UPDATE: Rumors of Mae Young’s Death False

UPDATE: Mike Mooneyham, a wrestling columnist, has reported that reports of Mae passing away are false. She is still at home and off life support but has not passed yet. He tweeted:

TMZ has reported on the story, reinforcing the story that Mae is still alive.

Original Story:

Truly a sad day for the wrestling world. According to The Charston Post and Courier, Mae Young has passed away at 90.

As we reported, Young was hospitalized on December 30 and sent home under hospice care. She died early Thursday morning in her home.

Mae Young had over a 70 year career in the wrestling business, which is practically unheard of. She was the first ever NWA U.S. Women’s Champion, a WWE Hall-of-Famer and one of the staples of the WWE.

Rest in peace, Mae.

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  • BorisG

    RIP Mae, you will be in our hearts forever <3

  • OJ Von Erich


  • Jtiera

    RIP, you will be missed.

  • Addy

    RIP Mae =(

  • charovnica

    Horrible. R.I.P.

  • BorisG

    I hope they will have tribute show for Mae next Raw.

    • wwestarlee


    • Brandon

      They definately will.

  • JoeWWE

    The true meaning of a person who put their heart and soul into the business, RIP Mae :(

  • Jamie Mitchell

    I knew when i saw the name Mae Young here this was the news sadly. She out lived most wrestlers. Now she is at peace and can join her best friend Moolah in a better place. I remember first watching wrestling when i was very little. I saw her and Moolah fueding with Ivory. I saw her being put through tables. Mae took some beatings over the years. She was one tough lady who will be missed.

    • shameronstar

      For the average human being she lived pretty long, so for her being a wrestler to live to 90 is remarkable! She really was one of a kind:(

  • wwestarlee

    So sad to see Mae go, but I know she’s in a better place, RIP Mae

  • sexybaby


  • Alex Castaneda

    RIP Mae, this is sad news.

  • Brandon

    What a rough two days it’s been. RIP Mae….an icon for female wrestlers everywhere.

  • Andrew Nivans

    This is some really sad news! Rest in Peace, Mae. It’s sad to see her go, but she’s in a better place now. <3

  • Timalee

    Growing up, we all noticed Trish, Lita, Torrie, Stacey, Molly, Mickie, Michelle. And all the divas that we saw week after week. But the one true Diva that kept coming back, was the one, the only, Mae Young. Mae em-blazed in us that age was just a number. Along with the Fabulous Moolah. I think on Raw, AJ Lee should come out, and give up her title and give it to Mae in her remembrance. A true tribute to Mae Young. The reign can be broken later, but this is much more important. Having the legendary Mae Young at least be in the record books as a Divas Champion.

    I remember being really little and watch the two old women come out and own it in the ring. Making historical moments in the Ring already being 70+ years old. They were true trail blazers even past their prime. Mae Young should have a going out party. She deserves nothing less than a good time.

    Let us all have a trend #MaeYoungtheorigionalDiva and #MaeYoungDivasChmapion.

    • Brandon

      Wrong, she deserves the womens title…the divas title isn’t good enough for mae

      • Half Of Me

        Didn’t moolah give mae the title & then ivory broke a broom on her to win it off mae?

        • Brandon

          I have no idea lol. I really don’t remember that

          • Half Of Me

            Oooh i don’t think wwe ever counted it as mae holding it only moolah but mae was given a special title (i think the divas title) by vince & triple h on her last appearance…

          • HOLLA

            Yes I saw that! Sweet

        • Timalee

          no…Moolah was talking about retiring as champion. And then Ivory challenged her for her rematch. Moolah did defend the title against Mae…but Ivory interrupted.

          • Half Of Me

            Oh k thanks i didn’t remember if i was right or not about that….

      • Timalee

        Well the women’s title is there now is it. So having Aj give the title to Mae would have made everyone respect AJ and the WWE. Because Mae deserves it. Even if it’s the Divas title…in 50 years there will be another title..and we’ll talk about this title being the best thing since slice bread. So calm your self.

  • Half Of Me

    RIP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmgl3QGm1js
    the look back on her career before laycool should be shown again on monday but updated….
    Mae is a one of a kind & regardless of her age was forever young…

  • BorisG
  • Half Of Me

    “Mae Young has not passed away. The source who reported her passing received incorrect information. Mae is gravely ill, but still alive.”

    • BorisG

      Yes, I really hope she can make it. Don’t know what to think now.

    • shameronstar

      Ok, why do people keep confusing dead and alive? It’s really nerve wrecking:(

  • C.Welch

    I didn’t think so… She’s still alive, just off life support. Let her live every minute she can live before posting RIP.

  • vdcvt

    Either way, I just hope Mae is rid of pain soon. Truly a WWE legend.

  • BillyGP

    A true legend.

    Here from Mickie Twitter/Facebook

    As I lay my head on my
    pillow tonight my heart is heavy… All my Prayers & love will be
    going out to Miss Mae Young. She has been taken off life support. At 90
    years Young I know she has had such a full and amazing life with so many
    stories we couldn’t even imagine. Her last name is so appropriate
    because she was always a young freebird at heart. She always made you
    feel beautiful & proud to be a woman
    in this madman industry. I am so very honored and grateful to have met
    and shared not just the ring… But conversation, laughter, and hugs
    with both her and Moolah. Too icons and unforgettable legends. You shall
    forever live Young in our hearts and memories. Go easy my friend…
    Give Moolah a headlock & hug for us all. We shall all miss you. All
    my love. Xoxo ~ MJ

  • wwestarlee

    Okay now they’re reporting she’s not dead

    • shameronstar

      I never had this feeling of being so scared, nervous and confused before:/

      • wwestarlee

        Me too, I guess we wont know the truth until WWE reports it, they will be the most accurate source anyways.

  • Brandon

    Wtf ummmm. Anyways I hope mae is feeling better

  • Brandon

    And this is why I try not to trust wrestling sites that think they are right. Some sources are horrible to get info from

  • Aaron Evans

    Kicking out at 2 & 1/2 – You go Mae!!! :D

    • The Review Fox

      LOVE THAT! :)
      Well, she’s trending on Twitter. First the hashtag was RIPMaeYoung, now it’s reads Mae Young.

    • Everyone is Unique

      aww this was the cutest comment ever :’)!

    • BorisG

      She is tough and I hope she will make it.

  • Alex Castaneda

    Oh Thank god She is Still Alive, God Bless Her!

    • BorisG

      Long live Mae, she is everything <3