Impact Write-Up (November 14th, 2013): The Open Challenge Blossoms

Hey Knockout fans! So, it’s the first week following Knockout champ Gail Kim‘s open challenge on the last edition of Impact. I, for one, am excited at the prospect of a shake up in the Knockouts division, but whether or not this will come sooner rather than later remains to be seen. Gail might just plough her way through her challengers and that will be that. Let’s find out how things went down, shall we?

Brooke graced our screens in the open segment, as she accompanied her beau Bully Ray to the ring for a confrontation with Ken Anderson. She did a little dance on the ramp for her man and the world to see, before Bully took over and took it to Anderson.

Dixie Carter is backstage, going bananas over a vignette that just aired about the TNA Heavyweight Champion, brought to us by the friends of the man himself, Mr. AJ Styles. Dixie is preeeetty stressed out, or so it seems, and she says she has to head out there now. Damn it, production, you had one job!

Dixie is heading out to the ring. Clearly the crowd loves her, and she’s lapping it up. She says it’s hard to be perfect allllll the tiiiiime. I feel you, Dixie. It’s difficult. I kid, I kid. Anywho, she never has to go around proving her perfection, which is nice for her I’m sure, but every once in a while it just feels so good to say… Wait for it…

“Lord, have mercy! How right I am!”

When she kicked AJ off her roster, the class level of Impact went up tenfold. It proved her right. No one, but Dixie herself, obviously, is irreplaceable. The people don’t understand that TNA is a business. It’s about what has AJ Styles done for her lately? Other than irritate her, he’s taken her property – the Heavyweight title belt – and taken it t Mexico, along with the car he stole from her too!

He is not her World Champion. Period. Her lawyers will handle him.

But she wants to talk about the eight man challenge to crown the new champion. My one and only Jeff Hardy was successful last week, and moves up in the tournament. Now I could talk about Jeff all night (seriously, what is even happening here?) but I won’t, because I’m excited to get on to the Knockouts match. There’s still some Dixie goodness to come, though. She calls out Bobby Roode and James Storm, who are set to go one on one in the world title tournament. Next out is Samoa Joe, the Magnus.

Dixie turned the wheel of Dixie to determine their matches. She informs them of their matches. Bobby and James, who were formerly partners, will compete in a bull rope match. (I’m not sure where the coverage of Dixie ends and the coverage of the men begins here.) Storm informs her that he has nothing to prove to her, and then goes off into a monologue about what he’s got, including having the audience behind him. (Does Storm remind anyone else of a male ODB?)

(I’ll stop with the parenthesis soon, I promise.)

Samoe Joe repackages himself as Captain Obvious, and informs Dixie that the only reason she’s put together the tournament is to cover for the fact that she couldn’t cut a deal with AJ Styles.

“You better watch yourself Joe.” Is what Dixie actually said.

“You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Is what I heard.

Samoa tells her to realize who needs who. He says they’re all together right there to cover HER bad business. He says that after he becomes the world champion, the first man he defends against will be AJ Styles. Dixie is thrilled. NOT.

“No, no, no!”

An emphatic “no” from Dixie Carter there, folks. She will replace Samoa Joe ‘that fast’ if he tries anything like that. Snap. Magnus interrupts with his confused British accent. He talks about the spirit of competition. Captain America, everybody. Except it’s more like Captain English, with an enhanced sense of righteousness. I love him either way.

Dixie wishes them all the best of luck, before heading on back up the ramp with her dignity and her sass in tact.

Alright ladies and gents, it’s time for the Open Challenge match. Lei’D Tapa‘s music hits, and she’s led out to the ring by Knockouts champion Gail Kim, who looks beautiful in blue. The stipulation is as follows: if the challenger can beat Gail, they will earn a shot at the Knockouts Championship. Simples. Gail grabs a mic and recaps what she said last week. The offer was extended to any female outside of TNA who thinks she’s good enough to step in the ring with Gail. A lot of names were mentioned, with Gail responding to some, but she reminds us that someone actually has to show up.

And tonight, someone actually did.

Christy Hemme introduces her opponent. From Manchester, England… Hannah Blossom!

Awesome! As far as I’m aware, these two have never squared off before. Correct me if I’m wrong! Hannah’s not too unfamiliar with TNA, having been apart of the British Bootcamp a while back. The commentators certainly remember her.

