Fast 5: Devastating Submission Holds

2. Jazz‘s STF

Jazz had a talent for causing pain, having countless devastating moves to her name. Perhaps most devastating of all, though, was the STF. It trapped her fellow Divas, already exhausted and beaten down by Jazz’s brutal repertoire, and many had no choice but to submit.

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  • Jen7201

    I love Gail Kim’s figure four on the ring post. I loved Kaitlyn’s Lotus Lock I always wondered why she never did on Raw or Smackdown I think it would have been great to put it into her feud wuth AJ and have AJ Lee’s Black Widow vs. Kaitlyn’s Lotus Lock.

  • BorisG

    I loved DOD’s Pinup Strong. I never liked Kelly’s screams, but I did when they tortured her. lol mean but I was mad at the time when she was beating Beth and Nattie regularly. Love all the other choices.
    Would add Paige’s Cloverleaf or new move, Beth’s Glam Slam stretch, Michelle’s Hell Hook.

  • Steve

    I like Melina’s California Dream, and Beth’s submission used against Melina in their “I Quit” Match.

  • Brandon

    Beth glam slam clutch, ajs black widow, the pin up strong, and stf are my faves.

  • @KENLushh

    I need a diva like Jazz on the roster now. I miss brutal divas so much!

  • kewlkatz

    Wish Gail could use the normal Figure-4 – every time she tries she gets kicked into the turnbuckle/a baking sheet

  • nightofme

    DAMN! Jazz gave me life in that clip. Jazz and Trish had great chemistry. Wish we could see segments like those again (Chicago Street Fight match is iconic lol).

    But I agree with the choices. I really like Paige’s new submission move too.

  • Lio Castles

    Hmm.. I always loved the Pin Up Strong submission- a shame no one ever tapped to it.. Lol.
    I also miss Heel Nattie- I hated K2’s screams but I loved seeing her be tortured. Lol.

    The STF by Jazz always looked brutal, she always made everything look so devastating, even her Facebuster!

    Gail’s Figure 4 is decent as well, although I prefer her WWE first run submissions there’s a tribute video on YouTube , so unique and innovative!

    Queen Maxine! No doubt she’d be running the division with Kaitlyn AJ & Naomi as of now- if things we’re different! I always loved her variations of the Dragon Sleeper, miss her!

    AJ’s Black Widow, it fits her character! I love the spinning version of it with the likes of Kaitlyn & Natalya & Layla! Not a fan of the “standing” version.. seeing how horrible it always is within the likes of Brie, Nikki, Cameron & Vickie.. But a nice submission and many ways to get into it. :D

    • Randumo

      Brie, Nikki, & Cameron should be embarrassed that they can’t execute it properly. AJ is only 115 lbs, so that’s pretty bad. Vikki is older, and was never a wrestler. so she gets a pass.

  • Nightbrinker

    Funny but the STF could feat Tamina quite well…
    I wish Natalya could use the Pin Up Strong again! As a tribute for Beth or more basically as a devastative signature move! She was much more efficient when she had all these submission moves…

  • Numero47

    Jazz’s STF >>>>>>>>>>> Cena’s STFU

    That is all!

    • sexercize

      jazz actually made it looked like it hurt…

  • MrMexican99

    The most devastating one has to be the Pin Up Strong. The girls always screamed in pain and it made it hard to look at! I wish Nattie would turn heel and start using it again!

    Gail’s Figure Four isn’t far behind. I remember when she used it last year, how devastating it was!

    I miss Maxine. I wish she would come back! So much unreached potential!


      The problem is that nobody EVER tap to the Pin Up strong which kind of make the move not that devastating sadly when it really is!

    • sexercize

      Nattie still uses it at houseshows & nxt so she still uses it…

  • PopOff

    I always loved Jazz’s aggresiveness in the ring, she was like an uncaged animal. I wish one of the Divas today would have that aggresiveness, I think the last Diva that was showed that aggression was Michelle McCool

    • C.Welch

      Alicia fox can be pretty aggressive.. And paige. Although you can’t really take fox serious due to poor booking

      • xjonfer12494x

        I miss seeing Foxy and Melina or Gail be all aggressive and go at it. Paige can be the new Aggressor of the roster, if the wwe lets her use her better moves like the knee thrusts, and mudhole stomps. (rampaige ddt please). She reminds me of a beautiful female Sheamus who was adopted by a gothic family lol.

    • xjonfer12494x

      I feel the same way. Aggression was always fun to watch, especially coming from a diva. Jazz, Victoria(heel circa 2007), and Michelle McCool, always had that great aggression. Even Mickie James and Melina were aggressive as hell when they wanted to showcase it. Tiffany/Taryn showed she could be aggressive when she started having matches on Smackdown, which is why i think i always liked her, where as Kelly Kelly, her virtual twin not so much.

  • Lily

    I think Paige’s new submission move will be great especially if she bends them from her opponent’s neck and not their arms (like Beth did to Melina at ONS 08′).

    • I love Melina

      love those submission. and YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paige could even save that for special victories (eg. WM, big ppv title matches). Imagine that move executed on melina though… DAYUUUUUUMMMM……

  • Lily

    Also, Jazz was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd. I hope Paige debuts exactly how Jazz made her return.

  • Richard Smith

    i wish Nattie kept that submission move herself and Beth used during Divas of doom

  • Mariah_Scarey#TheRealWinner

    I’m glad the sharpshooter wasn’t featured……. It’s kinda overrated.

    • Randumo

      It is very painful if done right, but it’s not really her move(despite being her finisher). When most people think sharpshooter, they think Bret or Owen, not Natalya.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Did Beth Phoenix ever actually do it herself?

