Today in History: Kaitlyn Wins NXT Season Three

On this day in history:

November 30th, 2010 | NXT’s third season came down to two women we’ve become quite familiar with: Kaitlyn and Naomi. After a drumroll, Matt Striker announced the winner – and newest WWE Diva – to be Kaitlyn. All of the pros (including Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, Brie and Nikki Bella) and rookie Divas (AJ Lee, Aksana, Jamie Keyes and Maxine) came out to congratulate Kaitlyn on her win. Well, all except for Kaitlyn’s pro Vickie Guerrero. From the look on her face, you’d think she was in the running to win. Kaitlyn has certainly come far since this moment, growing into the formidable wrestler we know her as today.

What are your memories of this moment?

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  • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

    The Naomi and Kaitlyn era has just begun!

    Kaitlyn came a long way! So did the others.

  • C.Welch

    Kaitlyn was really a star in disguise.. I remember hating her here because I really wanted aj or Naomi to win

    • charovnica

      LOL same!

    • Will Henderson

      fast forward to June 16, 2013 and AJ and Kaitlyn stole the show from CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, and John Cena vs. Ryback in the “3 Stages of Hell” 2 out 3 falls match at Payback with what might go down as the Match of the year for the Divas division.

    • BorisG

      I wanted them too, but Kaitlyn was likeable. That’s what set her apart. Others were too but she was that girl next door.

  • charovnica

    I find it funny how upset I was when a week before that AJ was eliminated. I thought she was gonna win and it came as a shock to me that Kaitlyn made it that far…and then few years later AJ is the champ and Kaitlyn proved me wrong by earning her title reign.


    Hahah kailtyn is so cute!

  • JillianHallTNA

    Of course Kaitlyn would won the contest since she was put with stars like Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler! Diva fans were roting for Naomi and AJ to win, but WWE Universe voted for Kaitlyn because they cared more for Katie because she had a storyline with big WWE names

  • JillianHallTNA

    Also, I loved Aksana back there! I miss blonde Aksana with The Aksana Show!! :(

    • BorisG

      And her accent.

  • Lay Royalty

    Boy the hate that this girl got on here when she won. Man i remember there was a mark on here saying Kaitlyn would be the longest divas champion lol man, but who would’ve thought how far Kaitlyn would come and how much she became a credit wrestler. She have really shown that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover or writer (where they came from). I really became a fan of hers.

  • #WhipYourPonies#

    Y’all don’t know how pissed I was when this happened, I was so distraught and and angry that my girl didn’t win. On her Bday as well- However congratulations Kaitlyn you proved to me that you did deserve to win!! Happy Birthday Baby Nae Nae. #WhipYourPonies #BirthdayPonies

  • xoxoMarysexoxo

    Tbh I’m wondering what would happened if Naomi wins. Would she already be the Divas Champ. Would she have some gimmick? What about Kaitlyn and AJ? Would they debut on Smackdown as the Chickbuster and Cameron too? .-.

    • Mariah_Scarey

      Probably not, Kaitlyn only became Divas champion because of a botch at a battle royal. She got almost a non existent push as a singles competitor from winning NXT

      • BorisG

        Yeah if there wasn’t that push she probably wouldn’t be champion.

  • JoJoCoCoNoCo

    Its nice to look back at her start and look at her now. such a improvement.

  • Matty Marie

    The day the divas division was improved 100x.

    • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

      The division had Laycool to hold them so of course it improved.

      • Matty Marie

        LayCool wasn’t holding shit but the titles.

  • wwe141

    when Naomi didnt win i had just knew the voting was rigged, especially since rumor had it that Kaitlyn was WWE’s favorite on NXT3

  • Yanaliquisha


  • Randi Parker

    I love how far Kaitlyn has come, she has improved greatly!

  • Fame Whore

    I feel like I was literally the only one who liked Kaitlyn at this point, and wanted her to win. I wanted her or AJ to win. And when AJ got eliminated, I was Team Kaitlyn.

    • BorisG

      AJ was also favorite, but there was something fans liked about Katilyn. And that’s where she is now.

  • Oh Snap!…?

    I thought Naomi was gonna win but I’m glad she didnt because if she did then Kaitlyn would of been gone right now.

    • XWhorishBarbieX

      I Left Way To Early Last Night

      • Oh Snap!…?

        Lmfao. We had so much funnnn. I couldnt breathe because I was laughing so hard

        • XWhorishBarbieX

          LMAO I Just Read The Comments I’m Dying

  • XWhorishBarbieX

    The Start Of The Hybrid Diva

  • XWhorishBarbieX

    #HybridDiva #TeamKaitlyn #8thMilitia

  • Alex Ángeles. ?

    3 years ago everyone was angry that this girl has won this season of NXT because the lack of experience she had and being a last minute replacement. 3 years later this girl showed that with passion anything is possible. What a great diva is Kaitlyn:).

    • BorisG

      Yess! And it’s not her fault they put her on NXT without any experience.

  • Lio Castles

    Vickie’s expressions though. <3 lol

  • PikachuBoo

    So many doubters of this girl. Me being one of those doubters. She proved me wrong.

    I can proudly say I am a fan of Kaitlyn.

    • BorisG

      Me too. She started from the beginning all the way to the top.

  • WweRules32

    i was happy kaitlyn won and now she has proved herself loads

  • C.J.

    I’m actually glad they stopped having NXT being a contest where there was only one winner. I mean Kaval isn’t even with the company anymore, and where is the last time we’ve seen Wade Barrett on Raw or SmackDown?

    • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

      Wade won some titles.
      Kaitlyn won a title and was in the biggest feud of her life with her Former BFF.Kaitlyn is still shown on TV.

      Wade is injured.I believe.

      • C.J.

        True. But, I think that they somehow went off the reservation in season three because the segments were getting really bad and awkward, and this is when Michael Cole as a heel started ripping on the Divas. I think that the WWE allowing him to do that had a bad effect on the Divas Division and made everyone including Kaitlyn and AJ look like a joke. That isn’t to say they do look like a joke. It’s just that Michael Cole was such an obnoxious douche. It didn’t make things easier for the show.

      • Rebecca Blackett

        He was dealing with some visa problems.

    • BorisG

      Yes and prior to being Fandango, Johnny Curtis did nothing basically. So yeah it’s good that we don’t have it.

  • xDreamKiller

    You Suck Aksana You Suck Aksana LMAO

  • daniel05

    people used to hate kaitlyn not as much as eva but they disliked her a lot. it was too soon for kaitlyn to debut (even if i was happy with her on tv) but she was able to improve. i hope the same thing happens to eva.

    • C.J.

      I never disliked Kaitlyn. I just never thought she was the best thing on NXT.

      • daniel05

        but it was a good thing that she won even if she wasnt the best. because winning made her relevant not in the main roster but it helped her she needed the win more than aj or Naomi. so overall i was happy with NXT except for some of the matches.

        • C.J.

          Agreed. Similar reasoning was likely why the two prior NXT winners won, since it would have probably looked like favoritism for Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson to win his season with all of his indie success.

    • BorisG

      Well she just got there and didn’t know anything about wrestling. But she tried her best to improve for the fans.