Gail kicks things off – literally and no pun intended – with a big boot to the head of Hannah, who goes down hard. She throws Hannah into the corner, then nails an uppercut, which takes Hannah back to the mat. Gail with a right hand, and Irish whip and a running elbow to the gut. She grabs Hannah by the hair and sends her to the mat once again. Our Knockouts champ is mighty pleased with herself. Her hair looks fabulous tonight, by the way.

Gail’s heads back into the ring and doesn’t waste another moment before going after Hannah. But Hannah fights back with some big right hands, and just when it seems she may get the upper hand, Gail clocks her right on the hamstring and sends her back down again. Some trash talk ensues, followed by a heavy shot to the chest. Hannah is not faring all that well here. Gail lands two kicks to the mid section, then drives Hannah head first into the turnbuckle. Hannah falls to the mat once again, and this time she’s in prime position for a little figure four around the ring post. Gail locks it in.

After doing away with her opponent for the moment, Gail takes a second out and offers Hannah an open shot at her. Trash talk at its best. Great show of ring psychology here from Gail. She goes for her first pin attempt but Hannah kicks out at a count of one. A high five from Lei’D Tapa later, and Gail looks to be lining up Hannah for the Eat Defeat. But Hannah fights back! She lands some shots to the head, then a clothesline and a back elbow! She mounts a defense and unloads on Gail, then hits a great looking suplex. The crowd is starting to get behind her. She lands an elbow for a two count.

Hannah sends Gail to the corner, but Gail comes out of it focused and hits a big clothesline. She catches Hannah and nails the Eat Defeat for the three count.

“Nice try, Hannah Blossom. Not really.”

Gail promises to prove, week after week, that she is the most dominate TNA Knockouts champion of all time. So modest.

Thoughts: I enjoyed that match. It did exactly what was needed, and it was great to have Hannah Blossom on TNA this week. She looked good in the what little offense she managed, but let’s be honest here. There is a big difference in their levels of experience. Hannah put up a good fight, but Gail is champion for a reason. Personally, I see her dominating everyone that comes her way until, surprise surprise, Lei’D Tapa steps up to the plate and completely decimates her, earning herself a title shot. I do think this is culminating to Tapa/Gail, but what direction they decide to go creatively remains to be seen.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more Knockouts next week, though I’m not sure where they’ll fit into the open challenge storyline. Their absence from the ring this week makes sense after Gail and Tapa bulldozed them last week, but I hope to see them back next week and working in their own storylines.

Until then, see ya!

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  • Eric Holt

    I thought the match was a pretty decent, solid match. It didn’t surprise me that this match was more one-sided, with Gail dominating most of the match because TNA’s building her up as a dominant champion. In the case of this match, TNA building her up as a dominant champion worked. The match met the expectations I had for it. As for next week’s challenger, I could possibly see Holly challenging Gail as a way to get retribution for Hannah losing to Gail this week. If not, it’d be cool to see someone like Taeler Hendrix, Serena, Santana, or any other talented girls that work in the indies and that aren’t wrestling for a big promotion at the moment.


    Queen Gail baby

  • JosephAMT

    Match was pretty good, but kind of predictable. Looking forward to see who the next challenger is.

  • nismos69

    The match was decent! I like that it was one-sided because of Gail showing that she is more dominant than Hannah! Hannah didn’t really impress me much. She sold moves really well but she screamed to much, and when she was having her comeback moment she looked real wierd haha. Anyways cant wait for next week, i predict Holly or maybe some other face from OVW to step up, but i don’t know, i guess it has to be a big person because its Turning Point, so i want a long match! :):)
    Great write up Eleri!

  • BorisG

    Match was ok but we all knew the outcome with or without the spoilers. It was the purpose of making Gail dominant and run through multiple women’s wrestlers until some big name defeats her or some new face (like Taylor Wilde), who was in WWE developmental before but wasn’t that big.

  • daniel05

    lei d tapa´s bitch face & hair looks exactly like the bitch face & hair of a teacher that i used to have in middle school, maybe thats why i hate her. but i like his theme song & i dont care about the match.

    • Numero47


  • Numero47

    The first night of Gail’s open Challenge went as predicted. Gail dominated over her challenger with ease. However, I would’ve liked to see Hannah get some kind of offense but I guess they really want to build Gail up. Also liked that Tapa was just and ringside and didn’t interfere, it agains help build Gail’s credibility. Only time well tell before seeing how long this lasts.

    Angry Dixie was but hilarious! Lmao
    I don’t know what it was but you could tell she was nervous and this was a taped show! I give her props for finally taking the heat and words many have been saying all this time. I really hope she just goes back behind the curtains after this storyline is over.

