike TNA which treats the females just like the men.
          Again you are talking shit, both Gail Kim and Mickie has said in the past that when they re-signed to TNA they got paid more in TNA than WWE. Also between OVW and TNA we have 12 knockouts. Nice try
          Since working for TNA I have never once not been paid on time, I think Joey Ryan blew those bullshit IWC dirtsheet rumors out of the water.

          • Rhawk

            Okay, not that being a ‘brand mark’ as you put it is a bad thing, but I’m anything far from that. WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor (my favourite at the moment), FWE, Chikara, SHIMMER, Shine, Welsh Wrestling and some other promotions other than ‘just WWE or TNA’.
            Also, you say ‘we’ as if you actually work for TNA, and if you do work for TNA, why post all ‘angry’ in a random site about womens wrestling like Diva Dirt (no offence guys, love the site but I’m trying to make a point right now), when TNA barely has a Knockouts Division right now? (OVW doesn’t count since none of them appear for TV currently, other than Lei’D Tapa. Taeler isn’t with contract with TNA but still with OVW, and Lord knows whats going on with The Blossoms)
            But I find it pointless to argue with someone who ‘claims’ to work for TNA (what an example you are showing yourself and the company you work for by doing so by the way). I’ll wait and see what happens with TNA as time goes by. Will they get sold to Viacom, Jarrett (hopefully so) or WWE? Who knows. Will that First Blood match happen in January as you predicted, and if that forward booking is actually in place with the Knockouts? Why knows again. We’ll wait and see. But until then, act professional and let people have their opinions.

  • She-Wolf

    Great interview, I would love to see Mickie return to WWE. Preferably as a heel, I was really beginning to get behind cocky “heart-breaking, history-making” TNA Mickie. Perhaps she’s ‘best for business’ enough to finally dethrone AJ. ;)

    • I dig CrayJ

      Exactly cocky Mickie vs crAJ Lee would be perfection <3

  • Kash

    “You know”

    • PikachuBoo

      I love Mickie and her “You know’s.” It always makes me laugh when a fellow fan of MJ points this out.

      • Sam

        Lol yeah, she says that alot. and yet it’s so… Mickie. =D

        • I dig CrayJ

          A lot of the people that are interviewed say this a lot though

  • Sam

    Mickie, you’ll always be my role model. Always so polite and down-to-earth. Honest, and yet respectful. It’s only ONE thing I love about Mickie~ <3

  • Diego Abel Ocampo Elizalde

    Mickie James is the best. 9 times champion.

  • Darnel

    Im soo in Love with Mickie!!!! Always and forever the love of my life!!!

  • nismos69

    lmaoo I love this girl

  • PikachuBoo

    I think DD should do a “Dream Cast For Total Diva’s Thread”.

    Not only would it be fun, but it would be hugely debatable and exciting.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Sandra was there years before Mickie James even started…


  • I dig CrayJ

    Heel Mickie was awesome <3

  • I dig CrayJ



    • AceRuby

      I was really happy she turned heel as it really gave her a fresh persona to play on TV which she had been missing for a while now. Hopefully now that TNA is going back to Orlando they have the money to resign her back again as that would really be a damn shame if Mickie didn’t get back on TV for one more run considering how well she was playing her new character and had plenty left in the tank.

  • I dig CrayJ

    Listened to just 10 mins of this interv. and I am so impressed. I have no time so tomorrow I will finish it and I will give my full on opinion. Thank you DD for spoiling us brats once again <3

  • sheba

    i dont think mickie james is fond of michelle mccool and layla el