Picture of the Day: Bayley and Paige Are All Hugs

Christmas is in the air and it seems the festive spirit has already taken over NXT.

The Divas took to their finest holiday gear for a special photoshoot to be released sometime in the future. What happened when the cameras weren’t snapping pictures, though? Hugs, of course!

We can only assume that Bayley decided Women’s Champion Paige had qualified for the nice list this year and thus decided to give her her an early present: a big old hug. Doesn’t Paige look thrilled?

Paige posted the picture on her Twitter account, tweeting:

Now onto the big question: how do you think Paige repaid Bayley for the kind gesture?

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  • Jasmine Wiggins

    awwsies! i love bayley she’s adorable!

  • Brandon

    I love this picture lol

  • Jtiera

    This has to be the cutest picture lol embrace the hug paige

  • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

    Paige looks beautiful.

  • Number One

    Paige looks like a demonic elf! I love it!

    • Benjamin D

      An uber hot demonic elf that is!

      • Number One


  • Raekon

    Both adorable! :)

  • WweRules32

    Lol cool pic

  • MrFoxana

    Sasha, Paige and Bayley and Emma, best NXT divas, why because they were all indie stars. Learn WWE.

    • MrFoxana

      Every time I write something I feel really bitcchhhyyy because my profile picture is evil Barbie blank :’)

  • charovnica

    Paige is not only an amazing talent,but she’s hot af. See..that’s a combination!

  • BorisG

    Always love their photos. As they say, one picture says 1000 words.

  • Effy Zoey Croft

    Love the pictures Bayley & Paige post. always get a great laugh out of them. This one is just way too funny, the Christmas gear just makes it.

  • The Review Fox

    So cute! :)

    Bayley’s the most adorable thing! Paige…. you knooooow you love it :) Don’t fight it…

    This reminds me of when Bay bum-rushed AJ with a hug backstage during an interview at NXT in August, after AJ won her Championship. Told her that she was essentially lurking and watching her to meet her and ask her for a match.

    Even though AJ was heel, she was surprisingly cool about the hug and match request. It was when Bayley brought up the ‘AJs Crazy’ rumor, that’s when the switch flipped. LOL!

    • Benjamin D

      “Do you want a hug, Bayley?” “Yes…” “I’m hugging your neck!”

      • The Review Fox

        It was so cute! :)

  • Benjamin D

    I like the one I posted earlier with the captions better. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bb3HprtIUAAg59T.jpg

  • Rodney Holston

    mmm I’m liking the red lips on Paige. I want her to change up her look more often on TV. It’s hard to pull that Marilyn lip off, but she’s doing it and I want more!

  • RatedM for Maryse?

    Paige is just sessy. The end. She don’t even have to look at the camera and smile to look like a bad bitch. She just does it effortlessly..
    This picture is super adorable though.

  • Benjamin D

    While on the opposite of the spectrum I give you Alexa and Raquel


    • charovnica

      Aww! Lexi is so adorable. I want to see her wrestle already so it can morally be okay to obsess over her :D

      • Benjamin D

        Lexis is gorgeous. I think she’s the hottest girl of them all down at the Performance Center. So let’s go to Florida then, I know she wrestles in the NXT house shows.

    • WomenWrestlingRevolution 014

      LEXI gives me Madison Rayne vibes ala 2009 O-O
      Raquel suits better with the brunette half of hair

  • WomenWrestlingRevolution 014

    These girls <3

  • mckenzie

    Paige’s makeup >>>