The Five to Watch 2013: The Owens Twins


Welcome to Diva Dirt’s Five to Watch 2013! This annual list compiles five rising talents in the world of women’s wrestling that we think have what it takes to be the next big thing.

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From their in-ring abilities to their unique personalities, we aim to spotlight some of the upcoming female talent that you may not yet know about. Over the next five days, we will unveil the names that the Diva Dirt staff have handpicked.


Who are they?: Two of Northern Ireland’s most promising exports, Leah and Kasey Owens have been wowing audiences across the UK for some time now with their impressive ring work – both in singles and tag team action – and their unique, fun and flirtatious personas. 2013 saw the pair branch out in spectacular fashion, getting the chance to hone their craft in Japan with Ice Ribbon while continuing to ascend the ladder of women’s wrestling in Britain.

Photo: Leah Owens, Twitter
Photo: Leah Owens, Twitter

Their story so far: Debuting in 2010, Leah and Kasey began their careers in their native Ireland, often only having each other as opponents. They soon gained popularity over in Great Britain, moving to Scotland and becoming regular fixtures in Pro Wrestling:EVE and later, Glasgow’s Insane Championship Wrestling. In 2012 they made history when they wrestled the Blossom Twins in the first-ever women’s Twins vs Twins match, and earlier this year reached the semi-finals of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Tag Team Championship tournament. The summer saw them briefly separate, Kasey fulfilling a lifelong dream by heading to Japan for three months to train and wrestle for Ice Ribbon and Leah remaining in Britain, capping off her feud against Nikki Storm with a losing (but certainly memorable) – effort in a Bra and Panties Match. Kasey’s spell in Japan was fruitful, picking up a tag team victory with Hikaru Shida against Hailey Hatred and Risa Sera in just her first match over there, and having other notable matches against the likes of Tsukasa Fujimoto, Aoi Kizuki and more, before Leah joined her sister to reunite them as a tag team for the remaining three weeks of her stay, furthering their significant appeal in the process.

Photo: Kasey Owens, Twitter
Photo: Kasey Owens, Twitter

Why we chose them: Twins seem to be all the rage now in wrestling, but the Owens Twins are much more than just another Bellas or Blossoms. Leah and Kasey are truly their own thing, and with a genuine love for wrestling, a willingness to do whatever it takes to get their audience fully engaged in their match and a gimmick that can be adapted to fit any situation, from the wild and rowdy nature of ICW to more family-friendly environments, they have all the tools to make a real mark for themselves in 2014. Their stock within the UK scene is growing rapidly and a return to Japan may well be on the cards after the new year, but don’t be too surprised to see the Owens Twins turn the heads of a couple of promotions across the Atlantic in the coming months as well.

Follow the Owens on Twitter: @KaseyOwens5, @Leah_Owens1.

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