Maria Kanellis Explains Why She’s Glad She Didn’t Return to the WWE

ROH star Maria Kanellis recently spoke to Between the Ropes, touching on rumors that a planned WWE return fell through last year.

Transcript courtesy of Lords of Pain:

Why the plan fell through: “Here’s the thing. I was asked to go back last year (to WWE). It fell through and that is all I know. I mean I had heard lots of other things. I had heard other things from different people. But at the end of the day, the fact is I didn’t go back. So no matter what happened and who knows, I mean I don’t know nobody knows what really happened. But I didn’t go back and I’m very happy to be at Ring of Honor. So, I apologized to the Bellas for everything that happened and that was it. I talked to them (Brie and Nikki Bella) and decided you know what, water under the bridge and that’s it. I guess I could be angry forever, but I’m not going to be (laughing). Because there’s no reason for it. I don’t want to be angry or upset because I don’t know.”

Why she’s glad she didn’t return: “It totally was (blessing in disguise). I realized that within a month of it happening, I realized how much of a blessing it was. I don’t know if I want to be on the road 300 days a year. I don’t know if I want that anymore. I really enjoy my time at home and I enjoy going to school and I enjoy seeing my fiancé at work. I don’t know if I want that life anymore. So maybe some part of the universe decided you know what, you don’t really want that life anymore. I loved WrestleMania, loved traveling the globe and it was great, fun and exciting, but I’ve done it. So for me, this is exactly where I should be now. I have no hard feelings whatsoever with anybody. I just want all women in wrestling to succeed now. I’m getting married later this year and Big Daddy V passed away and that was so tragically sad. I just have no desire to angry, no desire whatsoever.”

You can listen to the full interview on Between the Ropes.

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  • drunkendramaqueen

    Fair enough, girl. Fair enough.

  • charovnica

    I have a feeling we’ve heard this a million times…
    Hopefully the peace between the Bellas and Maria will last and we won’t have to hear any of it anymore.

  • Jtiera

    I love you Maria!!! I’m happy for her and Her fiancé. Their podcast is good too.

  • Randi Parker

    Yeah, okay!

  • BorisG

    Ok Maria. Glad that is settled.

  • OJ Von Erich


  • Kate Orton Reigns

    Well glad they made up..but i have a feeling Maria will start the shades on them soon…

  • Kate Orton Reigns

    my thoughts exactly..and she said she is not even 100% sure if the Bellas stopped her return..she is so fake…

  • Brittany Anne Lynn

    Thank God she never returned!!!!!

  • Rodney Holston

    I think I’d get along with Maria, cause she’s a hot mess lol but I don’t think she’s a girls’ girl, ya know? Too catty, jealous and gossipy. But at least she is realizing it and hopefully the changes she seems to be wanting to make are legit.

    • drunkendramaqueen

      I think it’s a shame that girls can’t be girls’ girls in an industry where the men hold them down. You’d think they would band together for the common goal of equality, but maybe that’s too idealistic? All the backbiting and scrambling for the pole position leads to nowhere.

  • MariaKanellisfan

    That’s my girl <33
    You are doing a great job on ROH and i'm proud of you Maria <3


    Welp. This is funny. Wait a couple months and it’ll start back up again

  • Fame Whore

    She probably had people calling her telling her that the rumours that she heard were bs, and realised how much of an idiot she looked on Twitter, and realised a resolution was the best idea. I would find it very very difficult to forgive Maria if I was the Bellas, because she’s caused a lot of unnecessary drama & hate on them. But then again they are probably too busy to care about what’s beneath them

  • Reyn

    My dream match never happened. Maria vs Kelly Kelly. But hopefully, I have a new one now. Rosa vs Eva Marie. I was kind of happy that she didn’t come back.

    • IceQuinnLana

      your dream match is rosa vs eva marie…? seriously rosa and eva…

      • Sparks

        its to see a trainwreck LOL…

  • Fame Whore

    Let’s be real, The Bellas were just Maria’s ego blanket, because she couldn’t believe that WWE changed their mind & didn’t want her & her talented presence in the company

  • staticheartsxx

    Good, I don’t want her to come back.

