Diva Dirt’s Wishes and Predictions for 2014

Photo: Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images

Photo: Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again when the Diva Dirt team compiles our annual wishes and predictions for women’s wrestling in the year ahead.

Previous wishes/predictions posts can be seen here (2010), here (2011) and here (2012) and here (2013).

2014 Wishes

* Sara Del Rey to appear on on WWE TV. Yes, we wished for that last year, but appearing in the background on Total Divas doesn’t count.

* Divas Championship reigns for Naomi, Natalya, Brie or Nikki Bella. It’s time to spread the love a bit, don’t you think?

* John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella. We know you’re building towards it, Total Divas.

* A major push for Summer Rae. Making her a punch line doesn’t count.

* Renee Young commentating a Raw, SmackDown or PPV. By the end of the year, she’ll be more than ready to graduate from NXT.

* Alicia Fox to be added to the Total Divas cast. She’s certainly had enough cameos!

* Hannah and Holly Blossom to debut on the TNA main roster. They’ve more than paid their developmental dues.

* Tara to get a job with the WWE behind the scenes. Trainer? Agent? We don’t care, as long as she is influencing the next generation of Divas.

* SHIMMER to air another live iPPV. It’s the future, after all.

* A Divas Title match at WrestleMania. After last year, the WWE owes Diva fans big time.

* More Knockouts matches on Xplosion. WWE Main Event and Superstars have been nice platforms for the Divas, and the Knockouts deserve the same opportunities.

* AJ Lee and Kaitlyn to reunite by the end of the year. It’s inevitable, right?

* Brie and Daniel Bryan to team up in a Mixed Tag Team match. We want to see some tandem “Yes!” poses.

* Lita to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. Though we think our Hall of Fame prediction (see below) is more likely.

2014 Predictions

* Layla retires. The WWE hasn’t been releasing too many people lately, but we think Layla’s contract may be running out. We’ll sure she’ll be flawless in retirement.

* Taryn Terrell returns to TNA. With all the roster cuts, it’s surprising she stayed on with her pregnancy. We see her returning a few months after giving birth to dominate the Knockouts division.

* Brie and Nikki Bella will break up (again). It’s been teased forever, but the girls have to split at some point. With Total Divas becoming more popular, a split may get the show some more mainstream media attention.

* A first time Divas Champion will be crowned. 2013 saw Kaitlyn and AJ Lee hold the belt for the first time. We have a feeling another Diva will hold the belt for the first time in 2014, but who will it be: Naomi? Summer Rae? Eva Marie?

* Paige will debut on the main roster. It’s about time she gets called up. Don’t be surprised to see Paige come in with a huge push. We’re guessing it will happen some time after WrestleMania, allowing her to gain popularity over the summer.

* Stephanie McMahon will wrestle. With her new contract listing her as a wrestler, we have a feeling she will be dusting off her wrestling boots to compete in the ring with a current Diva.

* A former Diva will return to WWE. This may be a long shot, but with the returns of Batista, RVD and other past stars, it looks like WWE may be reaching to their alumni. We think we might see Mickie James or another Diva back in the WWE before long.

* Eva Marie will appear on a magazine cover. Eva has been gaining popularity, and has finally begun to show some character. Look for her to grace the cover of Maxim or another magazine this year to help propel her into major storylines.

* Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa will split before April. Expect Tapa to turn on Kim after having enough of her controlling ways.

* Sable will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s hard for us to picture the WWE inducting more current Divas before honoring Sable.

* Total Divas will be renewed for a third season. Kardashians or no Kardashians, the ratings will remain steady.

* Ivelisse will win the SHINE Championship. Who better to unseat Rain than her Valkyrie stablemate?

* Jessicka Havok will become a top contender for the SHIMMER Championship. We’re dying to see her go up against Cheerleader Melissa with the belt on the line.

* Emma will win the NXT Women’s Championship. With Paige inevitably heading the the main roster first, Emma is best poised to take the spot at the top.

* The WWE will sign another experienced women’s wrestler. NXT will need more Divas with indy experience once Emma, Paige, Bayley and Sasha Banks move on up.

What are you wishing and predicting for 2014?

Contributions from Chris, Jake and Katelyn.

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  • BorisG

    I love your wishes and predictions, but I want Alicia and Layla to win Divas title again, besides those you mentioned.

  • Username


  • WomenWrestlingRevolution 014

    I wish (hope) it’s fine if not all come true. Although, I wish they did No chronological order WWE
    #.1. Nattie gets a title reign
    #2. Lita for Hall Of Fame Class of 2014
    #3. Paige debuts and attacks Total Divas
    #4. Kharma Returns And OBLITERATES EVERYONE! ^^ (Kidding ok maybe not)
    #5. Mickie James returns( maybe no longer, but still)
    #6. NXT women debut on the main roster
    #7. about 5 women released :(

    #1. Gail Kim starts a long hardcore feud with Tapa
    #2. Madison turns back into the KILLA QUEEN<3 we all love (maybe too early)
    #3. new talent is signed :) YAY
    #4. Blossoms become permanent KO'S
    #5. KO'S of the past return
    #6. More gimmick matches Street fights, last women standing, etc.

