Women of the Year 2013: Taryn Terrell

Every hour until the clock strikes midnight (Eastern time) and we usher in 2014, Diva Dirt will highlight – in no particular order – the women who made an impact in 2013.

Taryn Terrell

Taryn Terrell is a name that many of us thought would never come back to the televised squared circle following her WWE release in 2010, because so much time had passed in between. Nevertheless, Taryn is full of surprises, and not only did she return, but she came back with a vengeance and, through a series of matches opposite Gail Kim, proved that she was more than just a pretty “ex-Diva”. She was a wrestler and she was going to earn each and every one of our respect.

You see, back in January, Taryn began her feud with Kim when she, still acting as the official Knockouts referee, made a bad call in a Gauntlet match and cost Gail an opportunity at the title. The two never saw eye to eye after that, with Gail continuously berating her, telling her that she wasn’t doing her job properly. This only fired Taryn up to the point she would let her pent up aggression out come Lockdown in March, when she speared Gail and soon after went from referee to active Knockout.

The two feuded for months, leading to the headline-making Last Knockout Standing match at Slammiversary, where Terrell would emerge victorious following a cutter off the entrance ramp to the floor outside. Following the rave reviews and universal praise of the bout, Taryn and Gail were given the chance to go at it again… only this time in a ladder match! It was difficult to live up to the intense hype surround their first go around, but Gail and Taryn did just that and then some as they fought tooth and nail to become number one contender to Mickie James‘s title. In the end, it was Gail who got the last laugh over Taryn, and unfortunately (for us) that was the last we saw of Terrell in TNA for the time being. Fortunately, though, the reason behind her absence is a good one, as Taryn is expecting her first child in 2014!

Even though her skyrocketing career has been put on hold for the time being, we’re certain that Taryn isn’t quite done surprising us yet.

Come back at the top of every hour to see who else has been crowned one of 2013’s “Women of the Year”.

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  • Raekon

    Tons of Charisma and in the meantime also good in ring skill.
    She improved a lot since her WWE days and she deserves this spot after the matches she delivered in TNA so far. :)

  • Monkey Tennis

    Taryn should probably been named “Woman of not-enough-of-the-Year”.

    Such a shame we didn’t see more of her, although obviously the reason for her absence was a very happy one!

  • Aaron Evans

    She deserves the acknowledgement!!!

  • The Diva Of Greatness

    Taryn Terrell really surprise me this year congratulations to Taryn Terrell.

  • zinc445 .

    taryn was the highlight of the year in women’s wrestling for me till she took time out, she deserves so much praise and credit. those 2 matches were probably the best in history, LKS was such a standout it took a lot by surprise.
    judging by her tweets etc she seems like she will be back in 2014 and return like madison did, but i guess we will see when it happens but if she doesn’t return at all it will be a shame. but she is still under contract which is a positive sign i hope she picks up where she left off. i hope she’s back by june 14.

    • I love Melina

      I really hope she returns this year!!! She did so good in the feud with gail. I was so schocked at her quality as an in-ring competitor. The two top women’s wrestling matches of 2013!!! TNA needs to book GAIL VS TARYN PART 3- STEEL CAGE as the Main event of lockdown 2015 hahahah

      • zinc445 .

        WOW couldn’t have said it better I was thinking they would have Taryn end Gail’s streak of being undefeated in a steel cage at Hard core Justice 2013 thus Taryn earning a shot at Mickie James for BFG 2013.
        But I think a steel cage match was next on the list. She could still return next year at Slammy to face Gail/Tapa, but really a long shot considering how hectic her personal life is getting, I wouldn’t be surprised if she return for a couple of months have a build up to face a then champ only to get held back by motherhood. I’m glad Madison is back I hope she is about for a year or so.
        but i think taryn needs to finish what she started in TNA she has huge potential to be TNA’S top KO, she is still under contract and she’s apparently 30/31 weeks gone so she could be back within 5 months I think.