    • Kaledrina

      i completely agree with your point re: tapa not interfering retains gail’s credibility – but it begs the question, why pair tapa with gail in the first place? i know it surprised people, and maybe the swerve and the satisfaction of getting one over on the audience was the point, but from a total logic perspective, tapa and gail doesn’t really make much sense?

      that said, it’s still fun to see ‘em together !

      • Numero47

        I think it will be until someone steps up and actually beats Gail
        Tapa will interfere during the actual title match just to set her first feud

        Or simply turning on Gail one day (which well eventually happen)

        • Kaledrina

          i really hope tapa has her eyes and ears open 24/7 backstage and on the road with gail. getting to learn from arguably one of the best in the world, so early in tapa’s own career, is an incredible opportunity for her :)

          looking forward to the eventual feud, too. gail could potentially make tapa look amazing.

          • Numero47

            Yes this is a wonderful opportunity for Tapa who is still green (Though TNA wants us to think otherwise)

            Tapa just has size over the other Knockouts but unless you had training like Kong did it won’t matter. I say throw Tapa against ODB/Tessmacher for starters then move on to Gail

  • MrMexican99

    I’m not against Holly getting a shot too.. but they should wait a few weeks. But what I am looking forward to is a twist. I don’t really want them to just have Tapa turn on Gail. This would be better after some abuse from Gail to Tapa. I want them to actually bring someone. I would really like Angelina Love to come back.

  • RatedM for Maryse?

    This match was okay…but it bored me..

    • RatedA for AJ?


    • @KENLushh


  • Vincent IsValentine

    Blossom Twins vs. Gail Kim & Lei’D tapa

    Hell, I’ll settle for a Blossom Twins vs. Gail Kim handicap match, just to see how much Gail can back up her Champion status!

  • Richard Smith

    is it me or is TNA recycling storyline? since Kong did something like this

    • Numero47

      It is and it isn’t
      I more interested in this one

      • Richard Smith

        ya i its more interesting get the win and earn the title shot.

      • Kaledrina

        i still find it crazy that during kong’s reign of terror we mostly got 2minute one-sided squash matches.. yet those are the days people long for ?

        • Numero47

          Well during the time, Kong was a different kind of female wrestler on the mainstream.

    • Kaledrina

      yeah, it’s a recycle. although from my point of view it’s a very necessary one.

      • Richard Smith

        yea they might get an extra one female wrestlers. and she get the let go in few months

    • charovnica

      Every wrestling company recycles storylines.The trick is to change a few things in it.

  • Kaledrina

    “Christy Hemme introduces her opponent. From Manchester, England… Hannah Blossom! Awesome! As far as I’m aware, these two have never squared off before. Correct me if I’m wrong!”

    they wrestled a tag match at the impact zone around a year ago, gail with rayne and hannah with holly :) was a part of the whole british boot camp thing.

    • kewlkatz

      Gail also slaughtered Hannah during the Queen of TNA Battle Royal at Knockouts Knockdown :P

  • Juan

    Supposedly TNA has signed Candice LeRae, so maybe she will be the woman to beat Gail and get the title shot. I hope this is true as the girl can really work a match! Just look at this GIF.

    • Eric Holt

      Oh my goodness! She got him good, and that guy sold that move to perfection. Remind me to watch some of her matches on YouTube.

    • Kaledrina

      she had a try out about a month or two ago in OVW, right? so it makes sense. marti belle tried out that same night if i remember correctly. also, for what it’s worth, christy hemme started following scarlett bordeaux on twitter, asked her what her email address is.. so she’s another possible future knockout, too :)

    • kewlkatz

      Was that Joey Ryan?

      • Juan

        Yeah that’s Joey Ryan.

  • Kaledrina

    oh yeah! all i could remember about that match was tara was in it. even dumber as i was actually there in person -__- LOL that was the one where marty almost killed himself, huh? brave guy.

  • zinc445 .