  • Snap!…?

    i agree. this will be laylas last year… i hope not but i believe it is….


    I also (sadly and depressingly) think that this will be Foxy’s last year with the company as a wrestler. The only thing that keeps me hopeful is the fact that she’s such an integral part diva-wise in the charity events, cancer runs, etc. etc. Hopefully she’ll take some sort of backstage role and start coordinating the events or something because I’d hate to see her fully leave. It looks like she really loves being involved with WWE and everything it supports.

  • Guest

    2014 wishes
    1)Kharma Returns
    2)Alicia fox added to total divas cast for season 2
    3)Lita inducted to HOF
    4)DIvas title match WrestleMania
    5)Chickbusters reunite
    2014 Predictions
    1)New first time divas champion
    2)Paige Debuts
    3)Tapa turns on Gail Kim causing a feud
    4)Layla leaves/retires from wwe
    5)Tamina/AJ= Double turn

  • TeamAJ

    2014 wishes
    1)Divas title match WrestleMania
    2)Lita HOF
    3)Kharma returns
    4)Alicia fox added to cast of Total divas season 2
    5) Chickbusters reunite
    2014 Predictions
    1)Layla leaves/Retires from WWE
    2)New first time divas champ
    3)Paige debuts
    4) Tapa turns on Gail kim causing a feud
    5)Tamina and AJ split

  • http://iheartdg.com/ International Problem Dragon

    That Sable HoF thing will NEVER happen, even with her husband working for the WWE.

  • demetreymo90

    My wishes for 2014:

    1. Paige debuts on the main roster and feuds with AJ
    2. Lita for Hall Of Fame
    3. Alicia, Naomi, Summer Rae and JoJo (whether she wrestles on the main roster or NXT) to shine and hope one of the 3 out of the 4 become Divas champion sometime this year.


    Natalya will be Divas Champion this year.
    Lita hopefully will be inducted into the hof.
    Brie Bella will still be a face.
    Nikki Bella turns heel.
    JoJo will have her first match in NXT.
    AJ Lee will turn face.

  • Christo82

    2014 WishesNaomi becomes Diva Champ
    Mia Yim, Athena get Signed to WWE or TNA
    Sara Del Ray wrestles on NXt
    Paige, Emma, Bayley and Sasha Debut on the main roster
    A new power couple emerges
    Serena returns to WWE
    A Japanese female wrestler gets signed by WWE
    Alissa flash, Sarita, and Hamada come back to TNA(please)
    More mixed tag matches

  • Christopher Bello

    Wishes are more fun so:
    •For Summer Slay to get a push leading to a Divas Championship reign, preferrably against Kaitlyn or Naomi
    •Paige to be called up to the main roster
    •Mickie James/Melina/Beth/Eve/Michelle all returning would complete my life
    •Eva Marie to make great strides in the ring and improve overall ala Candice Michelle, Kaitlyn, Trish etc
    •Jojo to debut on NXT
    •Separate rosters to return for Raw/Smackdown so we can spread the Diva love. I especially want this to happen because I remember how EPIC it used to feel when a Raw and a Smackdown Diva would come face to face ala Maryse/Beth and that whole 2008 Survivor Series elimination match (that was epic)
    •For a Diva who isn’t AJ to get a solo promo with no one elae but her at the center of it (preferrably Naomi, Cameron, Aksana or Summer Slay)
    •For Cameron to break off from Naomi and shine on her own
    •For Cameron to be the breakout success story of 2014
    •For Alicia to either win the Divas Championship or (preferrably) go to TNA and work a program with Gail Kim
    •For the Knockouts to return to their former glory
    •Singles match for the Divas at Wrestlemania over the title, preferrably AJ vs Naomi or Naomi vs Paige
    •A redesign of the Divas Championship
    •Return of the Women’s Championship
    •A real week to weel storyline
    •A ring promo from a Diva besides AJ
    •Diva rebellion against management backstage
    •Layla with a final championship run, proper exit from WWE. I don’t think she’s ready to retire, layla has a lot left to give.
    •Layla to go to TNA.
    •WWE to go TV14 again
    •Women’s wrestling to elevate it’s level in the mainstream and be taken seriously again.

  • Jonathan Ramos-Santiago

    I would love to see the following:
    -Mickie James returning to WWE and ending AJ’s reign as Divas Champion. I think we can all agree that AJ will surpass Maryse’s 216 day reign; it would be great to see Mickie James end AJ’s reign as she did Maryse’s
    -Natalya becoming Divas Champion for a 2nd time
    -Naomi becoming Divas Champion
    -If Layla does retire, she should leave victorious in a last match
    -Divas Championship match at Wrestlemania. The female talent deserve this after what transpired last year
    -Kharma returning is a long shot, but we can all dream

  • David Wilson

    -Layla retires/gets released- apparently she hasn’t been cleared to wrestle yet

    -AJ loses the title before Mania but after she breaks the title length record in a couple of weeks

    -Brie wins the title from AJ

    -Summer gets a push- maybe a title reign late in the year

    -Paige and at least one other Diva currently in NXT debuts (not necessarily as a wrestler)

    -Other than Layla, at least one other Diva currently on the roster is released

    -TNA gets it’s act together and rebuilds the KO division

    -Rain legit retires after losing the SHINE title; Ive probably will be the one to take the tilte, but not immediately- it’ll take two or possibly three tries.