    • Matty Marie


    • 09DHK

      She did it once, but technically, Natalya created the move.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I may have a certain dislike for AJ’s fans, but she does have an amazing range!

    Although randomly I would like another Bella reign, hate on me as much as you like, but it took Eve Torres 3 reigns to FINALLY get over!

    • AdrianRay

      As long as it’s Nikki! She deserve a proper reign!

      • NBDxHollywood


      • Brandon

        I’d prefer Nikki as champ over Brie. I just don’t want Nikki to beat aj cuz that involves a title match and rematch and, IMO, their matches together are bad lol

    • CrazyGirlAJ #RusevLegacy

      As said below, Nikki Bella FTW! I would have her and Jillian feud because they never got proper feuds and stuff.

  • CrazyGirlAJ #RusevLegacy

    I liked Jazz’s. It look hard to escape especially with her size. AJ is 2nd then Gail then Beth/Nattie pinup strong then Maxine.

  • Whalenx

    Kaitlyn’s Lotus Hold was awesome!

  • Juan

    I love Gail Kim’s submission!!! :)

  • 09DHK

    Where the fuck is Gail’s “Flying Dragon?” Or Mickie’s “Cross-legged STF?”

    • Numero47

      Yeah I actually prefer her Flying Dragon over Figure Four

  • Donatello Wilson

    Michelle McCool’s Make a Diva Tap was great and painful

  • I love Melina

    CALIFORNIA DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that flexibility & uniqueness :D ahaha

    Also I love melina’s lotus lock

    And this headscissors into armbar is sickening to watch; but she only used the submission one I think:
    I love her execution of the move. Very sleek. Such an innovative/high-flying move

    • sexercize

      remember how candice tried to say melina stole her move & then melina owned her in her wwe blog LOLOLOL

      • I love Melina

        LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reminding me . Was that real or kayfabe btw? oh dear Candice, I love her, but ir was sooooooooooooooo funny when melina shamed her.
        “Candice and Melina had recently engaged in a “blog battle” on It all started last month when Candice accused Melina of stealing one of her trademark moves in a recent match. Candice called the Inverted STF maneuver the ‘Candy Clutch’ whereas Melina called it ‘The California Dream’. In Melina’s next blog, she started off by saying, “I read Candice’s blog, and I have to say I laughed so hard! Now that I’m officially on top, the jealousy is going to come out of the woodwork at full speed.” In response to Candice’s accusations, Melina said that she had been using the move for several years on the indy circuit before she signed with WWE in late 2003. At the time, the move was called the Kyrapractor after her character Kyra, which was one of the names she used on the independent circuit. Melina even made it a point to have a photo of her performing the maneuver while on the indy circuit posted alongside the blog. Melina then went on a long rant on how hard it was for her to make into WWE. Melina then switched the focus back to Candice by saying, “Candice Michelle, what wrestling school have you gone to? How did you get your job here with WWE? Candice, do you actually think in that pathetic pea brain of yours that I want to be you? All you are known for is Big whoop! That’s all you got! I’m living my dream! I’m The Most Dominant Diva in wrestling, Manager of Champions and the Women’s Champion! Yeah, as if I’d trade spots with you. I’m an athlete, what are you?”

        • sexercize

          Melina shaded Candice good & i have to admit i loved it LOL..

          • I love Melina

            Meee toooo ahahahha Melina truly did prove her point :D I Really wish that whole fight was put on-screen. But I did still thoroughly enjoy their feud. That time melina faked a leg injury an introduced beth phoenix LOOOOOOL

          • sexercize

            lol at candice at the end of the match..ive never seen this match before but melina’s reaction to candice after was hilarious & it pissed candice off lol..

          • I love Melina

            melina’s face when she realised beth was going to attack Candice LMAOOOOOOOOO the divine healing of melina’s ankle; I remember getting so excited when melina did that leapfrog move. and yeees dayuumm Candice was so pissed ahah

          • sexercize

            Candice was so pissed she slipped out of her top lol..melinas leap move looked awesome & too bad they didn’t have her rip into her opponents like she did candice online in the ring…

          • I love Melina

            HAHAHAHAHHAHA yeeeeeeeeeees!! The way she went in on Candice online. Well she did rip into mickie, beth & McCool a few times (and got in trouble for it with McCool lmaoooooo). Completely agree, the way Candice reacted was just golden

          • Sparks

            really what did she say to the others??

          • I love Melina

            oh, I mean to say she ripped into them in ring ahahhahaah But there was that one blog about ‘her’ which is supposedly about mickie james back in 2005 days. Here’s a bit of it lol

            Apart from this I haven’t seen much real heat about her tbh, because she gets a lot of praise, and is friends with mickie too over the years

          • Sparks

            Mickie & Melina obviously had a falling out in 05 but since then are friends so i guess they got over it lol…wow though she didn’t hold back at all…i do like someone who speaks their mind though…

          • I love Melina

            yeeeahh they did seem to get over it, but it showed with their physical in-ring work. They were so intense/physical- on levels ive really seen ever. And that was without weapons. Their matches were very brutal. And yeeeahh even I love melina, and I admit that blog was a bit surprising. She did not hold back!!! but I guess she has her reasons, and I wont judge since I don’t know shit. At the end of the day, they sorted it out so that’s good lol

          • Sparks

            true but i like it..i speak my mind not to calling someone a slut but i respect the fact she stood up for herself…

  • SavNguyen #InternationalWoman

    Everytime I hear about Maxine, I cant help but get somewhat upset. So. Much. Potential.

    • Black Widow

      She is one of those that I hope together with Kaitlyn and AJ will revitalized the divas division…