WWE Main Event Redux (November 20th, 2013): Naomi and Tamina Battle Through the Chaos

On this week’s WWE Main Event, we were set to build towards Sunday’s seven-on-seven Elimination Tag Team match with Divas Champion AJ Lee taking on Naomi.

Unfortunately for AJ (wink wink), she was unable to compete, so Tamina Snuka took her place:

At ringside in Lumberjill fashion are all of the Survivor Series competitors. Brie Bella, Cameron, Eva Marie, JoJo, Natalya and Nikki Bella are on one side, while AJ, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae are on the other.

They start with a tie-up, Tamina shoving Naomi to the mat. They tie up again, and Tamina again gets the best of it, kneeing Naomi in the stomach and whipping her hard into the corner. Naomi blocks another attack from Tamina with a kick and sunset flips over the ropes into a roll up. Tamina kicks out.

Tamina manhandles Naomi a bit more, slamming her to the mat repeatedly. Naomi fights back, but is stopped in her tracks by a clothesline. Tamina goes for a pin attempt, but Naomi kicks out. She soon gains control of the match, latching a front face lock on Tamina. The more powerful Diva eventually gets on her feet and barrels Naomi into the corner, whipping her into the opposite corner. Naomi stops short, slipping behind Tamina and hitting her with a dropkick. Another pin attempt, another near fall.

Naomi locks in another front face lock, but before Tamina can work out of it again, Naomi slams her to the mat and tries for another pin. Tamina kicks out with authority and soon takes control, clotheslining Naomi over the ropes and to the outside. This brings to opposing sides face-to-face, and they jaw jack outside the ring. AJ, meanwhile, is watching all of this from a safe distance. We cut to commercial as the confrontation breaks up and Naomi and Tamina reenter the ring.

Back from commercial, we see that Tamina has once again taken control, performing a chin lock on Naomi. The babyface Diva powers out, getting Tamina in a corner and choking her with her boot. Tamina gets out of it in a pretty creative way, getting Naomi’s foot caught on the top rope and sweeping her other leg out from under her. Naomi grabs her hamstring and Tamina notices, continuing the attack on that leg. Tamina taunts the Total Divas cast as Naomi hobbles around, eventually going for an unsuccessful pin attempt.

Tamina keeps the momentum, keeping Naomi down and locking in another chin lock. Naomi tries to fight out of it, but a jab to the hamstring stops her. We see a quick choke against the ropes and another unsuccessful pin attempt by Tamina. She continues to dominate until a monkey flip sends her across the ring. Tamina stops the momentum in its tracks, toying with Naomi a bit more until an enziguri and a leg drop put Naomi in the driver’s seat. She goes for a pin, but gets a two-count.

Tamina fights off more offense from Naomi, whipping her towards the ropes. Naomi slides out of the ring instead, fighting off Tamina on the ring apron as the two groups of Divas collide on the outside, starting a straight-up brawl. Tamina knocks Naomi off the apron and into the sea of Divas. While all of this is going on, Josh Mathews notes that the “injured” AJ is chilling on the announce table.

Meanwhile, Naomi tosses Tamina back into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle the hitting a cross body. She doesn’t keep Tamina down, though, and gets to her feet in time to be hit with a boot to the face. Tamina pins Naomi and scores the win. As the “true Divas” celebrate, Nikki and Cameron collect Naomi from the ring.

Thoughts: Wow, a Divas match that clocks in at over ten minutes? When’s the last time we saw that? I think this match and its brawl on the outside did more to sell the Survivor Series match than any game of musical chairs could, but I guess that goes without saying.

Yes, the pace was much slower than we’re used to with Naomi matches, and given the time allotted there was a lot of pacing around the ring and rest holds. It wasn’t all that exciting, but it really sold Naomi as a major competitor, able to hang with Tamina for so long. The fact that she was chosen to represent Total Divas made her look really good, because as much as I hate Lumberjill matches, they always make the competitors look important. Seeing the rest of the Divas roster on the outside of the ring as two Divas battle it out makes the ones who are competing look like they’re a cut above the rest, worthy of representing each side’s interests.

Massive Diva brawls rarely don’t look ridiculous, as it’s not like they can pull a Trish Stratus/Victoria fight and start choking each other and hitting with closed fists. It’s got to look like chaos, and unfortunately if you look too closely at that chaos, it’s a lot of girls smacking each other’s hands away. It’s not pretty, but I’m not sure there’s any other way to do it and keep all the action on screen.

The added touch of AJ letting the chaos unfold without her sold her as the manipulative, no-allies-except-Tamina Diva we’ve come to know. She’s content to trigger the tension (Pipebombshell promo) and simply watch as it explodes. It’s entertaining, but it makes you wonder when her fellow “true Divas” will finally notice that and kick her ass instead. This Sunday, perhaps?