    -Jessika Havok wins the SHIMMER title from Melissa in the 2nd set of tapings

  • trishlita721

    Tamina beats aj for the divas title. Aj turns face reuniting with kaitlyn then
    Natalya defeats Tamina for the title

  • Juan

    I just wish TNA would sign more women as we need more Knockouts!! I also want TNA to turn Xplosion into a full blown second show!

    • Numero47


      One of the biggest disadvantage TNA has is lack of time!
      A second show will do wonders for TNA and help all of their divisions rebuild


    Layla’s certainly not done… I can just sense. She loves this job too much. She might leave in 2014 but not after another championship run. Everyone wants to see her with it one more time. We <3 Layla here at DD! http://24.media.tumblr.com/8895f6b91e03c8c990cb13e5792f9ab4/tumblr_mg4wrbpZ6y1s0sd2mo1_250.gif

    • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

      She will then be tied with Eve Torres as Lots of Reigns!

    • HOLLA

      Beautiful photo!

    • Christopher Bello

      Layla deserves a final reign and one final GOOD storyline. She worked her ASS off on her injury leave, and when she came back? A phenomenal, full-fledged wrestler. She did the Michelle McCool, which is funny because that’s her PIC. I respect Layla so much, I couldn’t imagine her not coming back for one more great match.

    • nightofme

      She looks incredible here. <3

    • Half Of Me

      I don’t know why people think layla will retire..she’s only 35 not 45 & doesn’t even look 30..she can wrestle & talk on the mic so people should be wanting layla to stay & get good storylines not throw her away because shes 35 when tamina is the same age….

    • BorisG

      Yess Layla for Divas champ! <3

  • Jtiera

    Partner girls with the guys
    Stephanie wrestles
    Stephanie/ AJ feud
    Mickie James return (doesn’t have to be full time but make appearances on screen and help behind the scenes)
    Victoria return (see mickie)
    A legit female stable
    Kharma return
    Paige debut
    Emma debut
    Chick buster reunite
    More diva backstage brawls
    More diva in ring segments (no corny stuff)
    Stipulation matches for the girls ( cage match, street fight, tables, ladders, chairs)
    AJ vs Paige match/feud whatever just GIVE IT TO ME
    Make Eva a valet and leave her there!
    New championship design
    2 divas feuds one with the title and a side feud
    Summer to split from fandango
    Tamina to have a championship reign

  • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

    What about Tamina and A.J Lee breaking up?

  • AdrianRay

    Stephanie’s contract labels her as a wrestler so she can take bumps. I REALLY don’t think she’ll get in the ring to wrestle. I hope she does….

  • wwepassion

    Layla could partner with Summer Rae since Sasha is in NXT. I hope lita is inducted into the hall of fame and sable. it is for sure time for a new champ of course after aj passes that reign. It’s a must for Paige to come, She’s been down there way to long. I hope the divas get stronger and more then one girl is pushed.

  • Chad

    Seeing that Layla prediction made me so sad :( but i suppose i agree…

  • Bobby James

    About those predictions, which I’m loving except for the Layla retirement part (I’d love for Layla to have one last heel and championship run before she says farewell), I love most of them, but…

    Since Trish was inducted last year, I could honestly see Lita going into the HOF before Sable. Then again, since Brock’s back in the mix – and possibly the title picture – I could see Sable heading in. Why can’t we have Lita and Sable go in? Why only one Diva at a time?

    Do you know what I’d pay to see Stephanie McMahon vs. AJ Lee – probably WrestleMania price – I’m REALLY hoping for that match.

    I’d also love to see Mickie James back in a WWE ring! Could you imagine an AJ-Mickie alliance? Yikes! :)

    … and regarding what Diva might enjoy her first reign as Diva’s Champion in 2014, I’m putting my money on Aksana. She’s looking really great in the ring and I love her new, ultra-aggressive attitude. WWE needs to amplify her character, give her some purpose, and PUT HER BACK ON THE MICROPHONE and let her run.

    I agree with the Summer Rae push (wish) too. I love Summer and I think she’s a great talent.

    Eva Marie is a star, so I say let’s give her a go. I say give her the Trish Stratus treatment. Make her a valet – let her watch and learn – then have limited wrestling exposure until she’s ready. Also, WWE needs to give Eva a speaking role to help her become a little more confident on the mic. (remember what WWE Excess did for Trish? Put Eva on a YouTube-exclusive program and let her develop). That keeps her relevant, gets her on magazines, raises her status and helps her build cred. I love Eva – she has a spark – and I think she’ll develop perfectly.

    Might I suggest a prediction? I think we could see Kharma back in the WWE? Picture It: Kharma comes back, runs through the division and Paige debuts… why not?

  • Randumo
    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Prediction, Aj will top PWI’s 2014 Top 50 FEMALE

  • NBDxHollywood

    Nikki becomes champ, gets engaged and the twins split permanently my wishes/predictions