Where Are They Now?: Lauren Mayhew, Actor/Singer and Former WWE Announcer

Diva Dirt is debuting a new interview series, Where Are They Now?, in which we will speak with former women of wrestling about their past, present and future.

In the first interview of the series, Diva Dirt’s Jack speaks with former WWE announcer Lauren Mayhew.

Lauren was with the WWE only briefly, but has a colorful career outside of the wrestling business. A singer and actor, Lauren has recently released a single, “One More Try”, that’s getting play on radio stations across the country.

She’s also landed plenty of acting gigs, appearing on an episode of the hit series Dexter.

Lauren talks to us about her time with the WWE, her singing and acting career and if there might be a return to wrestling in her future.
Listen below or download by right clicking here.

Follow Lauren on Twitter: @LCMayhew.

Watch the music video for Lauren’s single “One More Try” below:

Who do you want to see interviewed for Where Are They Now? Let us know!

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  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Never heard of her in WWE personally…

  • TotalJojo

    I was hoping it would be someone we actually care about…

  • Effy Zoey Croft

    That is a terrible picture of her. Makes her look very old and a small bit like Tila Tequila.

  • Lily

    I don’t remember her. I’m guessing she’s one of those that WWE sign and then release months after.

  • BorisG

    Remember her. Can’t wait for more interviews, especially with Divas that we don’t remember at first.

  • kewlkatz

    Aww, I remember that Dexter episode! Watching her being chased around in a twisted maze by a murderer/rapist was fun

  • Cassie Smith

    wow that was crazy

  • RadicalRhys

    Derogatory comments made by others here so far aside, I think it’s nice to see a new feature being brought to the site and that it’ll also give some attention to former women from WWE/TNA/elsewhere.

  • WweRules32

    congrats to her for having a successful career in music tv etc

  • DamienLayRoyalty

    Oh yea she was the rival to hilary duff in raise my voice. love her in that. Also, she’s 26 but she looks like she’s in her 40’s. It’s whatever she’s still pretty.

  • TotalJojo

    I do think that this is a nice feature, and hope that we get to hear from talents that we loved in the past.

  • DamienLayRoyalty

    Okay, since this is a new thing, Kristal, Shaniqua, Chyna, and Joy Giovanni. Should be the next choices.

    • TotalJojo

      I would be interested in a Chyna interview, though I doubt it would happen. :/

      • Liam Collett

        Divadirt: So chyna what have you been up to since leaving wwe?
        Chyna:Porn lots and lots of Porn

        • DamienLayRoyalty

          Ummm no. i actually spoke to chyna on twitter and she’s in japan and seems to be in good mental health.

          • Liam Collett

            i was joking…

        • @KENLushh


    • sheba

      kristal is a makeup artist and hairdresser (and occasionally models freelance) and has two children by bobby lashley, a boy and a girl. from what i know shaniqua was a teacher

      • DamienLayRoyalty

        Yeah i know i talk to kristal on twitter too. lol

    • OJ Von Erich

      Don’t forget Amy Weber… She has an incredible story to tell.

    • BorisG


  • 3xplicit
  • Looking Glass

    She was the worst ring announcer ever. When people talk about using Diva status/WWE as a platform to launch a career – this is it in human form.

  • Yanaliquisha

    Who are they now?

  • Yanaliquisha


  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    let’s get Nidia

  • Fame Whore

    I actually remember her Lol. I always remember people like her who were only in the company for a really short while for some reason. Like Anastasia & Ashley Valance.

  • nightofme

    I remember her. I don’t even care to listen to her interview though but what did she sya about returning? Because I feel like ever since Total Divas lots of these women want to use WWE as a stepping stone lol.

  • charovnica

    Um…I expected someone that actually did something in her run with the company. The idea is great,but I’d like to see more interesting past divas/knockouts/wrestlers.

  • PikachuBoo


    She holds the microphone way to close to her mouth, but i would of loved to seen more of her. just looked her up!

    • DamienLayRoyalty

      Waaaaaaay better than Lillian.

      • Bonnie

        ooh girl u best NOT disrespect the person who paved the way for wrestling!

        • DamienLayRoyalty

          Lillian? lol

  • I dig CrayJ (#Emmalution)

    An Audrey Marie or Jamie Keyes interview would be much more interesting..

  • Looking Glass

    What is it with people doing the whole ‘uneducated’ thing when they can barely string a sentence together or use basic punctuation. Didn’t say she didn’t have a career but she was hardly world renown or known at all prior to the WWE, she was bad at the job and went off the first chance she got to try and cash in on the exposure she’d gotten by returning to music.