Today in History: ODB, Nikki Roxx & Taylor Wilde vs. The Kongtourage at Genesis 2009

On this day in history:

January 11th, 2009 | At Genesis 2009, ODB, Roxxi and Taylor Wilde teamed up to take on the Kongtourage: Raisha Saeed, Rhaka Khan and Sojo Bolt. This wasn’t your typical Six-Woman Tag Team match, though, as the match stipulated that the individual who scored the pin would earn a shot at Awesome Kong‘s Knockouts Title. ODB would eventually get the three-count, snagging a small package pin on Saeed while Taylor and Roxxi were on the outside of the ring. Kong immediately made her way to the ring, leading to a beatdown on the babyfaces and a personal statement from Kong to the new number one contender.

What are your memories of this moment?

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  • savnguyen

    Miss THIS knockouts division!!!

  • Numero47

    The stipulation for this match did give a different kind of vibe throughout the match.

    Glad all the participants of the match were involved in some form. Personally I would’ve liked to see Roxxi pick up the win in this match but the ODB confrontation with Kong after the match was decent enough

  • Alex Ángeles. ?

    Rhaka Khan “trying” to wrestle was one of the worse thing I’ve ever seen on my life.

    • Glitched

      i hated how she is behind the reason of Roxxi being released, such a shame, Roxxi was amazing and Rhaka was…well you know.

  • Chad

    I liked rhaka but i wanted to see her improve so bad! and i wish sojo could have stayed in tna longer, i like her.

  • BorisG

    ‘Old’ Knockouts were always better, just like Golden Era Divas. They had more KOs at the time, more brutal matches and time. I hope we can have that again.

  • Juan

    It’s a shame Roxxi never got to become TNA Knockouts champion, especially considering how over she was with the crowd! TNA screwed her over without a doubt, considering that fiasco at Slammiversary 2010.

    • I love Melina

      YEEEEEEEEEEES, I wish she won!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved her as the voodoo queen; so unique, and different. She was also impressive in the ring. If melina was in this division, DAYUUUUMMMM,…. the possibilities

  • Mariah_Scarey

    I miss the six sided ring.

  • I love Melina

    The knockouts division here was so divers, unique and talented. I remember watching in awe. Awesome kong, taylor wilde, Sojo, Roxxi, Rasha, ODB, Angelina. And when Gail was there, OH MY GOD. I don’t think the division has ever been bad, except before BFG last year. Its starting to entertain me a lot more now. If TNA wanted to, ithey could make it as good as it is here. They just need to give the girls more segments, promos, longer matches & hire a couple of new knockouts

  • I love Melina

    Its definitely a shame that roxxi & raisha were never used in bigger roles. Sojo as well. They were all great in the ring, and relatively well developed characters already