  • K8tlyn.Lover

    Gosh everything she says sounds so fake, I hate her!

    Before she was sure it was The Bellas, now she says she doesn´t know what happened, she needs to get her facts rights or shut up! She just says she is glad she didn´t return, because they didn´t want her untalented ass anymore!

    Also this phrase didn´t make sense at all!:

    “I’m getting married later this year and Big Daddy V passed away and that was so tragically sad.”

    WTF She needs to check a doctor soon!

    • Raekon

      Ever thought that she might have known Big Daddy V and that she was sad that he passed away?
      Maybe you are the one that needs a doctor for not thinking further but rather hating only because you can.

      • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

        I think kaitlyn lover was referring to the way the phrase was worded .

  • MariaKanellisfan

    Have you guys seen this match?

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    First she acted like knew for sure it was the bella twins now she’s not sure about what happened? This girl needs to just be quiet about the situation , the more she talks the more stupid she looks . Smh

  • Brandon

    This is way better than that twitter article. I’m glad I never took sides between Bella’s and Maria. Now that she said she talked to them…it’s over….people on here seem to think Maria’s actions effect their lives (lol) when this has nothing to do with you

    • MariaKanellisfan

      True story.
      It seems that diva fans nowadays doesn’t have a life. I guess they do worse thinks than Maria.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    If she is really over it why is she still talking about it?

    • SavNguyen #InternationalWoman

      Its an interview……yanno the things where they ask you questions….

      • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

        She could’ve easily said something like “I don’t want to talk about that situation anymore”. She had a choice to talk about it or not

        • Sha95

          She barely touched the topic though and said she didn’t want to elaborate on it much and simply stated how her and The Bellas talked. Y’all act like she went on another rant about it. Just stop…

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            Girl bye. ? ??I never implied that she went on a rant , I just put my two cents in and said that she did have a choice in talking about it or not .

          • Sha95

            First of all BITCH, I’m a boy. Second of all you basically did by adding your two cents into the situation when Angelica was saying that if Maria really was over it she wouldn’t be talking about it. She talked about it in an attempt to close the situation. You guys are making it seem like she went on a rant by arguing the fact that she’s still discussing the matter, which she’s allowed to do honestly as long as she wishes bc she’s a grown ass woman who actually has somewhat of a status unlike you nobodys who constantly have rude shit to say. So keep your two cents and your weak ass emojis hun.

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            Awwww look like someone got in their feelings ???? . No one gives a fuck about you being a boy , girl , dog, fish, dick or whatever the fuck you are. And you have the nerve to call me as nobody . Because your a “Beyonce” right? Lol at a nobody calling another nobody nobody.
            But if you wanna be technical Maria said a lot of rude things about the Bella’s even though a majority of the wwe mainstream fans probably barely remember her as a hot dumb red head , while the Bella’s are currently on wwe tv, total divas , and doing mutiple media apperences outside wwe. Wasn’t no one checking for Maria after she left , the only time her name rang bells was when someone brought up the incident with kelly or the incident with the Bella’s.Couldn’t this count as a nobody (Maria) talking about someone with a higher status than them?
            Like i said before GIRL BYE ????

          • Sha95

            First of all HOE no one ever got in their feelings? Idk what it is about you DD folk online tho that think at any time I’m letting any bullshit y’all type affect my day to day life. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I would never let anything anybody says to me on here allow me to catch feelings LOL. Fuck I look like? Anyways, like I said your a nobody. I never claimed to be anymore special than anyone on here or you just saying in general that a lot of y’all have been talkin’ shit about Maria lately and y’all don’t even know for sure what’s going on. Your arguing at me as if I’m some Maria fan and I care oh so hard to defend her, I’m not but point is y’all have a lot to say for people who weren’t even involved in the shit. So like I said before BITCH BYE and take your weak ass emojis elsewhere

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            I’m not even gonna take the time to read that all that bullshit . Bitches be going hard on diva dirt like they know Maria personally . It’s never that serious but for a sad bitch like you obvously it is. Get your life and like I said before GIRL BYE & have a good day with your ratchet ass paragraphs. ????????????????????

