Cameron Hosting Party to Celebrate Release of Her First Single

Tomorrow, Cameron will be releasing her first single, titled “Bye, Bye”.

The Total Divas star was shown working on some music last season on the show and it looks like we’ll finally get to hear the result of all that hard work.

In typical Cameron fashion, the single release will be celebrated with a huge party. The details of it can be found in a flyer tweeted by Cameron:

Congratulations, Cameron!

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  • Mariah_Scarey#TheRealWinner


  • Jtiera
    • Kate Orton Reigns

      LMAO!!!!! XD

    • kim099


  • Jen7201

    I miss Cameron having brown hair

  • charovnica

    She should go back to the hair colour from the picture.

  • K8tlyn.Lover

    Is that Cameron? xD

  • JoeWWE

    red carpet?….

  • JillianHallTNA

    OMG YAAAAS!!!!!! Queen <3

  • JillianHallTNA

    Waiting for her song to hit Billboard charts <3

  • SableBomb

    Her shoes in that flyer lawwdd >>>>

  • BorisG

    Let’s wait and see. Or hear.

  • AdrianRay

    I hope they do background checks for the people who RSVP…
    If anyone from Diva Dirt were to go…I fear for everyone at that party.

    • Matty

      -looks at Yana-

  • Lio Castles

    She better not be screaming in this song..

    Not a fan of her “music career” persay.. get yourself in that ring and train first, then make a cute attempt at making music..


  • Ilovekpop

    This kind of things make me think Cameron is in WWE only because of the “chingle chingle”.

    • Lio Castles

      Obviouslyyy. Lol.

    • wwepassion

      No kidding lol, That’s why most divas come to wwe.

    • Laquane Anderson

      Be that as it may, she’s one of the most charismatic and improved workers we have amongst the divas. So continue giving her that chingle chingle.

  • kim099

    Girl Bye…..mess…..

  • 09DHK

    Where the fuck is Naomi?

  • wwepassion

    I feel like she is gonna get a lot of hate for this.

    • Jtiera

      Lawd and don’t let it be horrible, people on here will disown her lol

      • wwepassion

        Lol you right on.

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    • JJ? #HoneyCaramelDiva

      Go to Bleacher Report and WrestlingInc. Enough said.

      • wwepassion


  • FearTheSpear

    i wish her the best of luck. i think she’s smart to have her hands in two career paths only because she’s not going to be able to wrestle forever so she should have something to fall back on. Even if her first single isn’t as successful as she would have hoped, she’ll still have those relationships in the music industry if she ever wants to go back. With that being said, I hope this won’t stifle her progress as a wrestler. I’m rooting for her as an underdog so I hope she doesn’t disappoint.

  • WweRules32

    cant wait to hear the song hope its good

  • Wesley

    She looks flawless on that pic I mean wow :o)

  • Nightbrinker

    If I were currently in Caloifornia, I would go to her party for sure! It must be soooo bling bling.