    Okay so this week was Kim’s first challenge
    which she made easy work of Hannah Blossom. What I liked about the match it
    seemed actually thought about, as the beginning and end promo by Gail was cut
    to the point and it did what it needed to do. The match itself was solid,
    obviously not too long but not too short either, in fact the right lengths for
    this match up. I expect Gail to plough through her first few challenges will
    someone really steps up to challenge her. Maybe a returning KO like Madison
    Rayne? Or fresh new talent like Santana Garrett, Taeler Hendrix, and Veda
    Scott? The door is wide open for this to happen, unless we see the inevitable
    Kim/Tapa showdown. I don’t mind but a few girls need to get signed over the
    next few months there are only 4 girls actually active (ODB, Gail, Brooke and
    Velvet). Speaking of which where does that leave them? Fair enough Sky and Tess
    have their valet roles but that doesn’t seem to do much for them, they don’t
    really get much credit. Nevertheless I
    do like the current direction, because it really does step up the division and
    gives us some hope in rebuilding the division. I even like WWE’s seemingly
    direction of pushing Natalya, both companies are doing well let’s hope it’s
    kept up. 2014 could be a great year for both companies especially the KO’s
    after big names have left the company (Tara, Mickie, Madison, Taeler, Sarita,
    Rosita and to an extent Taryn has left). Well done to TNA for actually thinking
    about the KO’s! Next week I predict Gail Vs Taeler Hendrix in a decent match
    which Kim should win. Speaking of
    Taeler, interestingly she did pop in the idea of having her ref matches after
    Taryn was reinstated as a KO, that would be great storyline although she isn’t
    ready for a push for the title just yet but it would have kept her on TV and
    possibly wrestling on and off. Oh well she
    still seems to be up for resigning which is good.

    • Numero47

      I agree with Tessmacher and Velvet. They can still be relevant with their valet roles what with Tessmacher still part of the soon to be broken Aces & 8 and Velvet and Sabin as he continues his Heel X-Division reign as she remains Face.
      ODB should feud with Tapa since they have somewhat confronted each other the most as compared to the other two.

  • zinc445 .

    i hope so :) id rather that then this leading to kim vs tapa. although that could be sickk i prefer new talent to dethrone gail

  • Raekon

    I guess next with the other blossom will fall?
    After that I see either Tapa turning on Gail and taking her down to issue a challenge and after that defeating Gail and starting her first title run on the main roster.
    Saying that because besides the blossoms there is no other Girl signed on TNA anymore so they will either have to go with Tapa as a “surprise” or they will have to bring in a indy Girl to get defeated.
    Taryn can’t be the case since she is pregnant and I doubt Madison would return that early if at all.

    • Kaledrina

      “I guess next with the other blossom will fall?”

      a part of me worries that that may be the case. and then we’ll get a twin vs gail/tapa feud. and one of the blossoms probably picking up the title on the UK tour early next year.

      which, all in all isn’t that bad of an idea. just concerned about the obvious bellas vs aj/tamina comparisons as well as the fact we may not see any deserving indie talent get some spotlight.

      • Raekon

        It’s almost unavoidable since they only have the blossom left out of all the signed Girls that could take the challenge.
        Even if it Looks like it, it doesn’t mean that they are copying the WWE.
        It’s just that no one else is signed at the Point that could challenge her.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Ah, TNA. You do make me chuckle.

    Where else would you find a company that uses Hannah Blossom as a jobber-of-the-week in a (mostly) squash match, whilst putting Lei’d Tapa on it’s main roster!?

    OK, to be fair, they’ve realised their mistake and quickly put Tapa into a non-wrestling role until she learns to do… well, anything convincingly, I imagine! But if they’re waiting for that to happen before Tapa challenges Gail, this open challenge could go on for years!

    The match itself was good for what it was… But it was still a three and half minute squash, which is never really fun when you’re having to watch a very talented wrestler have to play the ‘rookie’, purely to put Gail over.

  • Angel

    This new phase of Gail’s career is incredibly vicious. I absolutely love it. Hannah did great. The match was on point for the first stop of Gail Kim’s destruction tour.

    • Kaledrina

      i love how effortlessly gail evolves as a character

  • Matty “Bossy” Marie

    Not be a complainer but do we have to cover Dixie and Brooke (when she isn’t wrestling)?

    Also, do we have to have so many videos?
    Can’t we just have one with said segment’s time in the video under it?

    • kewlkatz

      Well the Raw recaps always cover Stephanie and Summer/Natalya ringside, so I don’t see why not.

      Don’t know about the videos though. But the real question for me is why the videos from Youtube aren’t put in. I detest Dailymotion.

      • Matty Marie

        I only go on RAW Reduxes just to share my thoughts on that night, whereas I go on here to watch the Knockouts, so I wouldn’t know about RAW.

        • Kaitlyn.Lover<3(#ChickBusters)

          LOL Exactly like me!

          • Matty Marie

            We like 2 balls in a sack! <3

          • Kaitlyn.Lover<3(#ChickBusters)

            We sure do! <3