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  • daniel05

    the match was long but they looked lost, i would have preffer to see someone like alicia or kaitlyn in this match. the superkick is the only thing that i like i think it was one of the best superkick that tamina has done.

  • daniel05

    lol at tamina grabbing Naomi pony tail.

  • daniel05

    i also like the support of the divas at ringside.

  • charovnica

    Um…we had a match above 10 minutes just last ME :D

    • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

      I think she means that is not Divas Champion/Title Match.We get 5 minutes if its not for the title.

  • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ Eric Holt

    The match was decent/okay-ish. My main gripe was with the pace of the match. It just felt too slowed paced to me, and in my opinion, I felt like it was Tamina that slowed the match down too much. I thought Naomi did pretty decent in the match, but that’s just me. The staredown, the smack talk, and the brawl between both teams were pretty decent as well, although I will say the brawl could have been just a little bit better. I loved the support the teams were giving their respective team members during the match also. I kind of liked how Kaitlyn was the mediator in the situation between the two teams because it makes me feel like she stands by her recent tweet where she pretty much said she isn’t really for either team. I also noticed that there was a bit of tension between her and AJ, which was good because WWE is reminding the fans that Kaitlyn and AJ aren’t the best of friends still. They didn’t play it up like they’re randomly friends again, which is good. AJ standing off to the side and letting her teammates do the dirty work was genius and manipulative on AJ’s part. I liked the point that Erin made where she said, “It makes you wonder when her fellow “true Divas” will finally notice that and kick her ass instead.” It does make me wonder, and in fact, I would love to see her fellow teammates turn on her and beat her up. All in all, the match was decent/okay. and the interaction between both teams was pretty decent. And I wanna add that Tamina nailed one heck of a superkick to Naomi.

  • redsandman99

    I’ve watched the match several times since last night. I honestly enjoyed it more as I’ve watched it. Was it as good as last week’s match? No. Could have it been a bit better? Yes. I think if they had shaved off a minute or so of Tamina’s offense after the commercial break and gave Naomi a bigger babyface comeback it would have helped with the overall pace of the match. The superkick at the end was sick and you can see guys in the audience visibly reacting to it if you look close enough.

    • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ Eric Holt


  • http://swimmingfoursome.tumblr.com/ xoxoMarysexoxo


  • charovnica

    The match didn’t really grab me. I think last week’s Nattie vs AJ was classes above this. Still nice to see them given more time to shine.

  • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

    so it turns out i prefer exciting 2 minute matches than 10minute snoozefests. the fact they had naomi wrestle this match, when she also taped a smackdown match the same night makes me think the wwe do seem to have a lot of faith in her and that’s good to see, i guess.

    it’s also great there was build-up for the ppv match and awesome that they were given a lot of time but on a show, that i’m guessing, a majority of viewers don’t even see? woulda preferred this on smackdown to be honest!

  • Jared Ds

    The Match Was Decent, It Was A Lot Slower Than Naomi’s Usual Matches. But Hey, You Asked Her To Slow Down Her Offense? Well There You Go. Tamina Should Have Picked Up The Pace Of Her Offense Because One Thing I’ve Noticed Is That She Would Pause, Look Around, And Then Do Some Boring Ass Move. The Superkick Was Executed Perfectly By Tamina And Sold Impressively By My Girl!
    Overall- 3.5/5

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      i’ve always loved tamina’s superkick. she really needs to upgrade it to a legit regular finsher. it looks tons more brutal than the splash does.

      • Jared Ds

        It Looked So Painful, Although I Love Naomi, I Was Laughin My Head Off At The Impact!

      • redsandman99

        She lands on her knees with that splash which bothers the crap out of me. Superkick all the way for her finisher it looks devastating and it shouldn’t contribute to any eventual self sustained injury like the splash of hers would.

        • Raekon

          She started landing on her knees after her surgery so her “two Statements” won’t blow on Impact and because she doesn’t want to hurt the Receiver by giving her full wait from such a height on them.

  • Oh Snap!…?

    That wasn’t tension! Kaitlyn and AJ shook hands… really hate how she became a after thought. all that build for nothing. the match was ok. well wrestled. The match was 13mins so Naomi had to slow down. The brawl happened for no reason. Best thing that stood out was when Aksana kicked nikki in the ring. lmfaooo. always taminas super kick killed me. Tamina put naomis pony tail in struggle mode..Lmfao

    • Jared Ds

      LMAO At Least Someone In The Crowd Got A Piece Of Naomi… Well A Piece Of The Tail She Tore Off A Pony!