        • I love Melina

          WHOOOOAA dayyyuuummmm that would have made for an epic 2013, albeit it still being a good year for the majority. But WOOWW A steel cage match at hardcore justice would have been the icing on the cake for the gail/taryn series of matches, I was soooo crushed to hear taryn was out of action, but very happy for her pregnancy!!! And yeeees I hope madison remains a permanent & important fixture in the division. She is 2nd fave of all time & my favourite knockout (closely followed by gail kim). and wooow hopefully taryn can be back in 5 months; that would be amazing. Im excited to see what else she can do as one of the top females in the knockouts division. Hopefully we get some good storyline with gail/madision/Tapa/ODB/Brooke and maybe 2 new knockouts. Im really really hoping for further storyline between madison & gail, which looks guaranteed. If done correctly, it could be one of the best KO’s feuds considering their history

          • zinc445 .

            ino their matches have huge potential. taryn’s return would be just great it would strengthen the division X100 times more than it is now. hopefully by may she will still be under contract and intend to return to TNA, i hope her personal life doesn’t get in the way it’s not really fair on us for it to happen again so let’s hope if she returns she’s finishes her storyline/title chase

          • I love Melina

            YEEEEES agreed!!!! Taryn would introduce a freshness into the division. She seems so passionate, aggressive and a truly great wrestler. She could have many memorable feuds if given the chance. Hopefully some gail vs taryn in our future. Would be pretty disappointing if her personal life got in the way, but great that she’s having a baby :)

          • zinc445 .

            madison’s face character reminds me of taryn’s aggression against gail

  • nismos69

    She suprised me so much this year, very deserving of this award!!

  • Numero47

    In my eyes, Taryn is the Most Improved Woman of the year!

    She’s blown all if us away on how fast she’s come! Her feud with Gail was reaching its highest peak before it came to an unfortunate halt.

    Taryn will be back in 2014 and I can’t wait for her to pick up where she last left off.


    HELL YES!!!!!!!

  • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ AKSANA WINS! AKSANA WINS!

    Taryn Terrell went out there and proved to everyone that she’s more than just a pretty face. She showed wrestling fans around the world that she can kick ass in the ring and that she’s willing to put her body on the line to entertain the fans. I have always loved Taryn since her days with WWE, but I gained so much more respect for her this year. You can tell that wrestling is what she wants to do and that she wants to make a name for herself and leave her mark in women’s wrestling. I hope to see her return in 2014 and continue to make an impact : )

  • MrMexican99

    Taryn Terrell had an amazing year. She was definitely on her way to the top. TNA really did a great job getting her over with their live crowds. She was well-built and she lived up to the hype. WWE really did miss out when they fired her. But she already showed them that this year.

    If she chooses to return in 2014, I already know her return will be explosive. Let’s just hope she’s not the only return to the TNA Knockouts Division in 2014.

  • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

    Congrats Tary!

  • Christopher Bello

    I loved Taryn all the way back since she was in the WWE. I knew she had a special spark and could never understand why WWE released her. I really wasn’t suprised by how great she had gotten, just pleased my instincts on her were right. Plus, Gail could put a showstopper on with a bucket, c’mon! I really want to see her in good, old-fashioned WRESTLING matches now. I want to see her mat skills. Congrats on a great year and a great baby!

  • Lay “V.I.P” Royalty

    I freaking love her. Definitely a person i wish wwe didn’t release, because she had in her short time there great matches with Layla and Michelle. I just wish i can see her vs AJ, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, and Summer.


    Yes! Skirt Tiffany will always be insatiable in my book, but BOY has she made a huge improvement. I just wish she were still in the WWE. She would probably have been divas champ by now :( but I loved their match at Slammiversary

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    im glad WWE released her. There’s no way she’d be able to show off her true abilities like she has in TNA. You honestly think WWE would’ve anything close to the two classic matches she had with Gail ? Remember Michelle said her and Melina got in trouble because their match was “too good”. Taryn honestly woud’ve been watered down and turned into a bubbly face. They say everything happens for a reason, i just really wish she didn’t get pregnant, she was about to be a huge star in TNA

    • zinc445 .

      true, i found it hard to believe that she got pregger’s when she about to get the biggest push of her career. let’s hope she return in may 2014, and of course this is taryn so don’t be too surprised if her personal life get’s too hectic again with motherhood etc.
      but anyhow i hope she returns it would be good to see her again, madison seems to be doing great since returning

  • xNerdyOnex

    Are you still trying to shove to woman down my throat?