Full Results: SHINE Wrestling Presents SHINE 15

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 15, airing tonight on iPPV.

In the main event, Rain‘s storied career will come to an end – win or lose – as she defends her SHINE Championship one last time, against Amazing Kong, while in the other marquee match of the night two former best friends face off as Jessicka Havok goes one-on-one with Allysin Kay.

It was announced earlier today that due to a family emergency Daffney will unfortunately not be appearing on tonight’s show. Our thoughts go to Daffney and her family at this time.

SHINE 15 comes to us live from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida at 9pm ET (2am GMT). View the full card and order the event now on WWNLive.com.

Live results will appear below.

Su Yung defeated Solo Darling. A rematch from the previous SHINE show, this was a solid but unspectacular opener which saw Yung make up for her defeat at SHINE 14 with a more aggressive performance than usual, picking up the submission victory with Yellow Fever following a devastating Michinoku Driver to Solo Darling.

Sojo Bolt defeated La Rosa Negra. The stream was down for the duration of the match.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Heidi Lovelace. The stream continued to be down for most of this match, and resumed just in time to see Martinez hit a Fisherman Buster onto Lovelace for the pinfall.

Angelina Love defeated Taylor Made. The first couple of minutes were decent enough, but the stream went down again early on and didn’t return for the rest of the match.

As the Friday 13th Massacre match between Leva Bates and Nevaeh was being set up, the stream went down again and didn’t come back. The show was put on hold while they tried to fix it, but it appears SHINE have accepted the problems as a lost cause.

However, we’ve learnt that those of you who ordered the live show will get the VOD for free tomorrow, while those who ordered it with the VOD will get another free VOD of your choice.

Here are the remaining results, courtesy of Twitter.

* Friday 13th Massacre Match: Leva Bates defeated Nevaeh.

* The SNS Express (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle) defeated The American Sweethearts (Santana & Amber O’Neal). As a result, the American Sweethearts must split up as a tag team.

* Ivelisse defeated Mia Yim.

* Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay wrestled to a double disqualification. After the match, Kay attacked Havok.

* SHINE Championship: Rain defeated Amazing Kong to retain her title. Following the match, Rain celebrates with here Valkyrie stablemates and says she is not retiring. However, Lexie Fyfe comes out and announces that the next challenger to Rain’s title will be Ivelisse.

That’s all for tonight – the technical issues were a shame, but join us tomorrow after we’ve seen the VOD for a full review.

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  • Lily

    Queen Kong looking good but them eyes, she’s looking left and right at the same time.

  • Numero47

    I’m sadden to see Havok/Kay go their separate ways. The little promo Jess delivered has me rooting for her tonight

  • David Wilson

    This is rare with the technical problems- stay with it…

  • Monkey Tennis

    This was actually one of the first Shine PPV’s I haven’t ordered for a while as my own internet connection is not ideal for streaming right now. Shame to hear about the technical difficulties, but these things do happen and it’s the first time in 15 shows they’ve really suffered.

    I wasn’t hugely surprised to discover that Rain retained the title. It all seemed too obvious that she would lose, given her supposed retirement so I expected some kind of swerve. I’d certainly like to see Ivelisse take the title at (presumably) the next show.

    I’d hoped that Santana and Amber would lose the team-must-split-up match, as I’m still hoping it’ll mean we see Santana return to singles action. However, it obviously also adds to the ongoing rumours that Santana is one her way to either WWE or TNA.. As is always the case in these circumstances, I’d be happy for her on a personal level as it’s clearly what she’s pushing for. But as a fan, it’s always disappointing to lose a talented independent wrestler to a company where we’ll rarely see them wrestle.

  • BorisG

    Glad that Rain is not retiring. She has so much more to accomplish.

  • David Wilson

    Can I give a word of support to the WWN crew- I was in the chatroom when they were having all the technical issues, and they kept us informed of the situation (sounds like it was problem at the venue and not on their end), and then announced that those who only bought the live show would get the VOD for free, and those who got the PPV/VOD package would get a free pick from their VOD library, so I’m giving kudos to them for dealing with must have been a very trying night on both sides- it’s the first time in 15 shows there’s been a problem like this (and I’ve done PPV/VOD for all of them), and it’s not souring me on the product one bit.

    As to the card, if this was a long play by the Shine crew and Rain about her retirement, it’s a masterstroke (she’s been talking about her retirement for at least 6 months if not longer- though I wouldn’t be shocked for her to really retire after she drops the belt)- they’ve been teasing the tension between Ive and Rain for months as well.

    From the results, the Ive/Yim and the Havok/Kay matches sound like they were off the charts (and Havok/Kay isn’t over by a long shot- I suspect we’re going to have at least one, if not two, more matches with escalating violence)….didn’t have Stephie and Jessie winning though (since Stephie’s moving to Canada and in the process of getting married, I thought this would be a way to scale back her appearances since it would be a longer trip for- I guess it’s more likely Santana is very close to signing with one of the majors and is finishing up her indy stuff). Leva instagrammed her Jason-inspired costume, awesome as always.

  • shamaramill

    It’s sad to see the American Sweethearts breakup, I really liked them. But I guess with Amber supposedly returning to Shimmer and Santana being signed by WWE or TNA, it makes sense. Before Santana leaves I would love to see her wrestle on a few Shimmer tapings. (In singles competition of course.) I am excited for Havok/Kay and Yim/Ive because I LOVE all those girls and I’m sure they’ll be two great matches.

    • Scott J

      Where is it going around that Amber is returning to Shimmer?