  • redsandman99

    And I want to add that I totally agree with the point of AJ sitting back and just watching the chaos unfold. She knows exactly what she’s doing and from an overall perspective, she’s gone from the manipulated to the manipulator. Kind of a nice touch there.

  • nismos69

    The match was good but boring! Its like the girls didnt know what to do in the 10 minutes so they had rest holes for literally more than half the match! They both looked so tired towars the end of the match! If they had given this to Natalya and alicia we would have gotton a match of the year candidate!

    • BorisG

      Oh Nattie and Alicia. Instant classic.

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    That was a vicious Super Kick!!

  • Jared Ds

    But The Match Was Well Wrestled. It Showed A Bit Of Naomi’s Versatility, And It Told A Story With Naomi Having To Wear Down Tamina Because Of Her Strength Advantage! But I Wish She Did The Stunner That Would Have Gotten A Serious Pop.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      It would have been nice to see naomi’s stunner on tamina! Tamina wouldnt have had any problems holding naomi’s weight.

      • Jared Ds


  • Oh Snap!…?

    Survivor Seriesssss gonna bring some fresh matchups. Brie vs aksana, Brie vs Summer, Nikki and summer, rosa and brie/nikki, Kattie and everyone on total divas. etc

    • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

      We saw Brie v Aksana on SD.

  • KatyaMenelli

    They are making AJ into a full blown heel. I mean look at what AJ says and look at who her teammates are. All of them (expect Tamina) Didn’t come from the indies. They were models/bodybuilders.

  • WweRules32

    i enjoyed this match loads and it now has me hyped for this sundays survivor series

  • MrMexican99

    I was expecting more excitement due to Naomi. But they were give lots of time tho. That was nice. I wasn’t excited about the random “injury” AJ had. But let’s focus on positives!
    1.) If you look at the diva roster from January to now, it has doubled… Wow!
    2.) I absolutely love how AJ & Kaitlyn were kept separate. Kaitlyn didn’t but into any of AJ’s crap. I do like how Kaitlyn was sorta keeping herself seperate from the rest of the team.
    I just really hope it comes down to AJ & Kaitlyn being the sole survivors.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      Im pretty sure aj is faking an injury so she could get out of this match. The angle was likely come up with after aj dehydrated so she could get a little rest in and not have to be used so much.

    • BorisG

      I think it will. Nattie and Brie vs Kaitlyn and AJ will be the last I think.

  • AdrianRay

    Tamina needs to start conditioning if she’s going to look like THIS during a match. I’m still worried/excited for this Sunday…

  • Angel

    I like how Kaitlyn was still acting like a face.

    • Magicimpact

      She seemed to tell Aj something

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        She said “I dont care about you”

    • Brandon

      Same, she simply just avoided both teams and I like how she kept her space from aj

    • BorisG

      Still there were some heel signs.

  • Will Henderson

    clearly, AJ’s faking an injury to get out of doing dirty work (which storyline wise, it makes sense, she’s still a hell, despite the fans cheering for her.and in real life WWE is trying to go easy with her after last Friday’s fainting spell.), i see that Survivor Series all the other “Real Divas” turns on AJ and Tamina and the Total Divas win the Match with Natayla getting AJ to submit to the black Widow to win the match for her team, i don’t know if it will be just Nattie or will it be her and both Bellas or all of them be the survivors.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      Commentary was hinting at all the total divas surviving whwn they said “what if it becomes a 7 on 1 match” I hope thats nit the case though because not only does it make the true divas look super weak it might also likely lead to aj eliminating everyon until natalya which screws up everything storyline wise with them trying to make aj rely on tamina’s muscle.


    I loved this match. Tamina & Naomi did good for a good 10 minute match. Eva and JoJo still don’t know why you two are even in wwe, only to film Total divas. Rosa & Aksana NO! NO! NO! Just NO!!!!

    AJ just looked so flawless just like a true wrestling GOD.. While the other divas fight.

    Did anybody spot an OJ look alike in the crowd? He had pink lipstick on holding up a “I bow down to AJ” sign.

  • Chad

    That was a good super kick.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Wasnt last weeks match between natalya and aj over 10 minutes? And we got good storyline pregression 2 weeks in a row! Seems like main event is the new show fkr the divas, unfortunately the masses dont watch main event.

    • BorisG

      Well yes, but we still need title contender.

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        The reason we havent had a clear title contender is probably because of this survivor series match. They dont want to build a contendor when the title isnt going to bee defended at the ppv. This match will most likely give us out new contendor. My money is on natalya or naomi for sure though. Both have been picking up wins lately like candy. Im lthinking more towards natalya though since they wanted to give the true divas momentum going in almost securing their loss at ss lol but didnt want natalya losing so she doesnt lose any momentum.