          • Sha95

            Damn. Can’t handle a lil’ reading. Just goes to show bitches education levels. Anyway, I’ll make it short and sweet for you, since you so slow. Never said I knew Maria’s personality but you typed like 5 comments as if you knew The Bellas so BITCH BYE and you have a blessed day w/ your ratchet ass avi & weak emojis ;) !

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            Ctfu actually I’m a NURSING STUDENT in college . I just don’t feel like reading all the fuckery you wrote over a person that doesn’t even kno you exist. & when did I type 5 paragraphs ? I’m rarely on this website and the only reason I’m on it now is cause my school is having a break. Didn’t your mom teach you not to lie? Na she’s probably a nothing ass bitch like you . The thing I don’t get is plenty of people said shit about Maria on the thread but yet your coming hard for me though? I’m a nobody but you clocking me all over diva dirt? Must have a cyber crush huh?

          • Sha95

            I coulda swore you said have a good day as in you were done arguing w/ me, guess your more pressed than you claim. Cyber Crush?? CTFU please don’t flatter yourself just from your avi you’re not my type LOL. Your funny looking as hell! You don’t have to read it all but my point was I’m not going hard for Maria like I know her but at the end of the day all the rude shit is being said for what? It’s not that I’m specifically coming for you so don’t get cute, I respond to anyone I disagree w/ but it’s obvious you can’t handle a simple debate. You come for my mom but don’t even know her. Wow. The ignorance in this world today, anyways smd as I dust your thirsty ass of my shoulder.

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            Naaa actually I’m on a long ass train ride bored and this little back and forth is kinda funny to me, I was never mad. You came for me , I didnt say shit rude to you besides girl bye and then you came at me with a paragraph of insults calling me a bitch . Your the mad one . And yup I did come for your mom , cause the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree . Only a nothing ass bitch would produce another nothing ass bitch. Lml let me leave your ass alone before I get kicked off diva dirt. Bye Felicia ??

          • Sha95

            I’m Dying ! I’m actually bored too and this is ALWAYS fun for me when I am. I never was mad either hun but apparently you swore I was bc you couldn’t handle a few cusswords. I know what I said and well I aware I called you a bitch. I can say what I want but I’m not worried about you coming for my mom bc you don’t know her so that’s automatically null and void. You call me a liar but what did I lie about? You not being smart?? Just bc your in school doesn’t make you smart. I’m in college as well actually, anyways you get back to studying and I’ll see you on DD I guess in another 6 months :)

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            & its plenty off people on this thread that talked shit as out Maria , more shit than I did . But you only responded to me? You didn’t even respond to Angelic even though he/she was the person to originally make the comment . Like I said you came for me , plenty of other people said shit that you didn’t agree with but I’m the only one your responded to.

          • Sha95

            You were the first comment I saw that was open for a response. I didn’t respond to Angelica bc someone already said replied to her the same way I would’ve and I gave it an upvote. Your not special, if she wrote what you wrote I would’ve replied the same.

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            Bitches keep talking about emoji’s but I bet your ass is writing me from a virgin mobile phone . Broke ass bitch go get some money and get a new phone ????

          • Sha95

            I addressed the emojis bc you keep using them like they help your argument or something and bitch no actually I’m writing you from a desktop CP. Get your Swagger Right, swear you cute bc your a nursing student. Betta hope you pass the class to even make that real bread.

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            & that’s MISS BITCH to you ????

          • Sha95

            MISS BITCH? Really?? Lol. This is what I be talkin’ bout when I say nobodys thinkin’ they somebody’s? Have a seat boo

  • Floss

    I’m so done hearing about this tired bishh loool. Go away now

  • wwepassion

    Divas don’t need maria. NXT is filled with more talented girls for the future.

  • CrazyGirlAJ #RusevLegacy

    Happy that she enjoys her current run and grew up.g

  • MrFloatingMan

    please watch my new mv ft. Maria(: