Impact Write-Up (October 31st, 2013): Gail Comes Up Golden and the #WheelofDixie Starts to Spin

Welcome, Knockout fans! I hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Did anybody take some of Diva Dirt’s suggestions of how to dress up like your favourite woman in wrestling? If yes, let me know in the comments!

TNA’s Halloween episode kicked off with President (of TNA, not the US. Calm yourselves.) Dixie Carter heading to the ring. Dixie is dressed in a bright orange turtle neck, which I can only hope is just in honour of Halloween because, well… just no. Anywho, Dixie starts off by saying that AJ Styles showed off his lack of mental aptitude etc last week. She handed him the world on a silver platter, and he just threw it back in her face.

Nobody, and she means NOBODY, walks out on Dixie Carter. From now on, he doesn’t exist to her and he is no longer her World Heavyweight Champion. Gasp! He can take the belt, and the car he stole, and keep them as a reward. She calls the belt ‘just a costume’ from her on out, and says something about him trick or treating with other little boys, dressed as world champ. What Dixie needs is a real world champion; someone great looking and with all the skills to make TNA bigger than it is right now. Yes Dixie, you definitely need that.

She names an eight man contest to determine the next World Heavyweight Champion. She names them one by one and they each get a little video package that, to be honest, is probably there to fill time. The only one I care about is Jeff Hardy. He was my boo when I was younger.

Out comes Bully Ray. I bet he wants his own video package. Brooke is by his side, gorgeous as ever. I spy the rest of the guys giving her the once over as she follows Bully Ray down the ramp. Dixie announces a gauntlet match to name the eighth person that will compete in the tournament. Bully is totes unimpressed. They begin a war of words, but ain’t nobody got time for that. The lights shut off and Anderson arrives. Dixie disappears and Brooke can only look on as her man gets his ass handed to him.

Dixie is backstage. Sting heads into her office, which has security posted outside the door. Nice touch. Why is Sting wearing sunglasses indoors? He looks like a douche. Dixie wants to lift a ban on him ever being involved in the world title picture to allow him to compete in the gauntlet match tonight. He says he has never had a sense of entitlement and walks out, leaving Dixie shouting after him.

“Does that mean yes?!”

The former Knockouts champion, ODB, is backstage and she has something to say. She says she’ll take on both Gail and Lei’D Tapa tonight. Apparently there’s nothing like a little three way for the ODB. Bam! Stay classy, O! ODB’s husband, Eric Young, isn’t happy about the two Sherlock Holmes clones hanging around his wife. She tells him she’s got something special planned for him later. A little bit of trick or treat!

It’s time for the Knockouts Championship rematch. Christy Hemme is all dolled up for Halloween, with a cute little top hat included. ODB is out first, followed by Gail, who is accompanied once again by her heavy, Lei’D Tapa.

ODB goes right for Gail, knocking her down and beating on her pretty hard. She throws Gail head first into two of the turnbuckles, then lands a big slap to the chest. ODB’s looking good early on; she’s throwing Gail around like a rag doll. She goes for the bronco buster but Gail slides out of the ring in time. She tries to escape up the ramp but ODB sends her back into the ring in no time. Gail lures ODB around to the announcer’s table where she tries to land the Eat Defeat, but ODB counters with a fall away slam. Ouchies. ODB throws Gail back in the ring as Lei’D Tapa saunters around to have a stare off. The ref gets in the middle of them, but Gail is already back in the game. She lands a drop kick on ODB from the ropes, and ODB goes head first into the announcers table. Definite ouchies.

Gail Kim locks in the figure four around the ring post. I’m a fan of this being in Gail repertoire, despite my interest in her slowly slipping away lately.

Gail goes for the pin and gets a two count. Gail’s in control for a moment, but ODB mounts a brief comeback. And I mean brief. Gail lays her out with a huge clothesline! Another two count for Gail. She locks in a a head scissors hold but ODB is fighting out of it. She turns it into a single leg crab! Gail reaches the ropes.

ODB is in the corner and Gail goes for a running drop kick but there’s nobody home! ODB is back on the offense, landing two big shoulder blocks, knocking the wind out of Gail. ODB hits a thesz press from the ropes, which leads right into the pin. ODB gets a count of two. Tapa is on the apron. She’s not happy. ODB pops Gail onto the top rope, then hits a big front suplex. Tapa is back on the apron; she’s not about to let her bestie lose the gold! ODB puts her money where her mouth is and squares up to Tapa, who smack talks right back. But it’s all part of the bigger plan as Gail rolls ODB up from behind, grabs the ropes for leverage and gets the three count!

Your winner, and still Knockouts champion, is Gail Kim.

That match was… slow, and dare I say it? A bit boring. It furthered tensions between ODB and Tapa, and I would like to see them face off soon. I also want a new babyface challenger for Gail. Preferably not Velvet Sky. I’m sure Sabin will have some tricks up his sleeve for the tournament, and she’ll undoubtedly be one of them.

Dixie is backstage with Chris Sabin and my childhood sweetheart. She thanks them for joining her. She introduces the #WheelofDixie. It determines the kind of match Jeff and Sabin will have next week. It’ll be a full metal mayhem, and Dixie has little to no confidence in Sabin for that one. My boo is gonna rule.

So, how did you guys like Impact this week? It didn’t win any favour with me. Aside from my crush on Jeff Hardy being reignited, I wasn’t bothered. The rematch for the title could have been a lot better. I would have preferred they wait for a while, built the tension between ODB and Tapa more and then have her lose. It would set up a feud between the two powerhouses much better, and take ODB’s attention away from Gail so she can feud with someone else. Maybe Brooke? Not sure how well that heel on heel would work though.

See you next week!

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  • MrMexican99

    Match was slow. But I hope this was Tapa vs. ODB build. No more Gail vs. ODB!
    Question tho: When is Lei’d Tapa’s theme song coming out?

    • BorisG

      IDK but I can’t wait when it does.

  • BorisG

    I loved Dixie last night. Match was good for me, but I want Knockouts to fresh it up. They have amazing quality matches just they need numbers. Can’t wait to see who will turn on her partner first, Tapa on Gail or Tamina on AJ.

    • Numero47

      Tamina most likely since she’s further into her allegiance with AJ but Tapa surprised us when she teamed up with Gail.
      Maybe she’ll surprise us sooner than later

  • redsandman99

    ODB vs Tapa sounds ugly to me on paper so there’s no interest for me there. And there is no other babyface for Gail to face besides Velvet unless they bring one in.

  • Eric Holt

    The match was decent/okay for me. The only negatives I had about the match were: it was a bit too slow paced, and I wasn’t really too big on the finish. I do feel that Gail Kim does need to move on to a new challenger, which would hopefully lead to some new faces debuting in TNA.

  • DivaLicious

    Tapa is sooooo thick man I can’t get over it. Her thighs are so fat and juicy man oh man.

    Dixie looked sexy and rocked the mic better than run DMC last night. She did great????

  • JJ?

    I was only watching for EC3. lol

    But the KO match was ok for the most part.

  • Numero47

    ODB vs Gail was a fair match. Decent time and good spotting throughout out the match. ODB deserves a little more credit than she usually is given. I loved her backstage segment with Bad Influence and referring to Lei’D Tapa as “Gail’s beastly friend”. She’s a fun character and works well in the ring. Gail, of course, was on point last night but her winning after Tapa distracted the referee, rolling up AND holding on to the ropes was too much. I understand it helps Gail get over as a heel but Gail can do better than that.

    Tessmacher finally being part of Ace & Eights mischief behavior was cool and long overdue. I do want to see her more involved in the ring, whether it be from competing in singles matches or helping Bully out.

    Velvet’s absent was missed since she’s in this storyline with Sabin but with Sabin being part of this tournament for a new World Champion, I’m sure she’ll resurface and there’ll more to come between the two.

    Dixie has really grown on me as a character. She’s definitely improved on mic and this presentation of the “Dixie Wheel” has me wondered what else is to come from Ms. Carter.

  • Harold Lee J Johnson III

    Love gail but oh how i miss mickie james and that championship being together

  • FrenchKiss?{Akaylaa}

    This match was going to be predictable. Especially with Lei’d Tapa out there. Though, I think her big ass shouldn’t have been acting like an Amazonian animal. Gail won by roll-up….okay I guess. Happy she used the post figure four. :D

  • kewlkatz

    Okay, it’s clear you detest the Knockouts now that Mickie is out, but I don’t think this match was slow or boring by any means. It was clean and had many innovative and rough spots.

    • Gail-Ziggler


  • JillianHallTNA

    When Gail and ODB took the match outside, I started to hope they would make a Street Fight match cause that match would be interesting to see if it would be as hardcore as this was :)

  • nismos69

    The match was predictable and decent with a couple of good spots, like the front suplex and the fallaway slam on the outside. I want them to move have Tapa vs ODB and have Tapa beat her. THen have Velvet step up and get her title shot, only to fail. Then Brooke suprisingly steps up and loses too. So then gail cuts a promo saying she has noone to beat anymore, blah blah blah. Entrance music turns on and Melina comes out and challenges Gail.
    Melina beats Gail via count out. Melina challenges Gail to a streetfight for the next week.
    Melina defeats Gail in w great match.

    • kewlkatz

      Does Tapa just phase out and become a non-factor?

    • Kaledrina

      i still find it incredible that melina didn’t even get a try-out.

  • ChloeMatthews

    Match was totally predictable, still solid. I wish Gail Kim was introduced to a new competitor. Velvet Sky is obviously in a storyline w/ Chris Sabin, and Brooke is a heel manager to Bully Ray. Neither of those girls would be a good fit for a new rival for Gail Kim. ODB v. Tapa needs to start beginning fairly, and this was a poor start to it. TNA needs some new knockouts to debut, they’re running empty.

    • BorisG

      Yes they do, I hope they sign Jillian, Santana, Ivelisse and bring up Blossoms.

  • Juan

    We need more Knockouts!! I am praying that a new woman or 4 debut next week!! Please!! Theres only so much repetitive matches I can sit through >.<. Reminds me of 2010 all over again where TNA went on TBP overload (Angelina vs Madison, Velvet and Lacey) plus Tara.

    Bring up the Blossom Twins. Sign Santana, Ivelisse, Veda, or Candice Larae…better yet just sign them all!!

    • Divas ChampAJ

      Santana probably will get signed for NXT.

      • Mariah_Scarey

        I pray!!!

  • PikachuBoo

    Oh please! -.-

    We all know Gail can win without the help of her bodygaurd.

    ODB is nothing compared to that wrestling guru.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Gails figure four around the ring post is in 2k14.

    • Divas ChampAJ

      I know I love using it.

      • BorisG

        That’s cool.

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        Lol I havent given it to anyone. I was super bummed there arent any diva heads. There was a video losted that looked like there were going to be but negative lol.

  • Sass.

    I’m so over seeing Gail vs ODB. This feels like the 465th match this year alone.
    Looking forward to some Lei’D Tapa action, and hopefully some more Brooke.

  • xjonfer12494x

    Besides the fact that Ive lost count of how many times Ive seen this match (ODB vs Gail Kim), I actually thought this match was pretty well paced. I liked the spots, and unlike allot of matches recently (especially those in WWE), even the rest holds kept me interested. Hopefully we get to see Tapa vs ODB soon, perhaps in a steel cage or hardcore type of match up? would be interesting. Also, I wouldnt mind seeing them attempt a heel vs heel feud with Gail and Tess. Shes been away from the title the longest, and would make things a bit fresher, anyone but Velvet at this point lol.

    • zinc445 .

      i agree velvet is stale atm, tna have given her storyline i think they should leave it as that. i really want an open challenge and for new challengers to emerge

  • Sam

    Although I knew Gail was gonna win, I thought it was a decent match. If the knockouts could somehow be placed in storylines among the men, that’ll be kinda cool. Not as in a valet/romantic storylines cause those are wayyyy too generic and common but something to get them more airtime,, instead of constantly pitting women against each other. I believe it could stir up the writers creativity a bit.

  • NT86

    For how thin the Knockouts division has gotten, the girls deserve credit for still managing to put on solid matches.

    Just hope that once TNA’s financial issues are resolved, they can sign some new women for the division.

  • Bruno Santos


  • charovnica

    LMFAO..ODB kept her feet up trying to kick out when Gail was already gone :D

  • Rhawk

    A nice match between Gail & ODB, despite theyr major lack of women in TNA, it’s nice to know they can still put on soild matches. (Shame it was only about 6 minutes though, not 10-15 like that guy who works for TNA said they do ‘every week’).

    It’s also a shame TNA ended their working relationship with OVW now, so it seems even more unlikely we’ll see people from there being brought up. (Also much like the guy also said before)

    I’m still hoping they’ll bring in The Blossoms or bring Taeler back regardless of their deal breaker.

    • zinc445 .

      the blossoms are under contract so they won’t be released they can still train at universal studio’s if tna decide to use them

  • zinc445 .

    Okay so Kim v ODB this week round. By all means not a bad
    match in fact it was joy able to watch and potentially sets up Tapa vs. ODB in
    the near future which may be great.

    Brooke: we saw her accompany Bully to the ring during Dixie
    segment. Not sure where this leaves her I hope they push for heel vs heel feud
    it may be great. Or I hope she feuds with someone, not much to say for her
    since she didn’t win the title at BFG which we anticipated. But she seems to be
    capitalising on her new heel role, I can only see her improving.

    Velvet: is slowly being integrated in her storyline with
    Sabin it should be progressing soon, i feel like it’s been dragging a lot with
    Sabin repeatedly using her as bait, i hope she either goes fully blown heel or
    a twist with a new KO debuting to feud with her if she stays as a baby face.

    ODB: looked great she took it to Kim but i feel as if this
    is hyping Tapa vs ODB. I hope that was her last title shot because we can only
    see the same matchup a number of times.

    Kim: well she seems poised for a long reign, I feel as if
    Kim is just TNA’S golden girl at this
    point she gets major spotlight over all the knockouts i feel Brooke could of
    carried this role out just as good and it would of been fresh as ever. I think Kim
    will drop the title to Tapa after she turns on her or a newbie after Kim cites
    an open challenge.

    Tapa: should make an in ring debut soon, she carries her roles
    well as Kim’s ally.

    Next week, i really hope they introduce n open challenge or
    at least move Brooke into the title picture, as velvet is the only other baby face
    but she has her own storyline which is fair enough. Or maybe push Tapa vs. Odb.
    Also tna has announced the British empire cup which will see 8 KO’s battling
    for a trophy i really hope these girls will be introduced soon and contracted,
    it’s what the division needs.

  • Gail-Ziggler

    Gail vs ODB in a 7min match with no rest holds: “This is boring…we’ve seen this 321654 times!”.
    AJ vs Total Diva: “Omg this match wuz so good!!111!!


    • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

      So true!

    • charovnica

      I don’t understand this joke…I’ve seen plenty of people tearing down the TD vs AJ matches…me being one of them :D